Monday 31 October 2022

Fruits with flavored chia in cups – Part 3 – Food 25

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Image 1- Tangerine from backyard

The ingredients may include pears, hydrated Chia seeds (water, Chia seeds), sugar, citric acid, natural flavor, ascorbic acid (to protect color), Carmine, vegetable extract for color.

I love the taste of Pears in blackberry flavored chia. The package looks very nice and appealing.

The crisp chunk pears are juicy, but the juice mixed with chia is quite thick for me, and some people.

Image 2- Wild flowers, illustration

Image 3- Chia seeds floating on the surface.

They look great and whoever like chia seeds for their benefit, great cups for snack. The only one thing, Del Monte use carmine for their natural food color which is give the red or crimson color.

Since carmine is produced from bugs or insects, I feel I do not eat 100% fruits from these cups. Just reminder for who have allergic reaction to extract insect, it could be cause to mild hives or anaphylatic shock.

Note: “Off course we should consume fresh one. In storms areas like our state, we need to store the packages of foods and drinks.”

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Sunday 30 October 2022

Happy Halloween to Who Celebrates It – Art 6

I have never missed bags of candies for Halloween. They are such a reward for the trick-or-treaters who knocks on my front door in the evening.

Image 1- Jack o-lantern face

I cannot wait for that moment, especially whenever I see them with their cute and fantastic costumes.

Every year, on October 31st evening, the children around my neighborhood walk around with their costumes and baskets, play trick-or-treat, and adults supervise them from behind.

I am always amazed with the preschooler, like the others, they are also very excited with their costumes.

Image 2- Skeleton decoration

Preschoolers are the best with pretend play, and they also love dress-up activities.

The meaning of costumes in their mind must be different with the school children, teens, and adults.

Image 3- Scary decoration

I am kind of enthusiast to know what the preschoolers’ thought about the costumes and the decorations of Halloween because their thinking is not mature yet.

Image 4- Some of Candies for kids

They believe that inanimate things also have life, and they also believe in the powerful cause of events as well.

Image 5- Night at our neighborhood

This is a stage of their developmental thinking, well known as animism and magical thinking.

When they come to me, I like to hear them talking about their thoughts.

Image 6- One of Scary faces

The age of 4 to 5 years enjoy talking, even they use several words only but their vocabulary more than 2100 words.

It is wonderful!

Okay, here are some candies for great trick-or-treat!

Fill up your baskets, but please do not eat all candies at one time. Also, brush and floss your teeth before going to bed.

Good night!

Happy Halloween!

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Saturday 29 October 2022

Wild Bees are Visiting Our Backyard – Part 1 - Nature 43

Indeed, Spring and Summer times are the peak of bees visiting our backyard, but we may see few bees in early Autumn.

Image 1- He's coming, pollination will be in progress.

As reported by Gees Bees Honey Company (2022: What Do Honeybees Do in the Fall?) that they noticed “Even after the first frost, the bees bringing pollen into the hive, presumably from aster flowers.”

The number of bee species is quite great, it is estimated about thousand different species both in the world and in North America:

- 16,000 species in the world.
- 4,000 species in North America.

Image 2- The bee between flowers and leaves

# Important postings:

Image 3- One of important flowers for bees

Of thousands, I wonder why one species only to produce honey called honeybee with scientific name Apis mellifera.

Image 4- Local honey from wild bees

Another species, bumble bees produced honey as well, but just small amount for their own used only. Hence, the honey can’t be collected by beekeepers for commercial purposes.

Moreover, Honeybees live in collective for years, while wild bees live collective for short period, one season.

Honeybees live in the hives which have honeycomb.

# To be continued to part 2

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Friday 28 October 2022

Differences between American and Italian Mozzarella Cheeses – Food 28

I know the word of “Mozzarella” comes from specific region of Italy, and the word refers to specific cheese.

Image 1- One of American Mozzarella cheeses, sold by Walmart

Hence, off course, Italian Mozzarella cheeses have unique characteristics, some of them are following:

- generally, Mozzarella made from buffalo milk.
- some regions of Italy use sheep and goat milk for Mozzarella
- high moisture
- tend to white in color
- milk is not considered pasteurized enough

Image 2- Candies, just for illustration

# Important posts:

Image 3- Mozzarella cheese on the shelve.

American Mozzarella cheeses have a “little bit” different compared to Italian cheese, few of them:

- mostly made from cow milk
- low moisture
- yellow in color due to cow milk
- milk MUST be pasteurized because of American regulations.

Have you tried both American and Italian Mozzarella cheeses?

If yes, what do you think?

