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Thursday, 7 July 2022

A Chemist who Loves to Cook – Part 2 - Reading 11

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Image 1- Salad, just for illustration

Then they engage in nice conversations.

There are some amusing things in this book that make the readers will not put this book down.

Such as the first chapter, how she makes a conclusion to a skinny daughter when she was sleeping.

She always cooks dan packs good, tasty, and nutritious meals in her daughter’s lunchbox.

Image 2- Lesson in chemistry, one of the most popular books of 2022

She is happy because her daughter always empties them. But, why her daughter’s weight less than supposed to, and she can not image her daughter has cancer.

Blood cancer? Anemia?

Somebody must be eating her daughter meals!

Image 3- Purple flowers, myrtle

When she looks at her daughter, the story back to 1961. Then, another funny thing is after she gave birth to her daughter, every time the nurse come to her and ask about her pain and feeling, her answer is always “mad”.

Yes, she said that she is mad. Mad. Mad. She also mad when people asked about her daughter.

Image 4- Bonnie Garmus, the author of Lessons of Chemistry 

Then, her daughter is called Mad. Could be her legal name is Mad?

She tried to find many girl names, and nothing match with the last name Zott. She is still mad, Mad Zott. Yes, Mad Zott. Madeline Zott.

I was wondering what folks think about this book, then I went to

The site states this is one of the most Popular Book (2022) with 4.43/5 stars from 43,916 ratings.

What do you think about this book and the rating? I believe this book is a fun book for the summer reading.

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Monday, 27 June 2022

A Chemist who Loves to Cook – Part 1 - Reading 11

The bright orange color with a cute illustration of this book was attractive and charming, “Lessons in Chemistry” by Bonnie Garmus.

It seems a serious reading following the word “lessons” even more “in Chemistry”.

Image 1- Book cover of Lessons in Chemistry

I was so excited to read this novel, what the chemistry things in this book. This book is the first edition (2022), 386 pages, published by Doubleday.

If you are thinking, this book will challenge you about your memory of some chemistry courses from schools, it could be the chemistry language for salt and water.

Moreover, this is a fabulous book about a bright chemist lady who recognize as a famous cooking show “Supper at Six”

Image 2- Purple flower in the summer

The story back to year 1961. The protagonist, Elizabeth Zott, is a Chemist. She works in the research center, Hasting Research Institute, that dominance by male.

At work she met Calvin Evans, a brilliant, lonely, Noble Prize nominated guy.

Image 3- Just for illustration

Garmus, the author, portrayed how the first time Elizabeth had conversation with Evans in the Chemistry Lab.

Image 4- A house in the city, illustration

From here, we also know how the Chemistry Lab in the past with all the graduates, beakers, and Bunsen burners.

It is a lovely first meeting between the two scientists. Elizabeth needs some beakers for her chemistry research, then finally she gets them in Evans’ room.

Evans does not know that she is also a scientist until he walks down to her room, then asks her about his beakers, but she ignores him, and she keeps busy doing her job with Bunsen burner.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

GUTSY WOMEN of Hillary and Chelsea – Part 2 – Reading 10

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- The Rainbow Before Evening : GUTSY WOMEN of Hillary and Chelsea – Part 1 – Reading 10

Image 1- Women's right Champions Nadia Murad. the Noble Peace Prize 2018.

There are 103 women from the old time to the last young girl. All of 103 women divided into 11 categories (chapters).

In the first chapter, Early inspirations, started with women the most inspire them Dorothy Rodham and Virginia Kelly, both are Chelsea grandmothers.

Followed by Harriet Tubman who lived in shadow of constant violence, cruelty, and racism.

Image 2- Colorful of flowers

She was a part of Underground Railroad and she is credited with bringing hundred of slaves to freedom.

Image 3- Colorful painting

In the chapter Education Pioneers, there are many of them, the first one is Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz from Mexico (at the time Mexico was a part of Spain),

Image 4- Yellow flowers bloom

In the chapter of Earth Defenders, one the most interesting is a very young girl Greta Thunberg.

Image 5- Pride of Barbados bloom

The Healers: Besides Nightingale and Betty Ford in this interesting chapter, there are also:

- Dr. Gao Yaojie, a retired Chinese gynecologist
- obstetrician-gynecologist Dr Hawa Abdi from Somalia
- Flossie Wong-Staal, Chinese molecular biologist.

In the chapter of Storytellers, there are 7 women, e.g. Maya Angelou, Mary Beard, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi, Ali Stoker, Amani Al-Khatahbeh.

The last chapter is Women's Right Champions. The last persons wrote by Hillary, Nadia Murad. the Noble Peace Prize 2018.

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Saturday, 7 May 2022

GUTSY WOMEN of Hillary and Chelsea – Part 1 – Reading 10

Temperature so high in this late spring in our state, so just staying at home with a cup of sweet tea and some books.

Image 1- The book of Gutsy Women

One of the books is “The book of Gutsy Women, Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.”

The authors are Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea.

In the launched of this book, Hillary said that this idea rose because since Chelsea was a little girl, she talked about the inspirational courage resilient woman and role models.

Then mother and daughter came up with the book about women “For everyone looking for inspiration to live their own gutsy life.”

Image 2- Dogwood flowers at a corner

Image 3- A calm street in our city

Image 4- Flowers at neighborhood

This book is about the stories of the woman that they deeply admire them because those women have redefined its possible not only for themselves but also for us.

