Tuesday 27 June 2023

Male and Female House Finch Visiting Feeder Recently – Nature 79

Our bird feeder was visited by two house finches recently. We believe, the two birds are male and female.

Image 1- Two birds, house finches at feeder

The different between female and male of house finch that generally, females tend to have gray brown color in their body, while male’s body has red patches colors and brown on its back.

House finches with scientific name Haemorhous mexicanus, actually live in their breeding ground all year round.

However, some of house finches do migrate short distance from north to south during winter season.

Image 2- Plants, just illustration

In nature, house finches are known to consume seeds, fruits and other foods. They may also eat insects.

Image 3- Male and female house finches.

Have you seen house finches in your areas?

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Monday 19 June 2023

Watermelon in the Summer Times

Since daily temperature is above 30* C (86* F), watermelon is one of popular fruits in our areas.

Image 1- Watermelons, sold at junction.

The fact that watermelon plants need warm temperatures to grow well. This fruit season is different from state to state in the USA. Our state, Louisiana has watermelon season is about early June to late August.

There are plenty of watermelon’s varieties, about 1,200 varieties in the world, but only 200 varieties have economic values.

Our state has well known variety called as “Washington Parish watermelons.” The sweet and good quality watermelons. All watermelons which are grown in the Washington Parish have “red stickers” from local grower association.

Image 2- A variety of watermelon in our state, Louisiana.

During the season, we may easily found watermelons either in the farmer markets or sold in the junctions of streets with reasonable price.

Image 3- A watermelon with red sticker, look unique for me.

Do you love watermelon during summer time?

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Sunday 11 June 2023

Gladiolus is one of Favorite Flowers in America – Nature 78

People love Gladiolus with different reasons. Some said due to symbols of power (strength) and proud.

Image 1- Yellow Gladiolus in the yard.

Others love its colors. Some of its colors are yellow, white, red, pink, purple, orange and combine colors.

I love its shape and colors. It is include one of ten favorite flowers in America. Other favorite flowers are Lavender, Sunflower, Rose, Peony, Hydrangea, Dahlia, Tulip, Sweet Pea and Gardenia. Gladiolus flower is an excellent gift for wedding.

The flower, Gladiolus spp has plenty species, about 300 species, spreading in Africa, Mediterranean regions and Europe.

Image 2- Gladiolus with white color

Image 3- Gladiolus with tall spike.

What flowers do you love?

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Monday 5 June 2023

“Let's go” and “Let's play” - Part 2 - Alzheimer's 13

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- The Rainbow Before Evening : “Let's go” and “Let's play” - Part 1 - Alzheimer's 13

Image 1- Pots of little plants, illustration

Another one loves to reach a smart phone to get daily quote from apps or just read new messages from someones.

We have favorite friends with Alzheimer's who have favorite words. They always say these words to answer our questions or just a sentence that they want to say or let’s know.

Let's call them Mrs Anderson and Mrs Brown, both of them with wheelchairs, eighties year old, both could not recognize a single person but they still know their name.

Image 2- Flower, blooming

Mrs Anderson still able to talk, the words clear, but has no meaning or no purposes at all.

Every time she said something to us or ask something to us, whatever the answers she will spontaneous move her wheelchair and said, “Let's go!”

Image 3- A room, illustration only

# To be continued to Part 3

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Saturday 3 June 2023

Nesting of Mississippi Kites in the Areas – Nature 77

Some people might be wrong to distinguish the different between Bald Eagles and Mississippi Kites.

Image 1- Several Mississippi Kites

Actually, the simple difference that Bald eagles have large, hooked yellow beaks that are unmistakable.

Well, a group of Mississippi Kites must be nesting in the area. This is my second time seeing them within a few weeks.

Nowadays, we may observe Bald Eagle living nearby rivers, lakes, marshes to urban areas (The Rainbow Before Evening : Are Bald Eagles not Endangered Species Anymore? - Nature 50)

Image 2- Empty nest, illustration only

In respect to food source, as you might know the Bald Eagle consumes on small animals such as rabbits, snakes, waterfowl and fish.

In case of Mississippi Kites they mostly live on “Crop-damaging insects” such as cicadas and grasshoppers. However, they have been known to eat small mammals too.

Image 3- A single Mississippi Kite

Have you seen Mississippi Kites in your areas?

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Thursday 1 June 2023

Useful of Weeds and Wild Flowers in the yards – Part 2 - Science 36

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- The Rainbow Before Evening : Useful of Weeds and Wild Flowers in the yards – Part 1 - Science 36

Image 1- Weed climbs a tree and fences, illustration

The weather in the last Summer was uncertain: too hot and then flood from heavy rain.

Flowers and my four month avocado tree dried out, I couldn't save it and the fig tree is dying.

Some fruits I have never picked up due to some squirrels and wild birds love to eat them.

Back to my yards, I have planned to clean and clear it form weeds and wild flowers.

Image 2- Weeds climb fences, illustration only

But I think back about sustainable environment as Christine mentioned in her posting (Please see at: Important for pollinators).

Image 3- Weeds and grass at the corner of city, illustration only

# To be continued to Part 3

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