Wednesday 30 November 2022

Black Cobra Chili Plants – Food 31

We used to have several kinds of Chili plants in our yard. Just few are Red chili, Jalapeno and hybrid chilies.

Image 1- Fruit with black color

A Black Cobra Chili plant is our new project for fun now. It seems the plant grows well in the backyard, and reach maturity about 90 days or more, depends on many factors include:

- weather (temperature).
- using of fertilizer
- some diseases

Strange and interestingly that fruits color was black at the beginning (please see at Image 1), then the color changes to red after few weeks.

Image 2- Plant height in inches

In my mind that It is a kind of “adorable” and ornamental plant when color of fruit is at black stage.

Image 3- A Black cobra chili plant crawling up

Image 4- Eastern garter, black snake with little white dots, illustration.

Sure, chili (fruit) of black cobra chili is edible, and yes, quite spicy compared to other several chilies such as:

- Jalapeno
- Serrano.
- and Chipotle

In term of Scoville Heat Units (SHU), the unit to measure spiciness (hotness) of chili shows that black cobra chili is in the range of 20,000 to 40,000 SHU scale.

Have you tasted Black Cobra chili? If yes, do you like it?

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Saturday 26 November 2022

Learning Process Based on My Own Experienced – Part 1 – Science 28

During my human medicine study at a college, one of courses was Pathophysiology class (BIOL-4310).

Image 1- Learning process level of Bloom’s Taxonomy 
(credit to Cehdclass)

The last session of the class was the student presentation. I chose pathophysiology of shock from the list of assignment.

Before presentation we were assigned to do research from the journals with the peer reviews, and then we write certain pages of term paper about the assigned topic.

The professor would check the paper before we present it and give some feedback, include comments, suggestions and recommendation for further improvement.

Image 2- Neighborhood, just illustration

Whenever, everything in the "the right tracts", the topic then was ready to be presented.

Image 3- Wrap, Illustration only

Shock is a manifestation of pathological condition rather than diseases as many people know.

I understand that diagnosis and management of shocks are require extensive knowledge and clinical experience.

At the beginning, I identified and retrieved my knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology class about how does our heart work (remembering level).

# To be continued to part 2

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Wednesday 23 November 2022

Paintings of Elementary School’s Students - Art 9

Our city, Baton Rouge has a program to select talent students in paintings. The students come from Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

Image 1- Painting of grade 1

Then, our city school system hires professional artists, usually local artists to train and improve students' skill in paintings.

They have a kind of “summer camp” to learn how to be a professional painting artist.

The goal off course, students may reach skill at level of:

- local
- national
- or even international

Image 2- A painting of grade 3 student

Image 3- A cat, painting of grade 5 student

Paintings are regularly shoen on the wall of city library entrance, hence people may see and observe the paintings.

As you may see, images 1, 2 and 3 are paintings from elementary school students of grade 1, 3, and 5 consecutively.

Which one do you think the best?

There are price tags on some paintings, the cost vary from just US$ 25 to couple hundred bucks.

I do not know how many people really interest and then buy the paintings, even price is quite reasonable.

Moreover, some best paintings will be shown in the commercial places such as banks, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

Is there any kind of talent programs for painting in your city or place?

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Mediterranean Diet and Alzheimer's Prevention – Part 2 - Alzheimer's 11

You may read the previous post (part 1):

- Mediterranean Diet and Alzheimer's Prevention – Part 1 - Alzheimer's 11

Image 1- Part of the book

Because the countries very close to the ocean, so fish is one of their main sources of protein.

You know that there are 22 countries around Mediterranean sea, some of them are: Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Malta, Monaco, Turkey, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt and Israel.

Those people in the areas also drink red wine in daily basis but always in moderation in term of quantity.

Image 2- Myrtle flowers, illustration

Image 3- Play soccer, illustration

It is also the back way how the people around that areas eat and life. They like to eat together, share their meal, and engage in many daily routine activities altogether.

About the Mediterranean diet is also explained by Dr. Marwan Sabbagh in his book, The Alzheimer's Prevention Cookbook, Recipes to Boost Brain health.

This cookbook is based on evidence of the nutrition. The “science to table” plan that can reduce the risk or delay the onset of Alzheimer's Disease or any other forms dementia: “Eat Smart, Stay Sharp”

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Monday 21 November 2022

Local Coffee Shop in Our City, Baton Rouge

I believe that you recognize “Starbucks” as one of American coffee shops which is well known worldwide.

