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Saturday, 20 November 2021

Can Texting Make You Shopping More and Fat? - Part 2 - Healthy Life 17

Fig 01- Illustration of a shopping cart

You may read previous posting (part 1):

Programs provide watching live events around us, state wide, nationally and even internationally.

We are also connecting to social medias include:

- blogger
- Facebook
- twitter
- Instagram
- Youtube
- TikTok
- Pinterest
- Snapchat
- and others.

Fig 02- Food with some fat content.

These activities may categorized as “sedentary,” and disturbing exercises of:

- running
- jogging
- and walking

Fig 03- Variety of cheese

It is because we are busy to check:

- messages
- taking photos
- and sending photos to social medias

Fig 04- Grocery at a shopping center

The question then: Can Texting Make You Shopping More and Fat?

The simple answer is yes!


Fig 05- Chocolate at a grocery

The reasons that texting and internet connecting cell phone prompt people to:

- Deviate from their shopping list.
- Tend to buy hedonistic products that unrelated to lists
- Tend to buy more, and tend to forget from original lists.

Fig 06- A corner at a shopping center.

Now days, the shopping malls may send distract messages to your smartphone to buy their attractive products.

If you are trapped by their interesting offers with discount sometimes, then you might ignore your own list.

It is suggested that you executed your plan first, then you may use your mobile phone later on.

What do you thinks?

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Friday, 12 November 2021

Can Texting Make You Shopping More and Fat? - Part 1 - Healthy Life 17

Fig 01- Shopping more after texting

Many researchers found that texting (by using smartphone) can cause weight gain, and even while doing activities such as walking or jogging may make people get more fat.

It is because texting make people reduce their steps, slow their movement, thus metabolism slow down, then calories burning less in our body.

Moreover, Smith, J in a report published by Runner’s World (2019: Here’s How Much Being Glued to Your Phone Ups Your Odds of Obesity) suggested about the bad sides of using smartphone that:

- 5 hours per day with smartphone will increase 43% risk of obesity.
- discourage people to eat healthy food
- make people less doing exercises

Smartphone is so attractive now days, the simple reason that it has similar and even might be better than certain portable computer in term of internet connections and applications.

Fig 02- Pumpkin and decoration, illustration only

Fig 03- Milk chocolate, illustration.

We can use multiple functions of a smart phone such as:

- sending e-mail
- texting few words
- making friendly call
- searching information through internet
- watching video
- playing game
- and many more.

# To be continued to part 2

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Monday, 11 October 2021

When should I get the Botox Cosmetic? - Part 2 – Healthy Life 16

The smile of camels (Credit: Fayez Nureldine/AFP/Getty Images).

Previous posting:

Do you think someone has bad reputation or cheat on you whenever she get Botox injection in her forehead or her face?

Finally I found it out.

It was said, “If Botox purpose to get $55 million dollar contest the most beauty camel in King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, forget it!!!”

The Botox injection into camels like a cheat in this contest.

I'm not going to cheat anyone, even with my face.

I'm thinking about a prevention, before the frown lines or “eleven” lines between my eyebrows are exist in my forehead, so that I will not look:

- angry
- tired
- or unhappy.

Trees nearby jogging track.

One of medical practitioners said that if you think that you have inherit the early frown lines or wrinkles, do not wait the wrinkle create the lines.

So in this case, Botox treatment is the best under 30 year old, because Botox is not a filler. Botox works to paralyze muscles and need to be repeated.

What do you think, do you think in age before 30 year-old is too early to get Botox Cosmetic?

Or just wait until the lines between the eyebrows and forehead are appearing?

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Wednesday, 6 October 2021

When should I get the Botox Cosmetic? - Part 1 – Healthy Life 16

Botox Cosmetic Injections (Credit: Noravector/

Every time I get out from my house, I always pass the nice building with big signs of the professional names in the medical fields, the services, and the treatments.

The building is located at the intersect of a quite drive and a busy traffics with 5 traffic lines.

The nice building looks not so busy among the:

- restaurants
- bakery
- and sandwich fast food.

Because the parking lot is in rear of the building, the clients get in and out with the good manners through the quite drive.

There is a Cosmetic Center that serves vary of treatments, including cosmetic surgeries, hair loss replacement, and medical spa.


Cup cakes, just illustration.

The services are all what we need to treat and fix in our hair, eyes, face, body, breast, and skin.

The building is okay, nothing wrong. The led signs are still blinking with the facilities and services. I knew that this Cosmetic Center is the first Botox Cosmetic in my state.

Lately, I just have an imagination about one of their services, Botox, and the smile of camels.

Sounds good to me, Botox Cosmetic for the human beauty. I just wondered about the beauty of camel last year. How come camels got Botox Cosmetic and had a negative reputations.

# To be continued to Part 2

Thursday, 16 September 2021

New Parents often Faced Depression – Part 2 - Healthy Life 15

Bonsai tree with beautiful flowers, illustration only.

Kids respond to their depressed parents by non interactive face. This kind of action also happen when kids meet with unrelated caregivers.

Later, youngsters could develop emotional problems which lead to less social interactions.

