Sunday 2 May 2021

Can Six Dolar Drug Kill Covid 19 Virus? - Healthy Life 3

Fig 01- Xlear is brand name drug for sinus relief.

Do you know drug called monoclonal antibody cocktail?

Yes, this drug had been used to treat former US president, Donald Trump when he infected by Covid 19 virus.

How much its cost?

The monoclonal antibody cocktail also called as REGN- COV2 has price tag of US$ 1,250 per dose.

Donald Trump got a single dose of 8- gram drug through intravenous infusion. The 8 gram is the highest dose in that time.

What is the result?

You know that former US president survives until now.

How about with US$ 6 drug?

The drug known with brand name Xlear is a nasal spray to relieve congestion in our nose.

Much cheaper compared to REGN- COV2! 

Fig 02- Wild flower on the grass

Fig 03- Colorful carrots

Interestingly that this cheap drug is Over the Counter (OTC) drug which mean that we can buy it without a Medical Doctor (MD) prescription.

Best Life (27 January 2021) reported that nasal spray can kill corona virus. The report based on the in vitro study which was conducted by researchers from two universities:

- Northwestern University
- Utah State University

Other study of Covid 19 patients has shown the results that:

- nasal spray improves symptoms
- nasal spray reduced in the clinical course

Hence, nasal spray is a potential Over the Counter (OTC) drug to combat Covid 19 virus in the near future

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