Saturday 26 March 2022

Lord of the Ducks in the Garden – Part 2 – Nature 18

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- Lord of the Ducks in the Garden – Part 1 – Nature 18

Fig 01- A couple swimming at lake side

The ducks and geese and their surround area’s views are good objects to take pictures.

We saw couples of white fowls, look like swan from far distance. We don’t know whether they are swan or not.

But, we sure the lake has a lot of kinds of fowls either managed by state park or just wild intruder fowls.

Fig 02- Artists drawing in front of lake

Fig 03- Two Ducks at lake side

Fig 04- A duck at lake side

Some artists are drawing the ducks swimming in the lake with back ground of trees.

I think that they are painting the following objects:

- Ducks
- trees and leaves colors
- lake
- wild birds

The artists look seriously to play with their brushes to catch wonderful objects and scenery, while the “lord of the ducks” are watching from short distance.

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Sunday 20 March 2022

Biscotti and “The Blissful Feast” by Teresa Lust – Part 2 – Reading 9

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- Biscotti and “The Blissful Feast” by Teresa Lust – Part 1 – Reading 9

Fig 01- An Italian food, just for illustration

Italian cookbooks are also easy to find with the great recipes, useful tips, and beautiful photos.

A Blissful Feast: Culinary Adventures in Italy's Piedmont, Maremma, and Le Marche by Teresa Lust, is a beautifully written book about her adventures in Italy.

New cookbooks are sold in almost bookstores, and we may find old edition in the city libraries.

Fig 02- Teresa Lust, a writer, gardener, and cook

Teresa Lust’s grandmother was from Italy, and she grown up in the Italian cultures and Italian cuisines in Washington.

Fig 03- Biscotti recipe photo from “The Blissful Feast”-1

Her palate about her roots of cuisines brought her to a “delicious” journey in Italy.

Fig 04- Biscotti recipe photo from “The Blissful Feast”-2

She stayed with her relatives in the Italian cities of Piedmont, Maremma, and then Le Marche

Fig 05- Just for illustration.

Moreover, she learned about:

- Italian farming
- preparing and cooking
- and serving of Italian foods.

We can find the authentic Italian cuisines in this book and the stories behind those foods.

She also guides us about Italian words and language that used in the Italian culinary and gourmet.

In this page, I share the biscotti recipe (photos) from her book. It is great recipe to try, one batch can make 4 dozen.

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Monday 14 March 2022

How did Alzheimer find out the change in his patient's brain? - Part 1 - Alzheimer's 3

As you might know that Alzheimer's disease is the kind of dementia that has specific:

- signs

- and symptoms.

Fig 01- Nissl-stained in the brain tissue
(Picture from Neuroscience, Purves, et al)

Based on clinical research a patient who has dementia with Alzheimer's disease, in their brain has accumulation of:

- neurofibrillary tangles
- and amyloid plaques.

This disease got the name after a Germany physician and clinical psychiatrist, and also conducted some research related to brain disorders, Dr Alois Alzheimer.

Fig 02- Hit by car, just for illustration

Fig 03- Wild flower, illustration

Fig 04 – Just for fun

Fig 05- Decorative wood

Dr. Alzheimer was excited about working in the laboratory.

Franz Nissl who discovered a special staining technique became Dr. Alzheimer coworker and then also taught him about staining.

As we know at that time staining in the lab would helped the scientists to discover new finding in the organelles of the human body.

He worked with Nissl for couple years before Nissl moved out for better facility in his research.

However, they kept in touch being the best friend forever.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Tuesday 8 March 2022

Corned Beef Harsh - The Popular Breakfast in Louisiana – Part 2 – Food 11

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- Corned Beef Harsh - The Popular Breakfast in Louisiana – Part 1 – Food 11

Fig 01- Canned corned beef harsh, sold in Walmart

The menu originally came from France to America. Based on googling, the menu is quite popular in the countries such as:

- Britain
- Philippine
- Ireland

Certain section of beef such as brisket (sometimes with navel and muscles) was chopped, usually small rectangular forms.

The diced meats are soaked in a flavor for several days.

Fig 02- Daffodil at backyard, illustration

The corned beef then mixed with chopped of:

- potatoes
- cooked carrot
- onions
- bell peppers
- garlic scallions
- and other spices.

Fig 03- Coffee shop at our city

Then, ready to be cooked, not take long to cook. It is simple breakfast or lunch or dinner in many states across America.

However, in New Orleans, Louisiana, corned beef harsh is very popular menu for breakfast.

There are many restaurants provide corned beef harsh for breakfast. In my town, Baton Rouge, I can find more than 5 restaurants sell this meal.

Corned beef harsh or alternative menu such as smoked slab cost for US$ 10.00. Additional cost if you add eggs or desserts.

Have you tried corned beef harsh?

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Wednesday 2 March 2022

Lord of the Ducks in the Garden – Part 1 – Nature 18

We have several parks and gardens, and we often visit what we call as LSU lakes park since the lakes have good views.

However, we are just aware recently that there is written and mural of small monument of Lord of the Ducks in the park.

Fig 01- A kind of monument for Lord of the Ducks

The park is one of the Parks which is administered by Baton Rouge municipal. It locates in the Dalrymple Dr, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

There are plenty of ducks and geese in the lakes park.

At the weekend, visitors may come from nearby towns and counties of Louisiana.

Children love to feed ducks and geese, since these critters come around while walking.

Fig 02- Ducks and geese

Fig 03- A lonely duck

Fig 04- Two ducks swimming in dirty part of lake

Kids feed ducks with bread, then ducks fly to come closer. Enjoy and fun to see those ducks.

Some people find good spots such as by sitting under the big trees, they enjoy and feel relax to feed ducks and geese (Canadian geese). Sound like close to nature.

Quite wonder for me that flock of ducks and geese are found especially in the corner of lord of the duck’s monument.

I just guess, it may close to big trees and water. Those fowls feel secure for resting at middle of day

Other ducks are swimming in group on the lake. Look so beautiful.

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