Image 1- One of coffee shop chains

In many developing countries, drinking coffee in Starbucks shops is identical to “modern and even hedonism life.”

To attract more customers, Starbucks shops adapted local designs, and provide local products and tastes.

However, here in the USA, we have our own “famous” coffee shops in our city with local coffee brand and flavors.

When I was a college student, love to drink at the local coffee shop with name “Coffee Call,” especially on Friday and Saturday night.

Image 2- Few customers only

Image 3- Online customers to get services

Image 4- One employee doing his job

On those days, coffee shop opens whole night, so we may come in the early night and stay until early morning.

What interesting for me, may be to some other guests as well that we could drink coffee as many cups as we wish, and we just need to pay one cup.

Yes, pay one cup for let’s say drink 3 cups or 4 cups. Sure, the price is much cheaper compared to well known brand, Starbucks.

How about with coffee shop in your city or places?

Sunday 20 November 2022

Leprosy is One of the Oldest Ancient Diseases - Part 1 - Healthy Life 27

Leprosy is one of ancient diseases that still exist in the some part of the world, even in this modern human lifestyle.

Image 1- Miniature roses 1

When I was kid, I saw several men and women who have Leprosy in the developing country about 1980’s.

This prehistory disease could be the oldest recorded ancient disease as reported by Hurst, YS (2019) in the book with title: No Matter Where the Journey Takes Me: One Man's Quest for a Leprosy- Free World).

Paleontologists conduct many studies about the disease that plagued humankind throughout the history.

Image 2- Pumpkin, illustration only

They believe the root of this disease long long time ago, “likely stem back millions of years”.

Image 3- Miniature roses 2.

Untreated disease of leprosy can cause deformities in the face and extremities that may lead to:

- Disability
- Stigmatization
- and Mortality.

Like Covid-19, leprosy is transmitted by close contacted. They are a droplet precaution.

Coughing and sneezing of an infected person can spread the disease to the healthy persons, especially when they are in the small together.

# To be continued to part 2

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Saturday 19 November 2022

Pickle Eggs in the Neighborhood Market – Food 30

I am familiar with salted egg and used to love it. I didn’t aware of pickle eggs until I saw them in the farmer market at our neighborhoods.

Image 1- Pickle eggs in the jar

In general speaking, based on my own knowledge that the differences of pickle and salted eggs:

- salted eggs made from duck eggs
- chicken eggs are used for pickle eggs.

Off course, some people make pickle or salted eggs from other eggs their like such as geese, birds and even alligator’s eggs.

Image 2- One brand of Pickled eggs in the market

Image 3- Quail eggs sold in Walmart

My neighbors told me that in Louisiana, there was a special dish called as “a Cajun pickle egg” that was alligator pickle eggs. But, this kind of practice is not common, and might not exist anymore as far as I know.

I saw quail pickle eggs in the market, and it seems start to favor in recent days. From internet sources, the quail eggs are good but not “superior” compared to chicken eggs.

Have you ever consumed pickle eggs?

What do you think?

Friday 18 November 2022

What is Brain Plasticity? - Part 2 – Brain Plasticity 1

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- What is Brain Plasticity? - Part 1 – Brain Plasticity 1

Image 1- Just for illustration

Our brain has many parts in which each part has its own functions or authorities. There is a part to control movement of right-hand motions (maneuvers) as a simple example.

If there is disturbance to control movement due to gene, thus we can understand why people use their left hand skillfully.

In current understanding that interrelation between sense, cognition and memory is so close.

 Image 2- A green field, illustration only

Let’s say if we have weakness in a sense that will affect to cognition and memory, and then, even if one got deterioration will affect other senses as well.

Image 3- Yard decoration, illustration only

They are so interdependence. We can see older people who easy to forget a little thing.

It is fact that their senses (feeling, hearing, seeing) not well function anymore, thus they are less able to store their experience images, then get trouble to recall those images after a while.

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Banks, D. (2016, April 4). “What is brain plasticity and why is it so important?” Retrieved from “theconversation.”

