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Thursday, 6 October 2022

Fruits with flavored chia in cups – Part 1 – Food 25

Del Monte and Dole are very familiar brands for either fresh or packaged fruits or vegetables.

Image 1 - Fruits and chia seeds in easy-to-carry cups

For tidbits fruits on the go, I prefer Dole. The most I like is tidbit tropical fruits in small plastic cups.

What I do?

I empty the cup into the glass and add some ice. This is my way keep hydrate in the cool weather

When I picked what I need to fill the Food Bank, I also bought fruits, either in the cans or in the cups.

Image 2- Grape, just for illustration

I saw the bigger package of chunk fruits in the dark black packages with contrast color of fruits.

Image 3- Two cups of fruit and Chia

There is a series of Del Monte Fruits and Chia. The size available is 2 - 7 oz.cups.

The price depends on cup sizes and number of cups in the wraps or in the boxes (big number of cups):

+ US$ 2.78 for two cups of 7 OZ size.
+ Sure, we will have a good deal if we buy 1 box with more than 24 cups.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Note: We consume packages or can foods during emergency times such as during storm, hurricane seasons

Friday, 23 September 2022

Simple Homemade Coconut Oil glazed Beef Jerky – Part 1- Food 24

Fresh meat and chicken are out, there are none either in my fridge or in stores. Since the Louisiana Health Emergency Proclamation, life was unpleasant.

Image 1- Thin cut of beef from Walmart

Groceries are almost empty everywhere in the city. Luckily, we have source of proteins as our stocks:

- fish cans
- packed tuna
- tofu
- frozen poultry
- frozen meat
- frozen salmon and tilapia.

Image 2- Street in the morning, just for illustration

Image 3- Half cut peppers

I chose meat (beef) than other proteins from our stocks. It is my last meat package, thin cut of beef.

I was so starving, and I could not wait for thawing and marinating. I did a quick and simple way in cooking.

I am thinking you can guess what I had done. Yes, you are right that I put the frozen beef into the pan.

By adding small amount of water, salt, coriander, chopped garlic and ginger, brought them to a boil.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Friday, 16 September 2022

Asparagus Contains High Dietary Fiber – Food 23

We love to consume green vegetable frequently, one of them is Asparagus with scientific name Asparagus officinalis.

Image 1- A bunch of Asparagus

We always get this plant from nearby grocery with reasonable price.

As you might know that there are at least 3 forms (types or kinds) of fibers in the nature:

- prebiotic fiber
- insoluble fiber
- and soluble fiber

Many people call dietary fiber instead of prebiotic fiber which important for people health and well-being, especially in respect to intestine health.

Image 2- Cutting of Asparagus, ready to cook

Our gut has “bad” and “good” bacteria, then, the good bacteria “need” dietary fiber as their source of “food.”

Image 3- Adding Asparagus to meal

The good bacteria will make our digestive system healthier by producing nutrient to feed colon cells.

Nutrient contains some crucial fatty acids, especially short chain ones. They are (just for example):

- acetate
- propionate
- and butyrate.

Sure, there are many other health benefit to consume Asparagus. We will talk later on (in other posts).

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Tuesday, 6 September 2022

A Simple Steamed Layer Cake – Food 22

This cake is popular in many Southeast Asian countries, they call its as a “kue lapis,” usually consumed as a snack.

Image 1- Steamed Layer Cake

The countries that you may find this snack as a traditional dish are following:

- Singapore
- Vietnam
- Indonesia
- and Malaysia

We may be lucky to see its at here in America sold in ethnic groceries such as Vietnam shops or Asian market.

Image 2- Ten layers of cake

Since the “Steamed Layer Cake” is not always available in groceries, we try to make its by ourselves.

Sure, we may adjust sweetness, colors and thicness of layers based on what we desire.

Image 3- Ready to consume

We collect the following important ingredients:

- rice flour
- tapioca flour
- coconut milk
- granulated sugar
- and other ingredients

Then, we just follow instruction from internet. After a while done. The result could be seen at Images 1, 2 and 3.

Have you tasted “Steamed Layer Cake”? What do you think?

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Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Does Red Bell Pepper Contain more Vitamin C than Orange? - Part 2– Food 21

You may read the previous posting (Part 1):

- Does Red Bell Pepper Contain more Vitamin C than Orange? - Part 1 – Food 21

Fig 01- Sliced papaya, rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C in the medium size orange is 69.7 mg

Vitamin C in the cup of chopped red bell pepper is 190 mg, about three times of vitamin C in the orange.

You might surprise with the fact. In addition to vitamin C, red pepper contain highly vitamin A as well.

Vitamin A is well known for its benefit to promote our eye health.


Fig 02- Plants sold in community market, illustration only

Fig 03- several colors of bell peppers

Other fruit and vegetable contain more vitamin C than an orange as reported by Christine Matthels (Health, January 27, 2020) are:

- Chili, Kale, Broccoli
- Papaya, Strawberry
- Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts
- Pineapple
- Kiwi and Mango

Now, we understand that a lot of alternatives as sources of vitamin C in addition to oranges.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Does Red Bell Pepper Contain more Vitamin C than Orange? - Part 1 – Food 21

Few people consume red bell pepper sometimes, but many people love to eat often with their own reasons.

