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Friday, 18 November 2022

What is Brain Plasticity? - Part 2 – Brain Plasticity 1

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Image 1- Just for illustration

Our brain has many parts in which each part has its own functions or authorities. There is a part to control movement of right-hand motions (maneuvers) as a simple example.

If there is disturbance to control movement due to gene, thus we can understand why people use their left hand skillfully.

In current understanding that interrelation between sense, cognition and memory is so close.

 Image 2- A green field, illustration only

Let’s say if we have weakness in a sense that will affect to cognition and memory, and then, even if one got deterioration will affect other senses as well.

Image 3- Yard decoration, illustration only

They are so interdependence. We can see older people who easy to forget a little thing.

It is fact that their senses (feeling, hearing, seeing) not well function anymore, thus they are less able to store their experience images, then get trouble to recall those images after a while.

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Banks, D. (2016, April 4). “What is brain plasticity and why is it so important?” Retrieved from “theconversation.”

Monday, 7 November 2022

What is Brain Plasticity? - Part 1 – Brain Plasticity 1

We may think, plasticity refers to plastic, an elastic material or things that can be bending.

Image 1- Brain plasticity (credit to “learning-mind /brain-plasticity”)

In case of brain plasticity, the meaning is “changing” of brain due to internal and external factors.

As we grow in respect to whatever, the brain is “growing” as well, this could be said as “changing.”

The brain keeps changing made us able to face new experiences in our daily life.

One day, we face difficulty with new things, it is because our brain capability has been declined.

Image 2- People saw some plants

We know that older persons get problem to adapt to new environments, and even not so interest to learn new methods.

Image 3- Just for illustration

It is important as said by Banks (2016) for brain to have ability to re-wire or modify itself. This ability makes us be human, develop from childhood to adulthood.

Another special ability is that brain could re-routing the signal pathways if one neural pathway was error. The ability significantly distinguishes between brain and computer, where computer just have parallel motor and sensory signals.

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