Monday 6 September 2021

Visiting the Oldest French City in Louisiana – Part 2

Fig 01- Cane river crosses the Natchitoches city

This post is the second part, the first part was:

As the oldest French settlement, many buildings are well maintain. We may find several old building such as:

- townhouses
- basilica
- general mercantile store

The city is small with population of 18 thousand people only. However, there are a lot of interesting things in this town.

What I like are:

- old market
- national park in front Cane river
- foods
- scenery

Fig 02- The oldest shopping mall

Fig 03- Meat pie, special food of town

We may go shopping just by walking to small and old stores in the oldest shopping complex of the city.

As people told me, we should visit at least two stores:

- the oldest mercantile store
- the oldest meat pie restaurant

National park in front of Cane river is calm and beautiful place to enjoy. We may watch attractions in the river if we lucky enough.

Have you visit the oldest French settlements outside Europe?

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Sunday 5 September 2021

Will We Live Longer if We Think Younger? - Healthy Life 14

Fig 01- Flowers with violet color

Time fly so fast for some people, but not for others. Busy without stress persons tend to think what was happen 10 or 20 years ago like just yesterday.

Luckily if the people keep their mindset or feeling like they are young or feel forever young, then will obtain many advantages compare to the same age people, but feel they are older.

Scientists from German Centre of Gerontology (News Release from American Psycological Association, 6 May 2021) said that there are a lot of benefits to feel younger, especially for old people.

Yes, this is a “subjective” feeling, but effect is very positive. Several health (physical and mental) gains include:

- less visiting to the hospital
- stronger thinking skills
- less inflammation
- improving well being
- longer lifespan

Fig 02- Sky at night in Baton Rouge, LA

Fig 03- Red flower, illustration only

We might wonder why there is connection between feeling younger and live healthy (longer)?

First, scientist found that stress people, especially to middle age and older persons tend to decline their health.

Then, declining process can be reduced if persons feel they are younger than their true age.

This subjective feeling give some degree of protection and be a kind of stress buffer.

Hence, let’s think younger to live longer and healthier!

Saturday 4 September 2021

Visiting the Oldest French City in Louisiana – Part 1

French press coffee maker, just for illustration

You might know that New Orleans as a French city in Louisiana. It was established in 1718.

But, the first settlement was in Natchitoches city in 1714, about 258.2 miles (416 km) from New Orleans.

French has huge territory in America continent, from Canada to Mississippi river to Gulf of Mexico.

Due to some problems to manage territories, include slavery revolution in Haiti, then trigger French authority to sell part of them.

USA government negotiated to buy French territory called as “Louisiana purchase.”

French then sold to the USA in 1803 with price of US$ 15 million for 828,000 square miles area.

It was equal to US$18 per square mile only. Purchasing was considered very cheap on that time.

One of oldest building in the town.

Purchased regions include 15 new states, they are:

- Arkansas
- Missiouri
- Iowa
- Oklahoma
- Kansas
- Colorado
- Louisiana
- Minnesota
- Montana
- Nebraska
- New Mexico
- North Dakota
- South Dakota
- Texas
- Wyoming.

# To be continued to part 2

Sunday 29 August 2021

Are Freshwater Pearls Less Expensive? - Part 2

Pearls from freshwater, sold by IndiaMart

You may read part 1 (previous post):

There are plenty variables, but some factors that determine pearl’s price in the commercial market include:

- colors
- shape and size
- origin (from what oceans)
- whether come from cultured or wild oysters or clams or mussels

Yes, oceanic pearls more famous and expensive compared to their freshwater “fellows.”

Three famous origin of pearls are from:

- South sea pearls, price from US$ 1,000 to US$ 100,000
- Tahitian pearls, price from US$ 500 to US$ 25,000.
- Japanese pearls, cost from US$ 300 to US$ 10,000.

Pearl colors (credit to Alibaba)

Several well know colors for both freshwater and saltwater pearls are:

- golden yellow
- purple
- black
- white
- chocolate
- pink
- silver gray
- cream

Then, Why Freshwater Pearls are Less Expensive? It is because freshwater mussels could produce 30 pearls, while sea water oysters produce 1 pearl only at once.

Do you interest to have pearls?

Freshwater or saltwater pearls?

Friday 27 August 2021

Are Freshwater Pearls Less Expensive? - Part 1

Fig 01- Pearls, cultivated from freshwater, sold by Walmart.

A friend of mine from China offered me whether I would like to buy freshwater pearls when she traveled to China for family vacation.



I never imagine to have expensive jewelry let’s say thousands dollar worth, and a pearl is not my favorite.

She said the price less than a dollar only in China, very cheap for a real, not “imitated or plastic” pearl.

Both freshwater and oceanic pearls are real, natural pearls produced by a kind of clams or oysters.

I check to Amazon, yes, the lowest freshwater pearl cost US$ 8 only, very cheap.

The “normal” prices could be ranged from US$ 50 to US$ 2,000. 50 dollar might be reasonable price for everyone.

Fig 02- A freshwater pearl sold by Amazon

Saltwater or Sea water pearls could range from US$ 500 to US$ 100,000, depend very much on many factors.

Then, you might wonder: what are crucial factors to decide a pearl price in the commercial market?

# To be continued to part 2

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Thursday 26 August 2021

One of Ways to Make Barbeque in the Nature – Food 7

Charcoal grill, illustration only

When camping or hiking in the nature (national parks), sure we could cook over campfire.

We may use wood burner grill to cook everything from sausage to:

- burger
- salmon
- chicken
- red meat.

Woods could be replaced by branches trees close by camping area.

The bottom line that we should choose dry branches to produce clean burning and hot fire.

If our branches burn poorly and smoky, just find another firewood that often provided by public campgrounds.

Some people love to grill with woods due to its aromatic and taste fantastic.


Meat for barbecue, just for illustration

Yes, aromatic called as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) is potentially leads to cancer.

But, some literatures suggested to eliminate probability to get cancer is by mixing the grilled foods with fruit and vegetable.

It is because fruit and vegetable contain highly antioxidant. We could use variety of fruit and vegetable to combine with foods, especially meat and chicken to be grilled.

Few of them are:

- zucchini
- tomatoes
- onions
- mangos
- pineapple.

Do you practice barbecue?

How often?

Lobsters have Good Nutritional Values for Health – Healthy Life 13

Live lobster with a price tag

When I come to ethnic groceries or Asian shops, I always find live lobsters sold in the aquarium with quite expensive price for me.

Include shell and wet body, the grocery sells US$ 9.99 per-pound or more than US$ 20 per-kg with sale tax.

It is mean that there are plenty consumers for these crustaceans.

Since the groceries do business every day, it may have highly market demand for lobster.

The highly demand is main factor why the price so expensive compared to other seafood.

Then, we might have a question: Is lobster good for health?

In respect to nutritional values, yes, lobster contains of:

- mineral
- vitamins (vitamin B12 and vitamin E)
- and omega-3 fatty acids.

Lobsters, ready to cook

Lobster’s minerals include:

- copper
- selenium
- zinc
- phosphorus
- and magnesium.

However, lobster does contain cholesterol. Lobster have 124 mg cholesterol in 85gram meats.

If we have 1.5-pound lobster means that there is around 170-gram meat. Thus, 1.5-pound lobster would have 248 mg cholesterol.

It is allowed to consume 300 mg cholesterol daily for healthy people. Highly healthy for people even to eat 1.5 pound lobster per-day (if they wish to).

In addition to mineral and vitamins, lobster is source of protein. It is good for diet too, since its contain lower fat and lower calories.

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