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Saturday 23 December 2023

Is Brisk Walking better than Slow Walk? - Part 2 - Healthy Life 28

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Image 1- A Pepsi truck stop by in neighborhood

ScienceDaily (March 16, 2021) also reported surprising finding from UK scientists that:

- there is connection between fitness level and Covid 19 virus infection.
- walking fast will less likely to get severe case of Covid 19, and less chance to die.
- live longer, up to 20 years

So, how often should we walk fast and how long?
- every day, about 20 minutes


Saturday 1 July 2023

Is Brisk Walking better than Slow Walk? - Part 1 - Healthy Life 28

We walk almost 3 times a week, except rain and other reasons such as too hot (above 30* C or 86* F) or too cold (below 10* C or 50* F).

Image 1- One of walking or jogging areas in my neighborhood.

Our walking is quite slow with about 35 minutes length of time in our city garden or neighborhood areas.

Just reading several papers or popular articles about brisk walking. Then, what is brisk walking by quantity measures?

Here some of information concerning brisk walking:

- 100 steps per minute
- 4.5 km to 4.75 km (2.8 mile to 2.95 mile) per hour for older persons
- 5.3 km to 5.4 km (3.3 mile to 5.4 mile) per hour for younger persons

Image 2- A neighborhood area

As reported by ScienceDaily (March 16, 2021) that brisk walking leads to have good: cardiovascular and heart health

Hence, fast walkers could be related to physical fitness. This measure, together with normal Body Mass Index (BMI) are more able to cope with external stressors, include infection diseases.

Image 3- Another corner of our neighborhood

# To be continue to part 2

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Tuesday 6 December 2022

Leprosy is One of the Oldest Ancient Diseases - Part 2 - Healthy Life 27

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Image 1- Miniature roses

A healthy person is also can be infected by leprosy if the person breaths in the air that contaminated with bacteria. The bacteria cause leprosy is called Mycobacterium leprae.

CDC mentioned that a person will not get infection through:

-Hugging and Shaking hands
-Sitting next each other in subway or bus
-Sitting together in the dinner table.
-Not passing on from mother to her baby during pregnancy

Image 2- Foggy, illustration

Image 3- A gift, illustration

There are about 200.000 cases per year in the worldwide, sure, mostly in developing countries.

Leprosy is rare in the US, but it still exist, and there are about 200 new cases per year.

Finally, this disease is curable with multiple antibacterial drugs. The treatment is amazingly effective.

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Sunday 20 November 2022

Leprosy is One of the Oldest Ancient Diseases - Part 1 - Healthy Life 27

Leprosy is one of ancient diseases that still exist in the some part of the world, even in this modern human lifestyle.

Image 1- Miniature roses 1

When I was kid, I saw several men and women who have Leprosy in the developing country about 1980’s.

This prehistory disease could be the oldest recorded ancient disease as reported by Hurst, YS (2019) in the book with title: No Matter Where the Journey Takes Me: One Man's Quest for a Leprosy- Free World).

Paleontologists conduct many studies about the disease that plagued humankind throughout the history.

Image 2- Pumpkin, illustration only

They believe the root of this disease long long time ago, “likely stem back millions of years”.

Image 3- Miniature roses 2.

Untreated disease of leprosy can cause deformities in the face and extremities that may lead to:

- Disability
- Stigmatization
- and Mortality.

Like Covid-19, leprosy is transmitted by close contacted. They are a droplet precaution.

Coughing and sneezing of an infected person can spread the disease to the healthy persons, especially when they are in the small together.

# To be continued to part 2

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Saturday 5 November 2022

A House for “Quarantined for Life” - Part 2 – Healthy Life 25

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- A House for “Quarantined for Life” - Part 1 – Healthy Life 25

Image 1- Hansen diseases museum (credit to Atlas Obscura)

The Museum is located at 5445 Point Clair Rd. Carville. LA 70721. To reach this site from my city, Baton Rouge, there are some routes:

Interstate 10 (I-10 E)
US-61 South
E Hwy 30E

Interestingly, especially for me that there are verdant plantations, fields of sugar cane, and towering chemical plants along the way to the Point Clair.

Image 2- Decoration from pumpkin

This place is also called the Native (American) Indian Camp. In the past, Indian Houmas people used this area for hunting of wild animals and fishing.

Image 3- American flag fly over the roof

Beside Indian Camp, this site has different names along its history. At least three different well-known names, they are:

- Louisiana Leper Home

- The Louisiana Hansen's Disease Center
- National Hansen Disease Museum.

The museum is opened in 1999, after closing of hospital in 1998. The main purposes of museum to display live of Hansen disease patients and staff members.

Recent days, the museum provides education to who interests on Hansen’s diseases, include its prevention and treatment knowledge.

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Thursday 3 November 2022

Some Facts about Pomegranate – Healthy Life 26

I thought Pomegranates grow in tropical countries only, and then exported to the USA markets.

Image 1- Pomegranate is source of antioxidant

In fact, this fruit grow well not only in dry states such as California and Arizona, but also in other certain states.