Thursday 17 November 2022

Cooper Hawks Love to Come to Bird Feeders – Nature 44

A Cooper hawk is one of hawks found in our state, Louisiana. They live in the edges of woods or forests.

Image 1- Cooper hawk sitting on the fence

We may see Cooper hawks fly around our neighborhood recently. This hawk is common, not include as a rare critter.

From several sources, the raptors active to hunt their prey during dawn and sunset as their favorite hunting times.

However, these hunting times don’t apply at our neighborhood. We usually see Cooper hawks chasing their prey around 9 AM in the morning until afternoon. It seems daylight hunter.

Image 2- Cooper hawk perching over the bird feeder

Image 3- Hawk starting to fly away

Interestingly, we always see Cooper hawk visit our bird feeders. We then wonder: why?

After a while we find the answers:

1) Cooper hawk knows that small birds come to feeders.

- so, these small birds are good and easy preys to catch
- prey of Cooper hawks may include doves, woodpeckers and quails

2) My guess that bird feeders as their source of food as well.

Have you ever seen Cooper hawks? Where?

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Wednesday 16 November 2022

Do You Know Cashew Milk? – Part 3 - Food 27

We talked about cashew trees which grow in tropical areas and some benefits of cashew trees products at previous posts.

Image 1- Cashew fruit

You may read previous posts (part 1 and 2) at following:

The cashew tree does not grow in our neighborhood (around here at my house).

Luckily, we can enjoy the seeds, either, raw, roast, or any kind of cooked cashew seeds.

We are still able to get the benefits of seeds from the cashew tree.

Image 2- Just for illustration

Image 3- Cashew peanuts

Beside seeds, the cashew milk is also available here. I got cashew milk from Silk. I was looking for Soy milk, but I had met Cashew milk. This milk is new for me, so I took it for a try.

This cashew milk has luxurious creaminess. From the box I learn that this milk has no cholesterol and no saturated fat. The cashew milk has 50% more Calcium than dairy milk.

This milk is a quite thicker than dairy whole milk and soy milk. The richer creamy looks good for my smoothies. Now, I have a plan to make smoothies this weekend.

Do you like smoothies, and what milk do you prefer?

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Tuesday 15 November 2022

May Tomato Increase Our Brainpower? - Science 27

I always eat tomatoes, not daily, but at least one a week. I love its taste, and know that tomato is good for health.

Image 1- Tomatoes, one of healthy foods

By reading articles, one of them is written by Jerajani, D (2022: 5 Everyday Foods That Are Good for Brain Health!). it is said that tomatoes could improve our brainpower.

Other excellent foods for brain health are:

- spinach
- dark chocolate
- whole grain
- avocado

Image 2- Slices of tomato on Omelet

Just to let you know, we have talked about Avocado as “super food” at previous posts:

Image 3- Tomatoes in the bowl

Then, I myself wonder that: What is brainpower? And why is tomato good for brain health?

Brainpower could be mean as brain ability and capacity in respect to mental, learning, intelligence, comprehend and understand.

Tomato is good for brain health because tomatoes contain two important antioxidants that are beta-carotene and lycopene.

These two antioxidants are needed to prevent brain damage and protect brain cells.

Finally, do you like tomatoes?

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Monday 14 November 2022

Wild Bees are Visiting My Backyard – Part 2 - Nature 43

You may read previous post (Part 1):

- Wild Bees are Visiting Our Backyard – Part 1 - Nature 43

Image 1- Pure raw honey from our neighborhood.

Naturally, the word “honeycomb” has multiple purposes:

- housing for brood, included capped larvae, larvae and eggs
- storing pollen, nectar and honey.

Moreover, I familiar with the word's honeybees, bumble bees and wild bees, but honestly, I do not know differences of these critters. I just saw many bees come to my backyard.

They were abundance in the spring, then the number reduced in the summer. But bees still appear in the early fall.

Image 2- The bee on the wildflower, it may pollinate or take pollen

Image 3- Artificial beehives at our neighborhood.

They seem visit our backyard to pollinate my flowers and fruit plants, some of them are:

- orange quash,
- tangerine orange
- figs.
- blackberry and strawberry

The bees also collect pollen and nectar from plant flowers and wild flowers.

It is said that honeybees are outnumber the other bees, hence they are most important of pollinators in nature.

Do you know differences of honeybees, bumble bees and other wild bees?

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