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Sunday, 28 May 2023

Fertilizer Price is Going Down Recently

We always buy several packs of fertilizer for our plants in the yards from Home Deport or Walmart stores every Spring and Summer.

Image 1- Fertilizers, sold in the Walmart store.

As far as we remembered, the price was expensive last year, and we bought less than usual.

This year, like other goods, we feel that the fertilizer price starts to decrease since early January.

About last month, depend on brands and fertilizer types, we believe the price is decreasing between 30% to 60%.

We are quite happy, and we try to buy amount of fertilizers to equal amount like previous years. 

Image 2- Trees and bushes, illustration

Our favorite brand is “Miracle Grow” with potting mix type. It is said this fertilizer is sterilized, hence no pathogens (no fungus and no diseases).

Image 3- Myrtle flowers, illustration

Based on our experienced, this kind of fertilizer is good for all plants. Excellent for indoor or outdoor plants.

Image 4- A little flowerbed

In case for farming, we saw from internet that price index for fertilizer is down more than 45% compared to last year. Price index was 293.73 last year, and only 155.97 for this month.

Image 5- Different kinds of fertilizers

Do you grow plants? What type of fertilizer do you like?

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Thursday, 11 May 2023

Using of Liquid Soap in American Households

We are using both liquid and bar soaps to wash our hands or other purposes with some reasons.

Image 01- The same brand of Liquid hand soap

First, we believe that liquid and bar soaps have equally effective to combat virus, bacteria and any other “dangerous” germs.

Second, in term of prices or affordable:

- bar soap is more affordable to clean our hand or body
- however, it is cheaper to use liquid soap to wash dishes.

In fact, the liquid soap is quite last longer to clean bowls and plates. The cleaning be easier and straightforward, no need to do multiple washes like using bar soaps.

Image 2- The bar soap at Walmart store

Trending of using liquid soaps is increasing year by year. As reported by Statista (2022) that number of people use liquid soap much more than who use bar soaps.

Image 03- People at the small market

The different number are following:

- about 273.23.71 million Americans used bar soap in 2020.
- about 301.87 million Americans used liquid hand soaps in 2020

Image 04- Two liquid hand soaps

Which ones do you love: liquid or bar soaps?

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Sunday, 7 May 2023

The Best Coffeehouse in My City, Baton Rouge – Part 2

You may read the previous post (Part 1):

- The Rainbow Before Evening : The Best Coffeehouse in My City, Baton Rouge – Part 1

Image 1- The Coffee Call coffeehouse, Baton Rouge

The best local coffee is the main reason to come to Coffee Call. It is a kind of traditional coffee shops in Baton Rouge, where we may see kids, young and old sit and chat together.

Sometimes, we could have a new friend, at least a “temporary friend” when we sit at the same table.

Two of my favorite hot drinks are cafe au lit and chocolate milk. Interestingly, by buying one cup, and then refill for free. We find this kind of serving is happen in America only.

Image 2- Cafe au lit , my favorite one.

The shop also serves:

- finger beignet
- sandwiches
- soup
- salad
- biscuit

Image 3- Zinnia flower, illustration only

The coffee shop is opened more than 30 years ago. The shop is handled by son and grand daughter now.

453 reviewers gave 4.8 of 5 stars for Coffee Call. An excellent coffee shop in the city.

Image 4- A coffee cup, illustration

What is the best coffee shop in your city?

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Sunday, 23 April 2023

Market Corners of the Little Town in America

Like other countries, there are many town less than 10,000 population in the USA. We just visit Denham Spring, a city with 9,300 people.

Image 1- People waiting their order from a food truck

Compared to big cities in America, roads “so narrow” with two cars wide only. In the downtown, we observed crowd everywhere in the Saturday, may be the special day for communities.

Denham Spring, Louisiana state, was developed in 1898, nowadays, we find different kinds of shops, some of them are:

- boutiques
- antique shops
- restaurant and cafes.

Image 2- Some shoppers

We have difficulty to find a parking lot. After a while, we decide to park in front of a building.

Image 3 – A narrow street

We and other “strangers” didn’t know what the building is. We just park our cars, hope, nothing happen.

Image 4- A vendor and food truck at the end of a street

Then, we were moving around the downtown “market.” We saw some vendors at the corner of shops or streets.

Image 5- A little shop

People look very enthusiasm to order whatever sold by vendors. They sell items include burger, ice cream, juice and many others.

Image 6- People walking in the narrow street

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Wednesday, 5 April 2023

Easter Candies and Celebrations

Some people have their own ways to express “real meaning” of Easter. They tribute their possessions to the “real meaning” of resurrection Sunday.

Image 1- Decoration in the yard of neighborhood

Other people say that the real meaning of Easter is not only about resurrection Sunday, but also about death and burial of Jesus Christ.

