Friday 29 December 2023

The Orchid Flowers in Singapore - Nature 115

 We have two previous posted about Singapore in respect to indoor garden and variety of succulent plants.

Image 01 - Purple orchid, Singapore

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Singapore ever be top world exporter of orchids in the world, but now, has a lot of competitors, from around the globe, and even from Europe (Netherland) and America (USA). 

Image 02 - A white flowers, Singapore

Thailand is the competitor from neighbor country. It exports about US$ 67.6 million in 2021.

Image 03 - Mokara (identified by GoogleID)

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Image 04 - A rare variety of orchid, Dendrobium sp.

Netherland is a competitor from Europe, and even as top orchid exporter in the world in 2021.  

Image 05 - Dendrobium sonia, identified by GoogleID

Singapore has about 220 species of native orchid species, grow well in Singapore forest and natural reserves.

Image 06 - Other Dendrobium varieties.

We may find about 1,000 species and more than 2,000 of orchid hybrids in the Singapore orchid garden.

Image 07 - One of orchid hybrids, Singapore

Do you love orchid? 

What variety?

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Saturday 23 December 2023

Is Brisk Walking better than Slow Walk? - Part 2 - Healthy Life 28

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- The Rainbow Before Evening : Is Brisk Walking better than Slow Walk? - Part 1 - Healthy Life 28

Image 1- A Pepsi truck stop by in neighborhood

ScienceDaily (March 16, 2021) also reported surprising finding from UK scientists that:

- there is connection between fitness level and Covid 19 virus infection.
- walking fast will less likely to get severe case of Covid 19, and less chance to die.
- live longer, up to 20 years

So, how often should we walk fast and how long?
- every day, about 20 minutes


Saturday 16 December 2023

The Alligator in the Lake - Nature 114

We spotted a small alligator in the one of our neighborhood lake few days ago when we just walking around the lake. 

Image 1 - A small alligator, swimming.

We have seen small children playing in the backyards around the lake. We don't know whether their parents aware or not of an alligator nearby. We live not that far from this lake.

You might surprise with the size of alligators in our areas:
- the largest size could reach 14 feet (14.3 meter) with weight 500 pound (227 kg).
- the smaller size is about 7 feet (2.1 meters) with weight 250 pound (113 kg).

When talked to neighbors who live around or closer to the lake, they said there are actually two other larger alligators.

Image 2 - A neighbor house

They have tried to catch alligator, but not success yet. Some suggested, may be time to get professional help.

Image 3 - Just illustration photo.

They would call wildlife and fisheries or homeowners association to remove the alligators as soon as possible.

Image 4 - A little alligator in the lake.

Have you seen the wild alligator in the nature?

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Saturday 9 December 2023

The White Bunny Runs around the Corner - Nature 113

We spotted a white little bunny when we walk regularly. We believe the rabbit is a domestic rabbit. 

Image 1 - A bunny runs around the corner.

It is mean that the bunny is a pet, not a wild rabbit. Another possibility, the white coat bunny is kept or let it plays outdoor, since the bunny need space to exercise, play or explore.   

Bunnies need special attentions sometimes, include their food. Some foods of domestic bunnies are fresh vegetables.

Moreover, there are plenty popular breeding of domestic bunnies in our areas or city, Baton Rouge, LA. At least, there are about 12 most popular breeding which are sold in the markets.

Image 2 - One of corners in neighborhood

We are quite confident that the rabbit in our images (image 1 and 2) is belong to the "Netherland dwarf" breeding.

Image 3 - Another corner, illustration only

The Netherland Dwarf breeding is characterized by its gentle nature, playful personalities and small size.

Image 4 - The bunny just stops moving.

Do you know about kinds of bunny breeding (species)?

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Wednesday 6 December 2023

The Purslane Flowers in the Pot - Nature 112

Some of our neighbors choose Purslanes as one of their popular flowers to grow in the pots and containers.

Image 1 - Purslane flowers in the pot

The flowers have plenty colors from single colors to bicolor to multiple colors. Examples of colors are:
- yellow, red, pink, orange and purple (single colors)
- pink with yellow, and white with red (bi-colored)
- combined of red, green, pink and yellow (multi-colored)

Identification by GoogleID, the scientific name of Purslane flower is Portulaca oleracea. The flower common names are Moss rose purslane, Portulaca and common purslane. 

Image 2 - The liittle Purslanes.

The flower is native to North America, Europe and Asia, but we may find the flower in many parts of the world nowadays.

Image 3 - Two cute cats, illustration only.

This flower is easy and low cost to care, together with just need limit space, hence, to be great choice for gardeners.

Image 4 - Yellow Purslane flowers in the pots.

Do you familiar with this flower?

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Sunday 3 December 2023

The Roles of Dirt Dauber in the Nature - Nature 111

 Many people called it as a "Dirt Dauber," since the insect makes its nest with a kind of mud.

Image 1- A wasp nearby its nest.

By GoogleID, the insect is identified as wasp or paper wasp with scientific name Pachodynerus sp. 

This wasp loves to build nests in shelter areas include under the house roof or inside structures made by men. 

There are many roles of Pachodynerus sp in nature. Two most important roles, my opinion, are:
- Pollination
- Biocontrol

Image 2 - A tall building, illustration

The Pachodynerus wasps help plants (trees, shrubs and flowers) in their reproduction in order to exist in nature.

Image 3 - A unique structures, illustration.

This wasp may control pests such as to control potato beetles. The beetles are well known as known as pests of potatoes in Colorado.

Image 4 - The wasp in the nest.

Do you know this kind of wasp?

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