Tuesday 30 May 2023

Unidentified Bird at the Neighborhood – Nature 76

We just have a visitor, quite difficult to identify. Several friends have different opinions about the species of the bird.

Image 1- A Finch on the feeder for hummingbird?

Some guesses the bird species are following:

- a house sparrow
- a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak
- a finch (a red finch or a house finch)
- a cardinal or a female cardinal

Then, as always, we search through GoogleID, the machine offer two possibilities: first, the Northern cardinal and the second is a house finch. I think the best guess is a house finch.

Image 2- Flowers, just illustration

It is because the finch has “larger beak” compared to other birds, but smaller compared to Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Image 3- Sky, Just for illustration

You may read about Rose-breasted Grosbeak at previous posts:

Image 4- A finch? Look enjoy on the feeder.

Can you identify what is the bird species? (please see images 1 and 3)

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Sunday 28 May 2023

Fertilizer Price is Going Down Recently

We always buy several packs of fertilizer for our plants in the yards from Home Deport or Walmart stores every Spring and Summer.

Image 1- Fertilizers, sold in the Walmart store.

As far as we remembered, the price was expensive last year, and we bought less than usual.

This year, like other goods, we feel that the fertilizer price starts to decrease since early January.

About last month, depend on brands and fertilizer types, we believe the price is decreasing between 30% to 60%.

We are quite happy, and we try to buy amount of fertilizers to equal amount like previous years. 

Image 2- Trees and bushes, illustration

Our favorite brand is “Miracle Grow” with potting mix type. It is said this fertilizer is sterilized, hence no pathogens (no fungus and no diseases).

Image 3- Myrtle flowers, illustration

Based on our experienced, this kind of fertilizer is good for all plants. Excellent for indoor or outdoor plants.

Image 4- A little flowerbed

In case for farming, we saw from internet that price index for fertilizer is down more than 45% compared to last year. Price index was 293.73 last year, and only 155.97 for this month.

Image 5- Different kinds of fertilizers

Do you grow plants? What type of fertilizer do you like?

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Friday 26 May 2023

Should We Install Solar Panels in Our Roof? - Part 1 - Science 38

Renewable resources for energy such as wind and sun are getting popular in our state, and might be in many states in the USA right now.

Image 1- Solar panels, sold at Home Depot

There are plenty reasons why people eager to use these resources, one of them is stable prices.

In case of solar energy, our neighbors consider several benefits to install solar panels on their rooftops are:

- federal incentive of tax credit
- additional the tax credit incentive is provided by some states.
- increase housing value
- and saving electricity cost for years

Image 2- Roses, just for illustration

Louisiana state does not give additional tax credit, but provide property tax exemption. Let’s say, we as Louisiana residents will get:

- 30% tax credit from federal government of solar panels cost.
- excluded added value of property tax.

Image 3- A house with solar panels at our neighborhood.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Wednesday 24 May 2023

Do you Love Tomatoes? - Science 37

If you love tomatoes, there is good news for you. It is because science proves that tomatoes have several benefits.

Image 1- Tomatoes in the bowl

Just to let you know, as reported by Marina Savchenko (2021: What Is the Most Popular Fruit in the World? Top 5 Fruits Ranked) that tomato is the most popular fruit in the world. Other 4 most popular fruit are:

- apples
- bananas
- oranges and mangoes.

Moreover, based on several scientific journals that tomatoes have at least 4 benefits. What are they?

Image 2- Sliced of tomatoes.

The 4 four benefits are:

1. Contain more Potassium (American Journal of the College of Cardiology).
2. Reducing risks of sun damaged skin (Scientific Report)
3. Our body observes iron effectively (Center for Biotechnology)
4. Our wound will be heal faster (International Journal of Surgery)

Image 3- The Homemade tomato sauce

Do you like to consume tomatoes?

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Monday 22 May 2023

Canna had been Popular Garden Plants since Victorian era – Nature 75

Back to Victoria era (June 20, 1837 – January 22, 1901), Canna had been popular as garden plants.

Image 1- Yellow of Canna lily

The Canna plant also known as Canna Lily then separates to many European countries like Hungary, Italy, France and Germany.

As reported by Dennis Carey and Tony Avent (2010: Cannas, Cannas, Cannas – Canna Lilies for Your Garden) that Canna came to America through France was around 1840s.

