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Thursday, 27 January 2022

Reducing Number of Amazon River Pink Dolphin? - Part 1 – Nature 17

I just knew there are pink dolphins when I watched the news about burning of Amazon rain forest years ago.

Pink dolphins look exotic and lovely.

Fig 01- Adolphin jumping out the water
(credit to Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders 2019)

Yes, pink dolphins are categorized as endangered species which live in the main rivers of Amazon.

Forest fires will have scary effect on many animal population there, both land and rivers creatures.

The rivers cover several following countries:

- Brazil
- Peru
- Bolivia
- Venezuela
- Guyana
- Colombia
- Ecuador

Fig 02- Plants in the city garden

Fig 03- Sky at outside my city

Fig 04- Our jogging area, just for illustration

The pink dolphins population in the world were estimated 9,000 only, and killed around by 3,000 per year.

Population mainly in the amazon rivers. Hence, Amazon rain forest fires may reduce population even further.

Yes, we have pink dolphins in a Louisiana river, USA. The dolphin is called as “pinkie.”

The pinkie was spotted first time in the river of Calcasieu, Louisiana by river ship captain, Erik Rue in 2015.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact number of dolphin population as of today.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Take Care of Winter Storm in Early 2022 – Part 2 – Nature 16

You may read previous posting (Part 1):

- Take Care of Winter Storm in Early 2022 – Part 1 – Nature 16

Fig 01- An icy tree in the garden

Impact of a winter storm not only to individual, but also to:

- community
- and even to animals

Thousands of pets wandering, missing from homeowners. Many farming animals are dead, then lead to lost millions of dollars.

High and chilly wind may cause personal injuries, and sometimes deaths. In Texas alone, about 246 death tolls in this year winter storm.

It is often that the storm has strong effect on travel, business and school activities. Hundreds of flights may be canceled.

Fig 02- Cold temperature

House maintenance is expensive during cold season.

Snow and ice could cause on water pressure, sump pump and water temperature, then lead to plumbing problems.

Fig 03- After winter storm, last year

Hypothermia is a condition where our body may become freeze due to lack of blood circulation.

Fig 04- Freezing at the garden

Thus, body has extra worked when exposure to extreme cold by pushing more blood to keep lungs and heartwarming and working properly:

You might know some simple methods to avoid Hypothermia are:

- stay indoor
- wear dry and warm cloths
- cover hands with mittens
- keep head with hats
- cover feet

Take care yourself during extreme temperature of cold storm.

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Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Take Care of Winter Storm in Early 2022 – Part 1 – Nature 16

In the early January of 2022, it was predicted that winter storm will visit several parts of USA:

- Northwest
- Midwest
- South and Mid Atlantic
- DC areas

Fig 01- Icy during last winter storm

One of reasons is a blast of cold and dry air from northern part of America or Arctic region, then move to the south.

In the south, cold and dry air then mix with:

- warm
- and moisture air

The storm could travel hundred miles, and even reach Gulf of Mexico in deep south states.

Fig 02- Ice covered tree’s twigs

Fig 03- Ice on an ornament plant

Temperature is expected to drop to:

- F below zero or around 17 C minus degree
- so much below the freezing point.

The winter storm might result in more than a one feet snow along its path of movements from North to South.

Since winter storm cause temperature dropping and bring snow, and snow could cover many spots, thus very hazardous to walk or drive in this condition.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Saturday, 4 December 2021

What Autumn is Like in My Town, Baton Rouge LA – Part 2 - Nature 15

You may read previous posting: What Autumn is Like in My Town Baton Rouge LA – Part 1 - Nature 15

Our state, Louisiana faced very short of Autumn period. Starting around late September or October to the end of November or early December.

Just approximately two months only.

Fig 01- Different colors of trees.

Compared to upper or northern states, not much colors of leaves changing in Louisiana.

Many trees are evergreen in Louisiana, these trees include (Regina Sass, 2017: Evergreens That Will Grow in Louisiana):

- Atlas Cedar
- American Olive
- Japanese Plum
- Red Bay
- Swamp Bay

Fig 02- Bonsai, illustration only

Fig 03- An Autumn tree in neighborhood

Fig 04- One of Autumn tree

Fig 05- Leaves of trees start to fall down

Fig 06- Leaves are everywhere in neighborhood

Now early December already, many leaves have started to fall down. Our neighborhood looks so dirty.

Temperature may drop, especially in the night. We wear jacket to make little bit warm when going outside.

Moreover, the winter, even very short, from December to January. Only a small chance to have snow, no more than 3 times in the last 10 years.

A kind of miracle. Every bodies look very happy with snow, and snowmen seen at every corner of our city.

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Thursday, 2 December 2021

What Autumn is Like in My Town Baton Rouge LA – Part 1 - Nature 15

I call “late autumn,” because our city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana just get the stage that leaves colors changing, and some leaves of trees start to fall down in the late November or early December this year .

Fig 01- Colorful autumn leaves

while in the northern parts of America the falling snow piled up more than 8.5 inches, and even snowstorm in several states

Top 10 snowiest states in the USA are following:

- Vermont
- Maine
- New Hampshie
- Colorado
- Alaska
- Michigan
- New York
- Massachusetts
- Wyoming
- Wisconsin

Fig 02- Trees in the corner of a park

Fig 03- Leaves changing colors from green to brown to red

Fig 04- One corners of my town during autumn season

Fig 05- Fall leaves

Fig 06- Fall in front of coffee shop.