Image 1- Red bell pepper

I am including in the group who eat bell peppers almost with every meals. A kind of appetizer for me.

Actually, we familiar with this vegetable. I always see red bell pepper or any peppers whenever I went to Walmart, groceries or our neighborhood farmer markets.

The price is quite reasonable, depend on the places you go whether groceries or farmer markets.

The cost is generally about US$ 1 each or even much less.

Image 2- Bell peppers in the farmer market

Image 3- Navel orange, sold in Walmart

They are fresh and attractive.

However, if there is a comparative question: Which one has vitamin C more - Red Bell Peppers or Oranges?

You might answer suddenly: an orange!

Is it right?


Off course not!


# To be continued to Part 2

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Saturday, 6 August 2022

Do You Like Boba Bubble in Your Drink? - Part 2 – Food 20

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-  Do You Like Boba Bubble in Your Drink? - Part 1 – Food 20

Image 1- Natural white tapioca pearls.

Yuca or cassava is well-known as food in the regions which includes:

- the South America,
- Asia
- and Africa.

Cassava roots can be cooked into varieties of delicious dishes. Even though the root produces natural cyanide, the right processing such as by peeling the skin, cutting, and soaking them in water are able to get rid of the toxic.

The starch can be made pudding and balls. The tapioca balls or boba come with natural white color or any variety colors. 

Image 2- Succulent, just for illustration

Image 3- Boba dessert, white pearls with some chopped fruits in coconut milk.

One medium size cup of any beverage is about 5 to 6 bucks and extra cost 50 cents to 1 buck for adding boba.

The price is too expensive for me if I have to buy almost everyday for summer. So I made my own boba dessert.

I had boba in my cold beverages and cold desserts as long as this time of hot summer season.

Since tapioca is an energy-dense food, one cup starch contain over than 500 calories, no wonder, I gain weight in last three months.

Do you know this kind of food?

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Monday, 25 July 2022

Do You Like Boba Bubble in Your Drink? - Part 1 – Food 20

In this small town, Baton Rouge, LA, at least 16 bubble tea shops that I can choose to get a cup of beverages with chewy texture pearls of tapioca starch.

Image 1- Black pearl tapioca bubbles in the Matcha tea.

In spans of three years, this kind of pearls be a favorite “jewel” in here, especially among teenagers and young adults who are still energetic and/or love something new.

Actually, the pearls are lack of nutrients and the taste is bland; so to make a little flavor there is some sweet or fat are added that contribute to high calories in the bubbles. 

Image 2- Flower, just for illustration

Image 3- The bubbles or boba sit on the bottom.

No wonder, when someone on dieting or weigh watching said boba is just “Yikes”.

The pearls or bobas are made from tapioca starch. Tapioca is also known as cassava or yuca. The starch is from the flesh of root with white or white-yellowish color.

Moreover, Tapioca is staple foods for many in the tropical countries. Higher calories, but lower in term of:

- protein, minerals and vitamins

# To be continued to Part 2

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Saturday, 16 July 2022

Cooked Snail is One of Favorite Foods in France - Food 19

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- The Rainbow Before Evening : Cooked Snail is a Favorite Dish in Many Asian Countries – Food 18

Image 1- A land snail is crawling

Surprisingly, snails together with oyster are among 25 typical dishes we should try to eat when visit France.

Thus, France may be the only western countries consume snails. This food is considered as luxury.

They cook snails include shell with butter, called as “escargots à la bourguignonne.”

Image 2- An insect crawling on flowers

Image 3- The cooked snail in France, credit to Mona

Snail is protein rich food and sources of minerals and vitamins. We found vitamin E and several minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and selenium in snail dishes.

As I read in one report (TouchStone Snails, 2020: Nutritional value of nails) that snails are “an ideal weight watchers diet.”

The snail is good for diet because its contain:

- low calories
- low fat
- reasonable amount of protein.

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Saturday, 9 July 2022

Is It Safe to Consume Foods after Expiration Date? - Part 2 – Food 16

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- The Rainbow Before Evening : Is It Safe to Consume Foods after Expiration Date? - Part 1 – Food 16

Image 1- Traditional preserved tempeh

Best if use before,” this is not indicating to safety date. It is just the date of the best flavor.

So, if the “phrases” not refer to food safety, then, we may have a question: Is It Safe to Consume Foods after Expiration Date?

The answer is depend on several factors, generally:

- If flavor, odor and color changed, then, we should throw away the foods.
- if foods are preserved in bottles and cans, we may eat after six months of expired date.

Image 2- One of popular cookies

Image 3- Pickle in the bottles

We may consume little bit longer than expired date, if we keep our purchased foods in the refrigerator and or freezer.

In many cases, we always store these following foods in the refrigerator and or freezer:

- eggs
- meat
- chicken
- milk, apple, strawberry and other fresh foods

Did you ever consume expired date foods?

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