Moreover, Canna Lilies appeared in many gardens across the United States of America was about 1890s. We may spots this plant in the city gardens nowadays. Is Canna Lily native to European countries?

Image 2- Two flowers of Canna plant

The plant with scientific name Canna indica come from South America countries, include Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.

We have two colors as you could see at images 1, 2 and 3. However, in the gardens, there are several other colors such as orange, yellow, darker red and brown.

Image 3- Canna plants at yard

Do you familiar with Canna Lilies?

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Saturday 20 May 2023

Flowers of Hidden Lily Ginger Plants – Nature 74

First time I saw the flower called as Hidden Lily Ginger at our neighborhood about few weeks ago. Colorful flowers.

Image 1- Blooming of Hidden Lily Ginger

The plant has several other common names, includes hidden ginger, queen lily, hidden lily, Siam tulip and pastel hidden.

The scientific name of plant is Curcuma petiolate which is native to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia.

Nowadays, we may buy the plants in many plant nurseries around our city, Baton Rouge, LA.

Some neighbors bought it from Home Depot and Walmart stores with reasonable prices.

Image 2- Pink of Hidden Lily flower

Based on my own observations at our neighborhood, the hidden lily flower’s colors are wonderful, could be pink, red, white, purple and yellow.

We just have images of red (with yellow), pink and pink to white as you can see at images 1, 2 and 3.

Image 3- Red flower of Hidden Lily

Do you familiar with Hidden Lily plants?

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Thursday 18 May 2023

Traditional book versus electronic book for children – Part 3 – Reading 13

We have talked about advantages and disadvantages of traditional book versus electronic book for children at previous two posts.

Image 1- Books at the bookstore

You may read previous post (Part 1 and part 2):

Many “buzy” parents to give a tablet or any screens for their children, even though they said that they are still monitoring their kids activities or what their kids reads on the screens.

Image 2- At the corner, Just illustration

Other parents give limit time for their kids to access, and facilitate them with traditional books.

Ms M. one of them, she always has time to read the traditional book for Cassie, and Cassie stick to her. Parent-child development.

Image 3- A tree, just illustration

Cassie loves to show whatever she have. She prefers traditional books because she like to show her baby dolls and books.

She can show, carry, and pretend to the book for any body. She doesn't understand that her tablet has many book in it.

Image 4- Books at a small library

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Tuesday 16 May 2023

A Baby Quail Stuck on the Patio – Nature 73

We consume quail eggs, both fresh and canned eggs sometimes. The quail eggs are sold in the grocery stores or several farmer markets in our city.

Image 1- A baby quail, just quiet.

We never seen a quail or a baby quail in the nature or in the farming sites. However, some neighbors have seen adults running around on the streets at our neighborhood.

Many our neighbors believed that the adult quails are not wild ones, but someone must be raising them as pets or even raising them for daily fresh eggs in the community.

Recently, we saw a baby quail on the patio, maybe the baby just wander off and lost to find their way back home.

Image 2- Look like a sick baby quail

Other possibilities that maybe, a Mom will come looking for it, or maybe something happened to Mom. We don’t know the real answers.

Since the baby looks confuse or maybe sick, it needs a rescue. We will call The Vet School or a foundation (Wings of Hope) in our city.

Image 3- A baby quail needs rescue.

Have you consumed quail eggs and seen the critters in the nature?

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Sunday 14 May 2023

The Mexican Hat Flowers in the City Garden – Part 1 – Nature 72

When we walk through one of our city gardens, we saw plants or flowers with “a strange shape.” What interesting of these flowers?

Image 1- A Mexican hat flower with green stalk

After searching with Google ID, the flower was identified as a Mexican hat flower. Some interesting appearances that we could observe its leafless stalk, and look like a “peak” of Mexican hat at glance.

The stalk colors could be green (mainly), brown or mix of colors. I believe the change of colors depend on its maturity.

The flower has scientific name Ratibida columnifera. In addition to the Mexican hat flower, its other common names are: long-headed coneflowers and prairie coneflowers.

Image 2- Flowers in the garden

Then, from internet searching, the native of this flower at least come from three different places:

- American Midwest
- North Mexico
- Madagascar

Image 3- Flowers with green stalks

# To be continued to part 2

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