Wednesday, 20 July 2022

The Proper Times to Take Pills – Part 2 – Healthy Life 22

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Image 1- Supplement, OTC drugs

What are consequences of our biological rhythm to our medications?

Let’s say relation between the proper time to take pill (medicine) and daily activities of our body.

Here, we make simple examples of two medications (please read Jackie Middleton, published in Best Health, April 2, 2021):

- blood pressures medications
- cholesterol medications

Image 2- Flowers in the garden

Image 3- Three mangoes, illustration only

It is suggested to take prescribed blood pressure and cholesterol level medications at night, because the cholesterol level is higher at night too.

Sure, there is link between hypertension and cholesterol level. Hence, taking both pills for blood pressure and cholesterol level before bed time will reduce both high blood pressure and the cholesterol level.

Moreover, interestingly majority researchers prove that dropping of blood pressure and cholesterol level occurs when patients take medications at night.

Finally, we should consult to our physicians about the best time to take any medications.

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Monday, 18 July 2022

8 Eggs of Bluebird for Incubation – Nature 33

We talked about birdhouse for Bluebird at the backyard that you may read the previous post:

Size of Bluebirds Birdhouse at the Backyard – Nature 31

Image 1- Eggs of Bluebird

I don’t know exactly how many eggs could be laid by Bluebird in one season. Some of my neighbors said between two and eight eggs.

In our cases, during several years period, our birdhouse was used twice for Bluebird nesting:

- first time with 8 eggs
- second time with 5 eggs

Image 2- Red Cypress, illustration

Image 3- Newborn Bluebird babies

Bluebirds start to lay eggs in the early Spring (about February to March) in our state, Louisiana, but could be later months in our neighborhood.

You may see color of Bluebird’s egg at Image 1 (top image above), sometimes the color is blue tends to white.

Eggs size is around 0.8 inch (2.03 cm) length, quite little compared to chicken’s eggs off course.

Incubation period could take between 11 to 19 days. Just to compare that chicken’s eggs incubation period was about 20 to 21 days.

Have you ever seen Bluebird eggs?

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Saturday, 16 July 2022

Cooked Snail is One of Favorite Foods in France - Food 19

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Image 1- A land snail is crawling

Surprisingly, snails together with oyster are among 25 typical dishes we should try to eat when visit France.

Thus, France may be the only western countries consume snails. This food is considered as luxury.

They cook snails include shell with butter, called as “escargots à la bourguignonne.”

Image 2- An insect crawling on flowers

Image 3- The cooked snail in France, credit to Mona

Snail is protein rich food and sources of minerals and vitamins. We found vitamin E and several minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and selenium in snail dishes.

As I read in one report (TouchStone Snails, 2020: Nutritional value of nails) that snails are “an ideal weight watchers diet.”

The snail is good for diet because its contain:

- low calories
- low fat
- reasonable amount of protein.

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Friday, 15 July 2022

Factors Causing the Late Onset Alzheimer's Diseases – Part 2 - Alzheimer’s 7

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- Factors Causing the Late Onset Alzheimer's Diseases – Part 1 - Alzheimer’s 7

Image 1- Astrocyte (Neuroscience, Purves et al).

In our brain, APOE is mainly produced by astrocyte. Then, diseases associate with APOE may include:

- Multiple Sclerosis
- Parkinson's Disease
- Vascular Dementia
- Type 2 Diabetes Melitus
- Ischemia Stroke
- Type III Hyperlipoproteinemia. 

Image 2- Cloudy in our city

In the late onset Alzheimer's disease, there are three type APOEs:

- APOE2 is associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer's
- APOE3 the most common variant and is considered neutral
- APOE4 is associated with a greater risk.

Image 3- A yard, illustration only

The function of APOE is to regulate lipid transport from one cell type or tissue to another.

Image 4- Morning view at the corner

In our brain, APOE is mainly produced by astrocyte and its function is to transport cholesterol to our nerve cell (neuron) in the brain.

Whenever an imbalance between the production and clearance of beta-amyloid peptide in our brain, thus, the accumulation and aggregation of beta-amyloid will be occurred. This become a toxic in our brain.

This toxicity also depends on the paired helical filaments of the microtubuli-associated protein tau.

So, in the in the late onset Alzheimer's disease, the toxic in the brain destroy the nice balancing of healthy brain, prominently the two proteins which are called beta-amyloid and tau.

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Thursday, 14 July 2022

Is Rising Price due to Greedflation?

When we are shopping to Walmart grocery, we always pick a bucket of 8 pieces fried chicken.

Image 1- A bucket of fried chicken

8 pieces quite fresh, crunchy and delicious. The bucket of fried chicken consists of:

- two thighs
- two wings
- two breasts
- and two drumsticks

What surprise us that the price increases at unbelievable rate, about 50% compared to few months ago, from just US$ 6 to more than US$ 9 nowadays.


Image 2- Fried chicken in the bucket

Image 3- Eight pieces fried chicken

Off course, the company or corporate blames to many things that cause rising in price such as: decreasing supply, disturbing in distribution (transportation) and gasoline price

However, the fact shows different story that many companies include in food industries profit billion of dollars.

Then, inflation rate is 9.1% only, even thought the highest in last 40 years. Much less than price increasing.

Corporate get too much profit. Greedy.

Hence, should we call it greedflation? What do you think?

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Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Free Coffee at Toyota Car Repair Shop

We visit car repair shop at least twice a year. Since our car is Toyota brand, we always go to Toyota repair shop for many purposes.

Image 1- Free coffee for customers

In addition of car repair shop, we have other two English words with relate meaning:

- a garage
- a car workshop

Some purposes of our regular visit to Toyota car repair shop are:

- oil change after our car travel some thousand miles distances
- general “checkup” for car maintenance
- emission testing

Image 2- Entrance into Toyota repair car

Image 3- Waiting room, not crowded

Oil change is not that long to wait just about less than hour, because I think just easy to do.

If we need to replace car’s “spare parts” because of emission standard or just old one is not work well, then It will be complicated:

- due to extra cost
- and long hours to wait

Luckily, the Toyota repair shop provide free coffee and free lunch boxes sometimes. Hence, we are drinking coffee and reading while waiting in long hours.

How about with car repair shop in your city?

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Tuesday, 12 July 2022

The Proper Times to Take Pills – Part 1 – Healthy Life 22

As you might know that our body has a biological clock. Hence, functions of organs in our body follow circadian rhythms, 24 hour cycles.

Image 1- OTC drugs at a Pharmacy

We may divide the body rhythms in at least 4 different times or activities (please read Emily Anthes, published in The Atlantic, August 18, 2020):

1) Morning

- Increasing of our body temperature, blood pressure, cortisol levels and heart rate.

2) Mid- morning time

- our body at the level of most vigilant

Image 2- A corner of our city

Image 3- A flower of Gerbera Daisy

3) Afternoon hours

- Increasing of body temperature, and reach peak at around 4 PM. Hence, it will drive the performance of our body to the peak point in terms of organization, flexibility, and strength.

4) Night

- pineal gland starts to release melatonin
- when we are sleeping (resting time), circadian rhythms may cause increasing level of gastric acid.

# To be continued to Part 2

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