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Tuesday 9 May 2023

Painting Mentors for High School Students – Art 14

Paintings of students from primary and secondary school have been discussed at two previous posts.

Image 1- Painting by Ala Alhendi, a high school student

You may read the previous postings of student’s paintings:

Moreover, the high school students, especially for talented ones will be introduced to a kind of mentors if they join summer programs, sponsored by our city school system, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.

Image 2- Painting by a high school student

The mentors are professional artists both with local and national achievements, and even exhibit their paintings at international galleries.

Students will engage in theory and practice of advance paintings. Then, they have opportunities to create own work with supervised by mentors.

The student artworks will be displayed in the exhibitions.

Image 3- Anna Zuber, painting of a high school student

What do you think?

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Friday 24 March 2023

Middle School Students Show their Paintings – Arts 13

We have talked about paintings of primary school students at previous posting:

- The Rainbow Before Evening : Paintings of Elementary School’s Students - Art 9

Image 1- The painting of 8th grade student

The program is the same for both primary school and middle school students with steps that are:

- selected talent students be trained by professional artists in the summer.
- exhibition at public spaces or buildings.
- competition or contest

In case of middle schools, our state school board association proposes contest or competition of artwork for students at the city (East Baton Rouge) and state (Louisiana) levels every year.

Image 2- Painting by Sofia, a Middle School student

Two stages of competitions, the first stage is at the city level. The winner’s painting will be displayed at the conference.

Then, the winner will enter the state, Louisiana level competition.

Image 3- Painting by Dev I, a Middle School student.

Painting (Image 3) is an example the winner of our city level competition for middle school students.

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Thursday 16 February 2023

Flowers as Objects of Paintings – Part 2 - Art 11

You may read previous post (Part 1) :

- The Rainbow Before Evening : Flowers as Objects of Paintings - Part 1 - Art 11

Image 1- Colorful Flowers, painted by a local artists

At least there are two reasons: flowers as a symbol and as represents of people emotions.

Flowers are believed to be symbols of natural world, aesthetic and religious. In term of emotions, they may represent of:

- love
- death
- innocence
- and passion.

Image 2- Water Lilies, painted by Claude Monet.

Moreover, flowers depicted by many famous artists could be cost million of dollars. Just few examples:

- Lilies, painted by Van Gogh, US$ 128.6 millions
- Sunflowers, Van Gogh, US$ 94.6 millions.
- Water lilies, price US$ 91.4 millions, painted by Claude Monet

Image 3- Irises, painted by Van Gogh

Finally, what objects of paintings do you love most? and painted who?

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Saturday 21 January 2023

The First Exhibition of a Local Artist – Art 12

We may see artworks are hung on one side of our city library entrance regularly. The wall is a good spot for art exhibitions.

Image 1- The forest, painted by Tamara Heidenthal, a local artist

All stage artists use the wall to promote their artworks. Some of them have been posted in the blog:

Few days ago, we saw a new local artist, Tamara Heidenthal made her first paintings exhibition in the city library, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Surprisingly, she just complete her one week of 40 hours class each year. She did it for 3 consecutive years that are in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Image 2- Two coconut trees

Image 3- Mountains covered by snow

So, totally, she completed 3 weeks or 120 hours painting courses in Florida, then the result is excellent for my opinion.

The 3 above paintings as you might be know are landscape paintings, the depictions of forest, trees on the beach and mountains.

What do you think?

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Friday 13 January 2023

Flowers as Objects of Paintings - Part 1 - Art 11

I and you might be knowing that a flower is one of favorite objects for artists to be painted on many different surfaces.

Image 1- The sunflowers, painted by Vivian, a local artist

There are many surfaces for paintings, I believe the most well known surface is canvass. Other surfaces could be unusual or odds such as:

- woods
- metals
- glass or plastics
- papers
- vinyl, ceramics and walls

Image 2- Flowers, an artwork by an artist

Whatever types of surfaces, people look at many other values of paintings, include styles and objects.

Image 3- Sunflowers, painted by Vincent Van Gogh

In respect to object, absolutely, there are plenty of them. Some kinds of objects could be forms, shapes, values, lines and colors.

Then, we might be wonder or ask ourselves: why are flowers so crucial in paintings or arts?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Saturday 31 December 2022

Paintings Exhibition of Local Artists – Art 10

We talked about paintings exhibition from talent students at elementary schools, Baton Rouge at previous post.

Image 1- A dancing woman

You may read the previous post about student’s paintings:

We just saw the painting exhibition from “real artists”, amateur and professional artists of our city, Baton Rouge.

The exhibition was organized by art organization in our city, Baton Rouge called as “Art Guild.”