Children from depressed parent has no vocabularies advantages, then cause difficulty in communications and reading ability.

Low level of parental care and separation from parents are believed to influence on children development.

Kids tend to exhibit anxiety behaviors and disruption in cognitive capabilities.

However, these abnormalities could be repaired through environmental enrichment and experience process during adulthood.

For children with abnormalities due to depressed parents during their childhood, it is important to pay attention for formal and informal education as one of ways to cure abnormalities.

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Sunday, 12 September 2021

New Parents often Faced Depression – Part 1 - Healthy Life 15

Space in the hospital, just for Illustration

Both mom and dad experienced some degree of depression immediately after childbirth.

Around 12% of mother get depression called as a postpartum depression. This kind of depression is due to combination of factors such as:

- tired and exhausted
- psychological adaptation
- and hormonal changes.

Depressions faced by parents not only influence their own behavior, but also trickle-down effect to their newborn child, and even beyond.

It is fact that depression parents affect on their kids either direct or indirectly. The effects may include their children:

- cognitive ability
- emotional function
- anxiety development
- and even depression of children.

Jasmine flowers, illustration only.

Many researchers found that depressed parents associates with children difficulties in respect to:

- insecurity
- agressiveness
- emotionalism
- happiness
- cognitive vulnerabilities
- and bad interpersonal functioning.

# To be continued to part 2

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Sunday, 5 September 2021

Will We Live Longer if We Think Younger? - Healthy Life 14

Fig 01- Flowers with violet color

Time fly so fast for some people, but not for others. Busy without stress persons tend to think what was happen 10 or 20 years ago like just yesterday.

Luckily if the people keep their mindset or feeling like they are young or feel forever young, then will obtain many advantages compare to the same age people, but feel they are older.

Scientists from German Centre of Gerontology (News Release from American Psycological Association, 6 May 2021) said that there are a lot of benefits to feel younger, especially for old people.

Yes, this is a “subjective” feeling, but effect is very positive. Several health (physical and mental) gains include:

- less visiting to the hospital
- stronger thinking skills
- less inflammation
- improving well being
- longer lifespan

Fig 02- Sky at night in Baton Rouge, LA

Fig 03- Red flower, illustration only

We might wonder why there is connection between feeling younger and live healthy (longer)?

First, scientist found that stress people, especially to middle age and older persons tend to decline their health.

Then, declining process can be reduced if persons feel they are younger than their true age.

This subjective feeling give some degree of protection and be a kind of stress buffer.

Hence, let’s think younger to live longer and healthier!

Thursday, 26 August 2021

Lobsters have Good Nutritional Values for Health – Healthy Life 13

Live lobster with a price tag

When I come to ethnic groceries or Asian shops, I always find live lobsters sold in the aquarium with quite expensive price for me.

Include shell and wet body, the grocery sells US$ 9.99 per-pound or more than US$ 20 per-kg with sale tax.

It is mean that there are plenty consumers for these crustaceans.

Since the groceries do business every day, it may have highly market demand for lobster.

The highly demand is main factor why the price so expensive compared to other seafood.

Then, we might have a question: Is lobster good for health?

In respect to nutritional values, yes, lobster contains of:

- mineral
- vitamins (vitamin B12 and vitamin E)
- and omega-3 fatty acids.

Lobsters, ready to cook

Lobster’s minerals include:

- copper
- selenium
- zinc
- phosphorus
- and magnesium.

However, lobster does contain cholesterol. Lobster have 124 mg cholesterol in 85gram meats.

If we have 1.5-pound lobster means that there is around 170-gram meat. Thus, 1.5-pound lobster would have 248 mg cholesterol.

It is allowed to consume 300 mg cholesterol daily for healthy people. Highly healthy for people even to eat 1.5 pound lobster per-day (if they wish to).

In addition to mineral and vitamins, lobster is source of protein. It is good for diet too, since its contain lower fat and lower calories.

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Monday, 23 August 2021

Do you know about E. coli Bacteria? - part 2 - Healthy Life 12

No Spaghetti with Ground Beef Today.

Please read the previous post (part 1):

HUS is a disorder that characterized by acute renal failure and thrombocytopenia syndrome.

There are some points from CDC that I can keep in my mind to prevent from E. coli  bacteria:

- Cook ground beef thoroughly
- An internal temperature to cook ground beef is 160˚F
- Avoid to eat raw or under-cooked ground beef
- After cook ground beef do not forget to refrigerate within 2 hours, then can be used within 3 to 4 days
- Wash hand with soapy water after touching ground beef
- Clean utensil, counter-top, and cutting board thoroughly with soap and hot water or using bleach solution.

Wild flowers, just for illustration.

The most important is never eat recalled ground beef.

I am not going to take a risk.

It will be awful to have diarrhea and stomach cramps that cause me back and forth to toilet or restroom.

This infection also leads to hemolytic uremic syndrome which is so painful. I just avoid the ground beef in a while.

So my spaghetti have no sauce today.

It turned into spaghetti with shrimps, and I added some asparagus, lemon juice, and sprinkle Parmesan cheese.

