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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Tax Free Outlets in the Special Area of Our State

I think many cities around the globe have a kind of “mall” composed of outlets which sell many well-known brands, and sometimes not familiar ones but promising.

Image 1- Sign of Tax free outlet

One of this kind of mall called as “Tanger Outlets,” about 40 minutes drive by car from our home, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

We visit Tanger Outlet several times a year, because many things to attract us to come and to shop in outlets:

- more than 65 outlets are available
- discount rate could reach 75%
- special event with special discount for special products
- good place for walking and enjoy

Image 2- Polo outlet

Image 3- Nike outlet

Image 4- Coach handbag, an American brands

In addition to pretty “big” discount rate, Tanger outlets also provide “tax free” for international customers.

The tax free is attractive for foreign tourists to shop. They may refund “tax free” items in places such as:

- airport when they back home
- one of building in the area of Tanger Outlets.

Based data from “Tax Free Shopping website” that international tourists spend about US$ 24 millions to US$ 40 millions per year in the state of Louisiana in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

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Monday, 26 September 2022

Young Coconut Water as Folk Remedies – Part2

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- Young Coconut Water as Folk Remedies – Part1

Image 1- Coconut fruits on the tree

In many tropical countries that using young coconut water as part of folk medicine has been practiced now days, where coconut water is given to people who has fever to reduce body temperature.

When children have vomiting or diarrhea, young coconut water will be given too.

Then, pregnant women are encouraged to drink coconut water for good blood (prevent anemia).

Image 2- Three coconut fruits at a grocery

Image 3- A young coconut water

Lately, some of them believe the young coconut water is also prevent Covid-19, so young coconuts are high demand in the market.

I think this kind of believes has no scientific bases. Just belief without any prove at all.

The price of young coconuts is soaring, and the trees are cleaned from their fruits.

It will take a while to produce new coconuts 😄

It takes one year for a coconut to ripe, and six or seven months to get water from the young coconut.

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Monday, 12 September 2022

Young Coconut Water as Folk Remedies – Part1

The weather was warm and nice. It was about 89 F (32 C) degree on that noon in the area.

Image 1- A tropical coconut tree

Scrolling down getaway advertisement for summer vacation, a beach with coconut trees looks like a great place to stay in during vacation.

Enjoy the warm weather, sitting down and leaning on a coconut tree with a book and drinking coconut water from the fresh young coconut.

No doubt about it, a book and coconut water. Coconut water is one of the refreshing beverages.

We know that this water is the liquid endosperm of coconut.

Image 2- Just for illustration

Image 3- Coconuts, sold in Walmart

The liquid is clear. It is not coconut milk. The coconut milk is almost similar to milk (cow milk) in term of its physical appearance.

Honestly, we use both milks for cooking purposes, especially when we didn’t have coconut milk.

Coconut water has nutritious and health benefits. Folks who live around the area with plenty coconut trees use water from young coconut as folk medicines.

They create nutritious beverages by using young coconut water.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Sunday, 4 September 2022

Is America a Wine Exporting Country? - Part 2

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- The Rainbow Before Evening : Is America Wine Exporting Country? - Part 1

Image 1- Imported wines from France

I went to a grocery a few days ago, surprising me more that a lot of imported wines come from the countries I never knew as wine exporters such as:

- Israel
- United Kingdom
- Austria
- Spain
- Portugal
- Argentina
- New Zealand

Image 2- Polka dots plant, just for illustration

Why does America Import as well as Export Wine?

First, the simple answer that American demands more wines than supplies it.

Image 3- Wine glasses, just for illustration

Second, some countries love American’s wine due to several factors, include:

- price
- taste
- familiar with some brands of American wines.

Just to let know, the countries which import American wines most are:

- Canada
- United Kingdom, Denmark
- Japan and Hong Kong

Finally, did your country wines exporter or importer or both?

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Sunday, 21 August 2022

Swap Plants at Our City Botanical Garden

We visit our city botanical garden routinely, just to get “fresh air” and walking (jogging) for several miles.

Image 1- Plants in the botanical garden, seasonal market

Unexpectedly, we saw a lot of people than usual, there was a kind of “market” for plants.

There are plenty types of plants, not all are sold, but generally divided into two sections:

- swap plants
- and price tag plants

Due to curiosity, we try to find out: what are meaning of swap plants in this occasion?

Image 2- Customers look around

Image 3- A huge cactus

Image 04- Plants on the Table

Image 5- Bargaining to swap plants

Swap plants have happened when there is an agreement between sellers and customers to exchange their plants.

The exchange could be based on:

- market price
- type of plants
- sellers and customers just happy to swap their plants.

In addition to swap plants, there are sections of selling plants with price tag. I think the price is quite reasonable from US$ 1 to US$ 15.

Have you experienced to swap plants in the specific market?