However, Easter is celebrated in many ways around the globe, especially in the Christian dominated countries.

Some of celebration, just few examples are by watching solemn processions, attending ceremonies, lighting candles, dancing with live music and then eating very special local or international foods.

Image 2- Easter “fake” eggs

In fun ways, Easter is celebrating by searching “real or fake” eggs and decorating baskets for many kinds of goodies.

Image 3- Easter Wreaths

As part of 2023 Easter celebration, I myself got Easter candies from my job place (office).

Image 4- Two small bags of Easter candies

Happy Easter for Who celebrates it.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2023

The Best Coffeehouse in My City, Baton Rouge – Part 1

We find many coffee shops in our town, Baton Rouge, LA. Sure, famous coffeehouse franchises such as Starbucks and Community Coffee (CC) are every where in the city.

Image 1- Brew Ha Ha, a coffee shop

Actually, Our areas have plenty local Coffeehouses as well, however the names could be unique and funny for who unfamiliar with:

- Brew Ha Ha
- Java Mama
- Coffee call
- River coffeehouse
- Garden district
- Coffee bean cafe

Image 2- A gate in the Garden, illustration

I have two favorite places with two different reasons to drink a cup of coffee. The places are:

- Coffee Call
- Starbucks at Barnes & Noble bookstore

Image 3- To Go coffee cup

Visiting the Starbucks with main reason that the shop locates in the book store, Barnes & Noble. Reading books, magazines or surfing internet accompanied by a cup of coffee. My favorite is cappuccino.

Image 4- Like family gathering Inside the Coffee Call

Then, what the reasons to come to the Coffee Call?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Monday, 20 March 2023

Minnie Winnie RV of Homeless People in Our City

We are familiar with homeless people when we have a daily walking or jogging in the public park or city garden in recent days.

Image 1- A suspect homeless car

We believe some of them have their own car, and then parked in the public parking lots of the city park or city garden.

One of the “Minnie Winnie RVs” has been parked since several months ago. We have noticed the RV just moving from one corner to another corner for 2 or 3 days cycles (periods).

Based on report from a local newspaper, The Advocate (February, 2023) that city shelters have given services to a quite higher number of homeless people than usual during 2022.

Image 2- One of Minnie Winnie RV interiors from Google

Shelters don’t able to provide services for everyone. Hence, homeless must find their own way to survive.

Some lucky people even have RV as their temporary shelter.

By searching through Google, we found the new brand price of Minnie Winnie RV could reach more than US$ 100,000,-

I guess it is a luxury car.

Image 3- RV, photo was taken from back

The important point of this post that today rich people “possibly” be homeless by tomorrow.

Life could be “upside down” for many people at a certain time.

Image 4- The right side of RV

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Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Million Chickens are Killed in the USA

As far as I remember the cost of a dozen large white egg was about US$ 1.54 last year, January 2022.

Image 1- Two roosters at yard

I just back from a grocery, the price quite surprising me, US$ 5.2 for the same amount and type of eggs.

If we compared to the last year, thus the price has increased triple or more than 300%.

Fantastic. Unbelievable price increasing for me. Don’t make you wonder: why this happen?

Image 2- Variety of pumpkins, illustration only

Yes, we do understand that inflation is uncontrollable in recent days, but never reached double digits.

Unfortunately, millions of hens have been slaughtered due to “bird flu” or “avian influenza” diseases.

Image 3- A dozen large white eggs sold in Walmart, just illustration.

As reported by “the Centers for Disease Control (CDC, January, 2023) that no less than 57 million hens are eliminated due to virus outbreak across America.

Hence, the eggs supplies are decreasing in great number. Price goes up in the market.

Did your places experience with avian virus diseases?

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Monday, 21 November 2022

Local Coffee Shop in Our City, Baton Rouge

I believe that you recognize “Starbucks” as one of American coffee shops which is well known worldwide.

Image 1- One of coffee shop chains

In many developing countries, drinking coffee in Starbucks shops is identical to “modern and even hedonism life.”

To attract more customers, Starbucks shops adapted local designs, and provide local products and tastes.

However, here in the USA, we have our own “famous” coffee shops in our city with local coffee brand and flavors.

When I was a college student, love to drink at the local coffee shop with name “Coffee Call,” especially on Friday and Saturday night.

Image 2- Few customers only

Image 3- Online customers to get services

Image 4- One employee doing his job

On those days, coffee shop opens whole night, so we may come in the early night and stay until early morning.

What interesting for me, may be to some other guests as well that we could drink coffee as many cups as we wish, and we just need to pay one cup.

Yes, pay one cup for let’s say drink 3 cups or 4 cups. Sure, the price is much cheaper compared to well known brand, Starbucks.

How about with coffee shop in your city or places?

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