Image 2- A painting of nature

Actually, the art organization arranges two types of exhibitions:

- nonjury exhibition for all level artists (from beginners to professionals)
- national jury exhibition for recognized artists in the city or state

Image 3- Pots and a cup

Uniquely, in the “non-jury exhibition,” we as visitors are asked to vote for the best painting. Then, the top two winners will get rewards from organization.

What kinds of painting exhibitions are there in your areas or places?

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Wednesday 23 November 2022

Paintings of Elementary School’s Students - Art 9

Our city, Baton Rouge has a program to select talent students in paintings. The students come from Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

Image 1- Painting of grade 1

Then, our city school system hires professional artists, usually local artists to train and improve students' skill in paintings.

They have a kind of “summer camp” to learn how to be a professional painting artist.

The goal off course, students may reach skill at level of:

- local
- national
- or even international

Image 2- A painting of grade 3 student

Image 3- A cat, painting of grade 5 student

Paintings are regularly shoen on the wall of city library entrance, hence people may see and observe the paintings.

As you may see, images 1, 2 and 3 are paintings from elementary school students of grade 1, 3, and 5 consecutively.

Which one do you think the best?

There are price tags on some paintings, the cost vary from just US$ 25 to couple hundred bucks.

I do not know how many people really interest and then buy the paintings, even price is quite reasonable.

Moreover, some best paintings will be shown in the commercial places such as banks, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

Is there any kind of talent programs for painting in your city or place?

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Mural Paintings by Local Artists – Art 8

We talked about a colorful car which owned by mural artists at previous post:

- A Colorful Car at Our City Park – Art 7

Image 1- Two local artists are painting

After looking around for a while, we saw two mural artists while they are painting the wall diligently.

It seems the artists paint the park administration building. They painted variety of plants with pollinators on the leaves.

Sure, like other cities around the globe, we have mural collections in downtown.

Depictions of downtown murals may include cars, trees, futuristic architectures and animals.

Image 2- Artists are working hard

Image 3- Almost completed

Interestingly, all murals have been done by local artists, especially since 1998 where many mural projects are sponsored by art councils of our city.

Local artists may come from:

- students of high schools and universities
- who are graduated from universities and high schools
- whoever have talents.

We know one artist who graduated from painting and art history department of local university.

He is not only a mural artist, but doing a lot of commercial projects, some of them to paint windows and walls of restaurants, cafes, banks and many other businesses around city

How about with murals in your cities? 

Tuesday 1 November 2022

A Colorful Car at Our City Park – Art 7

The city park is one of our favorite places for walking or jogging. We do walking almost every day.

Image 1- A colorful car.

We avoid rain and too low temperatures for our outdoor daily walking, then we do indoor activities.

Morning walking no more than 40 minutes, just about 2 miles (3.2 km), enough to make us feel “healthy.”

A lot of interesting, unique and fun things are found while we are doing our daily outdoor walking.

Recently, we saw a colorful car, parking in the corner of park.

Image 2- Illustration only

# Important postings:

Image 3- A left side of colorful car

What wonder us: who the owner of this colorful car?

After a while, we understand the colorful car is belong to “a mural painter” who might have a project around the city park.

Mural painters are quite popular nowadays, they are ready to be hired as:

- an independent artist
- artists who associated with companies (small, medium and big one).

Do you know or have a friend as a mural artist?

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Sunday 30 October 2022

Happy Halloween to Who Celebrates It – Art 6

I have never missed bags of candies for Halloween. They are such a reward for the trick-or-treaters who knocks on my front door in the evening.

Image 1- Jack o-lantern face

I cannot wait for that moment, especially whenever I see them with their cute and fantastic costumes.

Every year, on October 31st evening, the children around my neighborhood walk around with their costumes and baskets, play trick-or-treat, and adults supervise them from behind.

I am always amazed with the preschooler, like the others, they are also very excited with their costumes.

Image 2- Skeleton decoration

Preschoolers are the best with pretend play, and they also love dress-up activities.

The meaning of costumes in their mind must be different with the school children, teens, and adults.

Image 3- Scary decoration

I am kind of enthusiast to know what the preschoolers’ thought about the costumes and the decorations of Halloween because their thinking is not mature yet.

Image 4- Some of Candies for kids

They believe that inanimate things also have life, and they also believe in the powerful cause of events as well.

Image 5- Night at our neighborhood

This is a stage of their developmental thinking, well known as animism and magical thinking.

When they come to me, I like to hear them talking about their thoughts.

Image 6- One of Scary faces

The age of 4 to 5 years enjoy talking, even they use several words only but their vocabulary more than 2100 words.

It is wonderful!

Okay, here are some candies for great trick-or-treat!

Fill up your baskets, but please do not eat all candies at one time. Also, brush and floss your teeth before going to bed.

Good night!

Happy Halloween!

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