Yes, temperature dropped below 0 degree Celsius (320 F) at night at the end of November this year (2021), but no snow yet.

Daylight temperature could reach 150 C (590 F). A quite nice weather for me.

You might wonder the different between night and day temperature is quite huge, about 15 degree Celsius.

I don’t know why.

This is typical southern part of USA. Many people got sick due to temperature different.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Thursday, 11 November 2021

Do You Know Ghost Orchids? - Part 2 – Nature 14

A ghost orchid print, sold by Walmart

Previous posting (Part 1):

It is believed that ghost orchids are decreasing day by day due to many causes include:

- over collection by human
- but the most responsible is human development in state of Florida.

The development leads to destruction and changes of habitat and hydro-logical conditions.

From several sources that no nursery and garden centers sell the ghost orchids, but we can buy the seeds in some nursery centers in the Florida.

I tried to search in Walmart and Home Depot nurseries at my town, Louisiana, but nothing.

I just found the print without frame for US$ 11.99 and with frame for US$ 29.99 each piece.

Quite beautiful to hang on the wall.

One of ghost orchid pollinators, fig sphinx (credit to iNaturalist NZ).

Like other flowers, ghost orchids have pollinators as well. Four or five moths species visit orchid for pollination frequently.

Three of them are well known:

- fig sphinx (Pachylia ficus)
- pawpaw sphinx moths (Dolba hyloeus)
- giant sphinx moth (Cocytius anteus)

The giant sphinx moth has long proboscises to feed on orchid’s nectar, then pollinates the flowers.

Did you hear about ghost orchids?

Have You Seen them in Nature or somewhere else?

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Sunday, 7 November 2021

Do You Know Ghost Orchids? - Part 1 – Nature 14

One of ghost orchids (credit to The news-Press)

I just read from medias and make me curious about “ghost orchid” (Dendrophylax lindenii).

It is because:

1. Ghost orchid is a rare species, found only in Cuba and Florida
2. Two thousand orchids only live in the Florida
3. Several percentages, about two hundred orchids blooming in summer.
4. Orchids have no leaves
5. Roots cling to the bark of trees.

Uniquely, ghost orchid blooming once a year only from June to August in nature. The blooming could last for several weeks.

As suggested by Russell McLendon (2019: 12 Enchanting Quirks of the Rare Ghost Orchid) that other specific characters of ghost orchid:

- orchid may germinate after infection by certain fungus
- smell likes apples

Another ghost orchid (credit to Florida Native Orchid)

What species of trees which ghost orchids to attach to?

Four important tree species are:

- maple
- cypress
- pond apple
- palm tree

How about with ghost orchid population in nature?

Are they decreasing in number?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Recreational Fishing in the Louisiana – Part 2 – Nature 13

Fig 01- Fishing recreation boats in lake Pontchartrain basin.

Please read the part 1: TheRecreational Fishing in the Louisiana – Part 1 – Nature 13

When I travel from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, I pass through the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain Basin.

I saw many fishing boats both belong to real fishermen and fake fishermen (just for fun).

Fake fishermen refer to recreational and game fishing, include some of my neighbors and friends.

Lake is quite big in size, about 24 mile width, and 40 mile length. It is the largest lake in the Louisiana.

Its contains many aquatic animals, and important to ecosystem. They are including many species of:

- Fish and Crustaceans
- Mussels and Reptiles

Fig 02- Dark cloud in the city

Fish species includes:

- Anchoa mitchilli
- Bull shark
- Gulf Sturgeon
- Paddle fishermen
- Flagfin
- Broadstripe

Fig 03- Turtle, for illustration only.

Some crustaceans:

- Ribbon Crawfish
- Plain Brown Craw fish

Mussels live in the lake are:

- Rayed Creekshell
- Elephant-Ear
- Southern Pocketbook
- Southern Hickorynut

We may see reptiles too:

- Alligator
- Snapping Turtle

Off course, we never fishing alligators. We collect crustaceans and mussel with specific gears.

Have you ever fishing by a machine boat in the coastal areas or lakes? 

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Recreational Fishing in the Louisiana – Part 1 – Nature 13

Ready for fishing

May be, I just once went fishing in the last 15 years, but never using boats to catch fish in the ocean.

I just sit on the bridge or sea port, waiting for fish to bite my baits of fishing gear (fishing line).

Some of my neighbors and friends have a boat, just very small boat for recreational fishing.

A boat at above belong to my neighbor, they are ready for fishing at one of coastal areas of Louisiana.

They might go a bit far, hundred miles from home to find the best coastal fishing places.

Some well known coastal fishing areas include:

- New Orleans, Louisiana
- Mississippi coastal places
- Florida beach areas

Fish sold in the Walmart, illustration purpose.

Louisiana has several lakes as well that good for recreational fishing, namely:

- Lake Pontchartrain Basin
- Calcasieu Lake
- Lake D’Arbonne
- Toledo Bend Reservoir
- Red River

# To be continued to Part 2

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Reducing Number of Amazon River Pink Dolphin? - Part 1 – Nature 17

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