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Friday, 19 August 2022

Is America a Wine Exporting Country? - Part 1

The United States of America has produced wines a long long time ago, it is believed since about 1500s.

Image 1- Two brands of California wines

Then, all of 50 states have their own wine production now days.

Almost 90% of American wines are manufactured in California. Napa is the most famous wine county in this state.

It is related to the fact that California is the state with most wine consumption in the USA.

Then, since higher production, it is not surprising that USA is one of wine exporters in the world, based on report from World’s Top Exports (2021), USA was ranked 6th.

Image 2- Just for illustration

Image 3- Artwork of glass and bottle of wine

In the 2021, ranking by countries, measured by total export values in US dollars are following:

- France, total export value was US$11 billion
- Italy, total export value was $7.3 billion
- Spain, total export value was $3.5 billion
- Australia, total value was $2.2 billion
- Chile, total value was $2 billion
- United States, total value was $1.4 billion.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Friday, 5 August 2022

Giveaway and Discount in Time of High Inflation

We just talk about “abnormal” higher price compared to inflation rate (please read at previous posting):

- The Rainbow Before Evening : Is Rising Price due to Greedflation?

Image 1- Monthly giveaway at one store.

Last weekend, we went to our city mall, we thought the price will higher like food prices, surprisingly, no, not at all for certain products and brands.

We are happy to find the true facts that:

- there are plenty of discount where many stores provide almost 33% discount rate.
- other interesting deals include buy 3 get 3 free
- thousand dollars of giveaway by several stores.
- and free service such as piercing

Image 2- Accessories at a store

Image 3- Service for free piercing

Image 4- Icing, a store

You might wonder that the “good deal” just for certain items?

Are they for all items?

It is true for beauty relate products such as:

- cosmetic
- shampoo and soap
- cream
- lotion
- accessories and etc

Do you find similar discount or discount rate in your city or place?

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Thursday, 14 July 2022

Is Rising Price due to Greedflation?

When we are shopping to Walmart grocery, we always pick a bucket of 8 pieces fried chicken.

Image 1- A bucket of fried chicken

8 pieces quite fresh, crunchy and delicious. The bucket of fried chicken consists of:

- two thighs
- two wings
- two breasts
- and two drumsticks

What surprise us that the price increases at unbelievable rate, about 50% compared to few months ago, from just US$ 6 to more than US$ 9 nowadays.


Image 2- Fried chicken in the bucket

Image 3- Eight pieces fried chicken

Off course, the company or corporate blames to many things that cause rising in price such as: decreasing supply, disturbing in distribution (transportation) and gasoline price

However, the fact shows different story that many companies include in food industries profit billion of dollars.

Then, inflation rate is 9.1% only, even thought the highest in last 40 years. Much less than price increasing.

Corporate get too much profit. Greedy.

Hence, should we call it greedflation? What do you think?

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Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Free Coffee at Toyota Car Repair Shop

We visit car repair shop at least twice a year. Since our car is Toyota brand, we always go to Toyota repair shop for many purposes.

Image 1- Free coffee for customers

In addition of car repair shop, we have other two English words with relate meaning:

- a garage
- a car workshop

Some purposes of our regular visit to Toyota car repair shop are:

- oil change after our car travel some thousand miles distances
- general “checkup” for car maintenance
- emission testing

Image 2- Entrance into Toyota repair car

Image 3- Waiting room, not crowded

Oil change is not that long to wait just about less than hour, because I think just easy to do.

If we need to replace car’s “spare parts” because of emission standard or just old one is not work well, then It will be complicated:

- due to extra cost
- and long hours to wait

Luckily, the Toyota repair shop provide free coffee and free lunch boxes sometimes. Hence, we are drinking coffee and reading while waiting in long hours.

How about with car repair shop in your city?

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Monday, 4 July 2022

Buy One Get One Free of Frappuccino – Part 2

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- Buy One Get One Free of Frappuccino – Part 1

Image 1- Frappuccino in the bottles, sold in Walmart

A Frappuccino is one of starbucks products. It is a drink of an ice blended coffee.

In addition, there is combination of:

- whipped cream
- sauces
- milk
- natural and artificial flavors
- sugar
- carrageenan, potassium sorbate and various special ingredients.

Image 2- A summer flower, Myrtle

Image 3- Just for illustration

Image 4- Love to eat while drinking coffee

We found whipped cream and sauces on the top of paper cup, when we drink Frappuccino.

Later, other days, I found Frappuccino is sold in bottles in grocery stores such as Walmart.

Bottles with small size about 9.5 ounces, while upsize bottle is 13.7-ounce. Price of 15 bottles of 9.5 ounces is US$ 26.22.

Some vending machines also provided Frappuccino bottles. We may find vending machines in some public areas.

Have you tried Frappuccino? What do you thinks?

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