I am really wondering what types of people that can inspire their life. Hillary is very tough lady!

Hillary Clinton was US Secretary of State, New York State Senator, and she also practicing as a lawyer, First Lady of US (1993-2001) and First Lady of Arkansas (1983-1992).

# To be continued to Part 2

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Sunday, 20 March 2022

Biscotti and “The Blissful Feast” by Teresa Lust – Part 2 – Reading 9

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- Biscotti and “The Blissful Feast” by Teresa Lust – Part 1 – Reading 9

Fig 01- An Italian food, just for illustration

Italian cookbooks are also easy to find with the great recipes, useful tips, and beautiful photos.

A Blissful Feast: Culinary Adventures in Italy's Piedmont, Maremma, and Le Marche by Teresa Lust, is a beautifully written book about her adventures in Italy.

New cookbooks are sold in almost bookstores, and we may find old edition in the city libraries.

Fig 02- Teresa Lust, a writer, gardener, and cook

Teresa Lust’s grandmother was from Italy, and she grown up in the Italian cultures and Italian cuisines in Washington.

Fig 03- Biscotti recipe photo from “The Blissful Feast”-1

Her palate about her roots of cuisines brought her to a “delicious” journey in Italy.

Fig 04- Biscotti recipe photo from “The Blissful Feast”-2

She stayed with her relatives in the Italian cities of Piedmont, Maremma, and then Le Marche

Fig 05- Just for illustration.

Moreover, she learned about:

- Italian farming
- preparing and cooking
- and serving of Italian foods.

We can find the authentic Italian cuisines in this book and the stories behind those foods.

She also guides us about Italian words and language that used in the Italian culinary and gourmet.

In this page, I share the biscotti recipe (photos) from her book. It is great recipe to try, one batch can make 4 dozen.

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Thursday, 24 February 2022

Biscotti and “The Blissful Feast” by Teresa Lust – Part 1 – Reading 9

Most countries in the world (worldwide) familiar to the Italian foods. We see how pizza and pasta take over the world.

Some Italian cuisines could be adapted from his foreign countries in the past or long long time ago.

Fig 01- Biscotti for breakfast

However, Italian people created the gourmets with their imagination so that their taste and creations became their own signatures.

The world loves the creativity and the simplicity of Italian foods, no wonder in some places Italian cuisines have been adjusted and re-created with local tastes.

Many modifications of Italian foods around the worlds, just few of them are:

- pizzas
- and pastas

Fig 02- Baby tree, illustration only

Fig 03- Just for illustration

Fig 04- A Blissful Feast by Teresa Lust.

Indeed, Italian cuisines also have flexibility in ingredient compositions and serving.

Now, hazelnut paste that originally from Italy (Piedmont) can be found anywhere.

We are familiar with the hazelnut butter spread, Nutella.

Italian alba truffle from Piedmont is a kind of a luxury truffle for some people in some places.

Biscotti is also familiar around here. In the coffee shops we can find biscotti along the other cookies and pastries for breakfast.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Saturday, 22 January 2022

Sweet Chocolate Candies and a Yummy Book – Part 2 – Reading 8

Slowly, I am slowing down to chew all those my favorite candies

Fig 01- Other chocolates

The sweetener give me extra calories that I might need them not that much at the moment.

Another words, I am trying to watch my weight by

reducing sugar intake.

Instead of chewing chocolate candies, I am churning chocolate books. I got one of chocolate books.

It does not a cookbook, it is a novel.

A yummy book Chocolate Magic by Zelda Benjamin. This cute book is a kind of light drama, clean romance, and sweet story like a cup of chocolate milk.

Fig 02- Chocolates with brands of Jojo and Brookside

Fig 03- One of groceries to sell chocolates

Fig 04- Lindt chocolates, produced by USA

Moreover, here the summary from the book:

Chloe Brandeau, a magical chocolatier struggles to maintain normalcy in her world that suddenly turned upside down with the inheritance of her aunt's run down apartment building.

When a friend insists that having a man in her life could help, Chloe goes on a series of outrageous dates.

Along comes Ethan Behar, a master of acquisitions with no time for trivial pleasures such as chocolate.

Ethan makes an offer for Chloe's building, but ends up bidding for the one thing not on the market -- Chloe's heart”

Finally, doesn’t you like chocolate?

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Friday, 7 January 2022

Sweet Chocolate Candies and a Yummy Book – Part 1 – Reading 8

I had never missed chocolate candies every after meal. Any kinds of chocolates always stick with me, either one bites or bars.

The most chocolate candy that always in my lunch box is the almond chocolate one bite Hersey's Kisses.

Fig 01- Cover book of Cholate magic.

I love Kisses because of the fancy shape with little chunk almonds.

It said this shape is a teardrop shape, but the way I see seems like the top of baby bottle.

Any way, I always appealing about the smooth of the tips, perfectly cute and nice.

In the photo at below is how the Kisses ' tip should be. Since a couple bags I bought months ago I found almost all tips broken.

Fig 02- Almond chocolates

Fig 03- A chocolate

Even the taste is still the same, but they did not look good, aesthetically disturbance image.

And undesired effects were my taste buds hurt when the crack tips were landing on them.

Sure, it is subjective feeling

I was thinking that the sensory was not in taste buds but in mind only. I just avoided Kisses and grabbed Hersey's Miniatures with many varieties of one bite chocolate flavors in small rectangular shapes.

# To be continued to part 2

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