We may see Pomegranate as one of local fruit at local markets in several states include:

- North Carolina
- Utah
- Alabama and Florida
- and Texas

Image 2- Sweet seeds of Pomegranate

In our state, Louisiana, the fruit abundant during summer until early autumn seasons.

Almost all farmer markets sell Pomegranate with reasonable, and even lower prices on those times.

Image 3- Pomegranates sold in the local farmer market.

The special about the fruit that they contain a lot of (high in):

- dietary fiber and folic acid
- vitamin (C and K)
- antioxidant compounds and punicalagins (anti inflammatory compound)

In case of antioxidant properties, as you might know, it is believed that Pomegranate may reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol, then to improve hearth, prostate, digestive and brain conditions.

However, Pomegranate is higher sugar content, 14 gram sugar of 100 gram fruit, hence, it is not recommended to consume more than 100 gram fruit for diabetes patients.

Have you eaten Pomegranate?

If yes, do you like it?

Monday 24 October 2022

A House for “Quarantined for Life” - Part 1 – Healthy Life 25

Since pandemic Covid-19, we are very familiar with the word of “quarantine”. You know what the meaning is.

Image 1- A building at the corner site of Baton Rouge, illustration only.

I believe that some of you might be have experienced about this word, quarantine.

We also know or may suffer of its psychological effects, during and after quarantine period.

Carville is a very familiar place in our state, Louisiana, where over 5,000 people had been quarantined in the old days.

Image 2- Parking lots, just for illustration

Image 3- An abandoned Plantation House in Carville circa 1894
(From Hansen's Disease Museum).

In Carville, there is a Plantation House that turned to be a Museum, This place used to be a house for, some people pronounced, “Quarantined for Life”.

It is about 40 minutes by car (30 miles/48 km) from here, Baton Rouge, to Carville in South direction . But, for now the Museum is closed due to Covid-19.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Monday 19 September 2022

Why Should not We Take Aspirin Daily? - Part 2 - Healthy Life 24

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Image 1- Aspirin sold at Walmart OTC

Based on age, number of people who consumes Aspirin daily is almost triple in 40s than 70s:

- 40 years old, 29 million
- 70 years old, 10 million

On opposite, the main reason for people who does not want to take Aspirin daily is that:

- increasing risk of bleeding, especially to people above 70.

Image 2- A Southern Magnolia flower, illustration

Image 3- Crowd of people, just illustration

For people any ages, should not take Aspirin daily if they have certain diseases or disorders. Some of them:

- peptic ulcer disease.
- low blood platelet count
- bleeding disorder
- chronic kidney disease
- diabetes and high blood pressure.

Hence, it will be better to consult to physicians, even if we want to take very lower doses of Aspirin daily.

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Thursday 8 September 2022

Why Should not We Take Aspirin Daily? - Part 1- Healthy Life 24

As you know that there are a lot of non-prescription drugs sold through Over the Counter (OTC).

Image 1- Aspirin sold as an OTC drug in Walmart

We might be familiar with OTC drug called as “aspirin,” since its commonly used for medication of:

- reduce fever
- relieve pain.

Then, Aspirin may relieve from light to medium pains such as:

- common cold, headaches
- muscle aches, toothaches
- arthritis

Image 2- Abandoned bike tied to the fence

Image 3- Over the Counter medicines at pharmacy store

Another use of Aspirin is to prevent blood clot in the artery. The clot obstructs the flow of blood which may cause:

- heart attacks
- strokes (due to disturbance of blood flow in the brain)

The facts, based on reported from Annals of Internal Medicine (2019) that millions of people in the USA take Aspirin daily, strangely even they don’t have heart diseases.

Then, why do they take Aspirin every day?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Friday 22 July 2022

Stretching to Prevent Leg Cramps - Healthy Life 23

I used to have muscle cramp, how about you? Have you had experiences muscle cramps in your leg?

Image 1- Grits and pickled jalapenos for breakfast after stretching

Some sources (please search through internet) mentioned the causes of muscle cramps as the following:

-long period exercise
-tired muscle

Image 2- Flowers, just for illustration

Even muscle cramps are harmless or they might be a common problem that affect on anyone, the experience of cramps could lead to:

-reduce quality of our life
-reduce quality of sleep
-reduce our daily activities

Image 3- A little sweet snack

Depending of severity and frequency of the symptoms of muscle cramps, the treatments can be invasive and non invasive.

Some of us prefer to take medications to prevent-leg-cramps, or alternative medications, such as acupuncture or dry-needling. 

Image 4- Pumpkins, illustration only

Non-drugs treatments are also effective to prevent-leg-cramps, such as:

-massage and relaxation
-change sleeping and sitting position
-heat therapy, physical exercise and stretching

Stretching, many benefit of it. Stretching can ease pain and improve flexibility. Muscle stretching, 10 seconds calf muscle stretching three times a day for 2 months can treat and prevent musle cramps in the leg.

At last, beside stretching or any non-drugs treatments, staying hydrate is important to prevent the leg cramps.

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