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Do you know about E. coli Bacteria? - part 1 - Healthy Life 12

3D Escherichia coli (Photo Credit: (Illustrators) Alissa Eckert
and Jennifer Oosthuizen/

I was thinking about to cook spaghetti sauce with ground beef, added some button mushrooms and basil for my supper, and I need to go buy those stuffs in grocery store.

A couple minute in my way headed to the closest grocery store in my neighborhood, I remembered that the local radio talked about recalled ground beef that suspected has been contaminated with the E.coli.

E.coli infection occurs in 10 states and there are about 190 cases. Thanks Lord, no one get killed.

So far, the ground beef from two companies have been recalled because laboratory testing of ground beef from these companies spotted the outbreak strain of E. coli O103.

This strain is acquired Shiga-toxin.

Shiga toxin-producing E. coli can cause a person get sick, usually for three to four days after intake the contaminated food.

A cooked food, just for illustration

The symptoms are watery diarrhea that often with:

- blood (hemorrage colitis)
- severe stomach cramps
- little or no fever
- vomitting
- and may lead to hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

# To be continued to part 2

Monday, 16 August 2021

Measles Outbreak in a Recent year – Part 2 – Healthy Life 11

Koplik 's Spots or small red spots in the soft palate mucosa
(CDC/ Heinz F. Eichenwald, MD)

You might not read the previous post:

Koplik Spots

Two or three days after initial symptoms, the small spots with white in the centers appear in the inside of the cheek or soft palate.

These spots look like grain of salt with red color as their background (reddish halo).

Their size are very small, about 1 or 2 mm.

Koplik's spots also can appear on the conjunctiva, and vaginal mucosa.

These red spots lesions can last for one or two days. See the picture below.

The measles rash.

Within 12 or 24 hours after the Koplik's Spots are shown, the rash or skin eruptions of measles will appear starting below the ear and spread over the body.

Cartoon, illustration only, credit: Shutterstock

After one or two day the rash can cover all around the body surfaces. When the rash is appearing, usually the fever is high.

The complications from rubeola could be very serious. It can cause ear infections, broncho-pneumonia, croup, and also inflammation in the brain.

The person who never get vaccine measles and the person who has problem with immune system, they are in high risk to get contagious of measles virus.

To prevent from the infection of measles, the series of shot measles vaccine are required.

The vaccine is live vaccine that combine with Rubella and Mumps (MMR).

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Measles Outbreak in a Recent year – Part 1 – Healthy Life 11

measles infection (Image from

It was surprising that within four months, January to April, there were about 704 individual cases of measles in the America. There are about 22 states affected by diseases.

This is a big number since the US declared that measles was eliminated in 2000 (CDC, 2019).

What is Measles?

Measles is a disease that caused by virus (family Paramyxoviruses). Measles virus causes the potentially serious infection.

This disease is characterized by fever and maculopopular rash or rubeola, and it's more severe than rubella.

The disease is super contagious and highly transmissible disease.

The transmission of measles is by inhalation of large droplets aerosols from the infected person.

What are the symptoms of the measles?

Wild flowers, just for illustration.

The initial symptoms.

During the early phase, between one and four days, the symptoms develop an upper respiratory, such as runny nose and hacking cough, and also pink eye (conjunctiva).

Sometimes, the symptoms will not shown until one or two week, so that the person does not know that she/he already get contagious.

# To be continued to part 2

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Mental Awareness and Vaccination – Healthy Life 10

Fig 01- A tree with purple flowers

Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts related to my post about Mental Illness.

I appreciate it.

We are still in May, the awareness of mental illness month, so it is a good moment to be aware about our daily living activities and behaviors that affect our mental health

Prolonged isolation and prolonged restricted activities can lead to discomfort and depression.

Over a year we feel like live in the box, and now we can take a little “fresh air” since more people have been vaccinated.

Louisiana is less number of percentage of vaccination. In Louisiana, the number of people fully vaccinated is 1,438,154, and the percentage of population fully vaccinated is 30.94%.

Fig 02- The clusters of flowers

The rank of Louisiana from 51 states is 48/51. The highest percentage of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is Vermont, 54%.

On May 15, Governor Bell Edward mentioned, “Following the new CDC guidance and in consultation with the LDH, I have revised the current proclamation to give anyone who is fully vaccinated the option to no longer wear a mask while indoors in most places.”

Fig 03- Flowers in the end of branches

But the restrictions are still the same in some places, such in government buildings and hospitals, wearing mask mandatory and distance.

Most Baton Rouge residents still wear mask even though in the places that mask is not mandatory anymore and the outdoors.

Governor Bell Edward brought up, “A growing number of studies on the COVID vaccines have shown the following:

-More than 90% effective in real-world settings at preventing mild and severe disease, hospitalization, and death.
-Effective against the variants currently circulating in the country and state.
-Those who are vaccinated are less likely to spread the virus.”

At the last, if prolonged isolation and prolonged restricted activities can lead to discomfort and depression, better get COVID vaccination. It might prevent our depression; vaccinated persons have more options for their life.

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