Sunday, 15 January 2023

Joker, PBA, and Alzheimer's Disease – Part 1 - Alzheimer's 12

If you are a moviegoer, then, you might enjoy watching this kind of movie, called as the Joker.

Image 1- Joker 2019 and the others.

Proud about the enthusiastic of folks in this world about this movie. Hence, no surprising that a week after opening in Hollywood, Joker had made $548.2 million globally.

We knew, there is no joke in this Joker, actually. The reviewers give many opinions about this rated R movie.

Many pros and cons about the characters and violence of this villain.

Image 2- A New Year gift, just for illustration

Image 3- A dog is running on yard, just for illustration.

One of my best friends, Connie, is a movie-goer. She went to Movie Tavern Citiplace at our city, Baton Rouge, LA to enjoy this drama (thriller) with two hours duration.

The next day I asked her what was the most interesting about the movie. Her answer is his laugh.

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Friday, 13 January 2023

Flowers as Objects of Paintings - Part 1 - Art 11

I and you might be knowing that a flower is one of favorite objects for artists to be painted on many different surfaces.

Image 1- The sunflowers, painted by Vivian, a local artist

There are many surfaces for paintings, I believe the most well known surface is canvass. Other surfaces could be unusual or odds such as:

- woods
- metals
- glass or plastics
- papers
- vinyl, ceramics and walls

Image 2- Flowers, an artwork by an artist

Whatever types of surfaces, people look at many other values of paintings, include styles and objects.

Image 3- Sunflowers, painted by Vincent Van Gogh

In respect to object, absolutely, there are plenty of them. Some kinds of objects could be forms, shapes, values, lines and colors.

Then, we might be wonder or ask ourselves: why are flowers so crucial in paintings or arts?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Thursday, 12 January 2023

Brain Changes during Reproduction Process – Part 2 – Brain Plasticity 2

You may read the previous post (Part 1):

- Brain Changes during Reproduction Process – Part 1 – Brain Plasticity 2

Image 1- Grass in the winter

In respect to human brain parts, scientists have been observed changes in the areas of:

- amygdala
- and hippocampus.

Both amygdala and hippocampus are part of limbic system which occupy below cortex and above brain stem.

Image 2- Activities at community, illustration

Just few examples, they are responsible for emotions, survival instincts, motivation and memory.

Image 3- Just illustration

The learning capacity, memory and emotional responsible are the three main function of hippocampus.

This brain structure is complex and quite easy to be damaged by many factors. The damages may lead to several disorders, mainly relate to psychological or neurological disorders.

Image 4- A truck, just for illustration

The main function of amygdala is to control emotional changes such as to respond threatening (dangerous) stimuli,

In addition, amygdala induces hormone productions of stress, anxiety and fear reductions.

# To be continued to part 3

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Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Million Chickens are Killed in the USA

As far as I remember the cost of a dozen large white egg was about US$ 1.54 last year, January 2022.

Image 1- Two roosters at yard

I just back from a grocery, the price quite surprising me, US$ 5.2 for the same amount and type of eggs.

If we compared to the last year, thus the price has increased triple or more than 300%.

Fantastic. Unbelievable price increasing for me. Don’t make you wonder: why this happen?

Image 2- Variety of pumpkins, illustration only

Yes, we do understand that inflation is uncontrollable in recent days, but never reached double digits.

Unfortunately, millions of hens have been slaughtered due to “bird flu” or “avian influenza” diseases.

Image 3- A dozen large white eggs sold in Walmart, just illustration.

As reported by “the Centers for Disease Control (CDC, January, 2023) that no less than 57 million hens are eliminated due to virus outbreak across America.

Hence, the eggs supplies are decreasing in great number. Price goes up in the market.

Did your places experience with avian virus diseases?

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Saturday, 7 January 2023

How often Should we Consume Blueberries? - Part 1 – Food 35

We have talked about how important to eat blueberries:

- The Rainbow : Blueberry is One of Fruits Rich in Antioxidants – Food 13

Image 1- Blueberries in the bowl, ready to be consumed

Actually, there are a lot of berries species in the world. By internet searching, we found no less than 400 different kinds of berries either farming or wild ones.

In term of colors, the berries could be:

- black
- purple
- white
- yellow
- red

Image 2- Just another berry, wild berries at yard

Blueberry is one of my favorite fruits in the berries “group.” I don’t know why I love this type of berry.

Image 3- A cookbook, Illustration only.

Sure, I consume others. Some my favorite berries include:

- strawberry
- blackberry
- raspberry

Image 4- Cranberry, another suggested berries to eat

Ruairi Robertson (published in healthline, August 19, 2020) suggest to consume at least 8 kinds of berries.

We may wonder: Why should we eat many kinds of berries?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Thursday, 5 January 2023

Green Parakeet in Our State – Nature 46

The Green parakeet or the Monk parrot was not the USA native bird. The birds came from South American areas.

Image 1- A Green parakeet at the corner

They are imported to the USA around 1950’s, then distributed across America. We may spot Monk parrots in the garden or parks in almost states.

The record has shown that a green parakeet was seen the first time in our state, Louisiana around 1960’s.

They are breeding in the wild successfully. The wild area was around the city of New Orleans, then spread to nearby cities.

Image 2- A shy little Monk parrot

Image 3- A little green parakeet at neighborhood

We just saw the green parakeet at the corner of one of our neighbor houses. However, we don’t know whether the bird is a wild or a pet one.

At the first, the parakeet looks sleepy, then when we approach, the bird flew away. Hope, she found a good shelter.

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Monday, 2 January 2023

The Pulmonary Hypertension Type – Part 1 - Cardiovascular 4

We talked about hypertension at previous post, and we know hypertension may lead to several serious diseases.

Image 1- The cartoon from “” 
shows the illustration about pulmonary hypertension.

The two previous posts of hypertension:

From above two articles, we understand two types of hypertension, they are “pulmonary artery (pulmonary hypertension) and in aorta (arterial/systemic hypertension).”

Image 2- Foggy in the morning, illustration

Image 3- Fresh fruit, illustration

Pulmonary hypertension is less common. This kind of hypertension is caused by high blood pressure in the lung.

The blood vessel in the lung become stiff, narrow, damage, so that the right side of the heart (the part of heart that pump blood to the lung) hardly to pump the blood into lung. This problem is often misunderstood disease.

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are the most common causes the pulmonary hypertension.

# To be continued to Part 2

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