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Thursday 27 October 2022

The SHIELD is a New Hope to Protect Our Brain – Part 3 - Alzheimer's 10

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- The SHIELD is a New Hope to Protect Our Brain – Part 1 - Alzheimer's 10

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Image 1- Illustration (credit to Massachusetts General Hospital)

Here her short explanations (please read Part 2):

Sleep - We need to get enough sleep because sleep can clearing out the debris (or the thing is not good) from our brain. Sleep enough for 7-8 hours a day. A nap is counted!

Handle stress – Doing some meditation. Stress promotes inflammation, any meditation can reduce brain inflammation.

Interact with friends - Engaged with people you like. Loneliness can increase risk this disease two-fold. So stay active with people who like to be socialize.

Image 2- Cloud in the city, illustration only

Image 3- Walking path, illustration

Exercise - Exercise and exercise. It can create new cells.

Learn - Learn new things. Try to learn a language or an instrument or music or dance, or anything we like to learn. It can increase new synapses and force the old synapses.

Diet - Try Mediterranean diet. Gut health tied to brain health. Healthy gut bacteria decrease inflammation.

So, keeping up the healthy life habit. Shield the brain.

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Wednesday 26 October 2022

Canadian Geese Live Permanently in Neighborhood – Part 2- Science 23

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- Canadian Geese Live Permanently in Neighborhood – Part 1- Science 23

Image 1- Flock of Canadian geese at a corner of our neighborhood

The Canadian geese was believed to disappear in USA once, then they are surprisingly found in Minnesota in 1950.

Since then, they are introduced and conserved in many states, especially in Northern states across USA.

There are at least two species of Canadian geese which visit or stay in our city, they are:

- Branta canadensis, well known as Canadian geese
- Branta hutchinsii, also recognized as Cackling goose.

Image 2- A geese playing at nearby lake

Image 3- A geese tried to find food.

We mainly found giant Canadian geese in our city, Branta canadensis maxima, with wingspan could reach 7.3 feet (2.2 meter).

Some residents feel intimidating with growing population of Canadian geese in several parts of the city. Male Canadian geese is aggressive during breeding seasons.

Have you encountered Canadian geese during breeding seasons?

What do you think?

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Tuesday 25 October 2022

Paintings Show in Mini Maker Faire – Art 5

Maker Faire was held first time in San Mateo, California in 2006. More than 15 years ago.

Image 1- Painting in Maker Faire

Then, the festival spread all over cities across America. The first time Mini Maker Faire in our city was in 2014.

I just know this kind of festival recently. This annual event attracts many interests such as:

- computers
- robotics
- 3D printing
- arts, crafts and many more.

Image 2- One of corners in Mini Maker Faire

# Important postings:

Image 3- Paintings show

It seems that the faire was attended by all ages, from little kids to grandmothers and grandfathers.

I noticed there is painting section. Unfortunately, I saw just several paintings there. No artists seen in the section, paintings only.

In addition to American cities, the Maker Faire also held in Asia and European cities. Some cities are Shenzhen, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo (Asia), then Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Rome (Europe).

Have you known Maker Faire?

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Monday 24 October 2022

A House for “Quarantined for Life” - Part 1 – Healthy Life 25

Since pandemic Covid-19, we are very familiar with the word of “quarantine”. You know what the meaning is.

Image 1- A building at the corner site of Baton Rouge, illustration only.

I believe that some of you might be have experienced about this word, quarantine.

We also know or may suffer of its psychological effects, during and after quarantine period.

Carville is a very familiar place in our state, Louisiana, where over 5,000 people had been quarantined in the old days.

Image 2- Parking lots, just for illustration

Image 3- An abandoned Plantation House in Carville circa 1894
(From Hansen's Disease Museum).

In Carville, there is a Plantation House that turned to be a Museum, This place used to be a house for, some people pronounced, “Quarantined for Life”.

It is about 40 minutes by car (30 miles/48 km) from here, Baton Rouge, to Carville in South direction . But, for now the Museum is closed due to Covid-19.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Sunday 23 October 2022

What Critters are Consumed by Carnivorous Plants in Louisiana? - Science 25

We have talked about carnivorous plants in Louisiana, you may read the previous post: What is the Reason Specific Plants to Trap Animals? – Science 18

Image 1- Louisiana carnivorous plants

Actually, carnivorous plants, especially smaller ones, favor to consume trapped microorganisms like protozoa or bacteria.

Surprisingly, the plants may digest animals such as:

- reptiles
- small mammals
- small fish
- and crustaceans

Image 2- Bee is one of critters digested by carnivorous plants

# Other previous postings:

Image 3- Another insect consumed by carnivorous plants

However, the most common critters to be eaten by this carnivorous are variety of insects.

Image 4- Other carnivorous plants

The insects, off course small in term of size and coexist with carnivorous plants, they may include:

- bees
- beetles
- ants
- mosquitoes, and their larvae
- flies
- moths and gnats

Have you seen any animals trapped by carinivorous plants in nature?

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