Thursday 28 January 2021

A Tropical Plant Called Pineapple – Food 1


A pineapple fruit, ready to consume.

I called a “nanas” or pineaple in English when I was a kid. Pineapple is a plant, actually, and plant has a fruit.

But, we just call fruit as a pineaple for simplicity. There are many pineapple fruit in American groceries.

Price is less than US$2 each, quite reasonable, since its may come from far away, from tropical countries.

Pineapple is believed native to South America with scientific name Ananas comosus, then distributed and cultivated worldwide, especially to other tropical regions.

World produced about 28 million tons per year. Top 5 producer countries are:

- Costa Rica

- Philippines

- Brazil

- Thailand

- India

The pineapples in the grocery store

I like a pineapple because of its sweetness, and the taste might be combination of apple and orange citrus.

The ripe pineapple seems less bitter, the same with zesty and orange fruit.

From internet sources, here some benefit of pineapple by eating a slice pineapple per day:

- helping digesting

- increasing energy intake

- boosting metabolism

- nourishing skin, hair, teeth and nails

- keeping health in general.

Have you tasted pineapple? What do you think?

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Wreaths for Mardi Gras in Louisiana

Fig 01- Mardi Gras wreath with words of Happy Mardi Gras

We have February carnival called as Mardi Gras party, usually 47 days before Easter every year in Louisiana.

Interesting part of Mardi Gras celebration for me is its decorations. Some important items to be decorated are:

- parade float

- team colors in parade float

- Beads

- Mask

Wreaths are hung on doors to greet party friends, guests and family members during Mardi Gras season.

The combination colors of wreaths are:

- metallic purple

- gold

- green

- purple polka

Fig 02- Mask as part of wreath

Mask is one of important items in Mardi Gras celebration. Women and men use mask for at least three purposes:

- hiding their identity

- fuel their imagination

- excitement   

Fig 03- Simple wreath on a white door.

Using mask in celebration, actually come from Italian tradition since centuries ago, hence called as “carnevale.” It is just called as “Mardi Gras face mask” now days.

People also decorate their wreath with mask with include:

- feathers

- streamers

- ribbon trimmings

Have you known Mardi Gras celebration?

Saturday 9 January 2021

Wild Flowers in the Backyards – Nature 1

Fig 01- A flower blooming through Autumn

As a southern state of USA, we may find wild flowers blooming almost at all 4 seasons in Louisiana.

However, the blooming of wild flowers reach peak in the two seasons of the year:

- Fall
- Spring

As usual, there are plenty of wild flower colors. There are 6 dominant colors which include:

- golden
- yellow
- purple
- lavender
- blue
- pink

Fig 02- White flower with yellow in the center.

I always find white flower, look like Daisy in my backyard. The white petal so smooth with yellow in the center make its very beautiful.

Fig 03- Wild flower resemble to fungi.

Asters are common wild flower in my area, their colors are:

- white
- lavender
- pink

Fig 04- Wild flower with red color

Other common wild flowers are plenty in my areas, and blooming from Spring to Autum. Just for examples are:

- golden yellow sneezeweed (Helenium autumnale)
- purple blazing-star (Liatris sp.).
- American beauty berry (Callicarpa americana).
- ironweed (Vernonia altissima)
- Goldenrods (Solidago sp.)
- giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida)
- narrow-leaved sunflower (Helianthus angustifolius)
- the blue mist-flower (Conoclinium coelestinum).

Many more wild flower in our states from small to medium to larger size in term of flowers and trees.

Do you love wild flowers? What are common wild flowers in your areas?

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