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Sunday, 16 January 2022

The Early Person who Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Diseases - Part 1 – Alzheimer's 2

It's over than one century since a German physician and psychiatrist, Alois Alzheimer, observed his own patient with suffered loss of memory and language ability.

Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a German neurologist
(source: The Neurology Lounge)

She (the patient) also had:

- hallucinations
- delusions
- and cognitive impairment.

She was only 51 year-old and too early to had a dementia, so she was diagnosed as presenile dementia.

The presenile dementia is dementia that happen in early age, before senile age. Senile dementia occurs with patients after 65 years old.

Fig 02- Library sign, hit by car, illustration

Fig 03- Falling tree, illustration only

Dr. Alzheimer identified and described her psychological and behavioral, then when the patient passed away, Dr Alzheimer ask her family to autopsy her brain.

He took her brain to laboratory and did staining to get observation in her nervous system.

Fortunately, at that time the research methods using stain was developed quite well and the result was satisfy.

The staining was able to visualize the nerve cells.

# To be continued to Part 2

Monday, 20 December 2021

The signs of late stage of Alzheimer's Disease – Part 2 - Alzheimer's 1

Claire believe it depends on how we talk to him, they always try to turn his attention into another one, and keep him with the activities that he able to do it.

Fig 01- Illustration only (credit to Google)

He wandered and did flip the time.

He sleeps tightly at day time and awake at all night long.

It was a little hard when he insisted to get out of house in the middle night to go church for Mass.

Every time he want to go church, he tried to get up, pulled the handle door, but the door had been locked and he kicked the door, screamed that he would be late to go Mass.

Spring, I didn't meet Claire. 

Fig 02- A book cover, illustration

Fig 03- Lily flowers in the garden


I heard from Claire that his uncle in the late stage Alzheimer's (Stage 7 or severe decline). Some important signs of the late stage Alzheimer's are:

1) He lose words and he is not able to talk.
2) He has difficulty to swallow.
3) He eat pureed meal and drink thick liquid.
4) He has infection of pneumonia.
5) He has trouble in breathing and need breathing treatments.
6) Hospice is taking care of him.
7) He behaves well, quite, and calm.

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Thursday, 16 December 2021

The signs of late stage of Alzheimer's Disease – Part 1 - Alzheimer's 1

It was late Winter when I went to Claire's house.

Chilled outside but in the house was warm enough.

I saw an electric fireplace was on. Claire's uncle was sitting on his wheelchair in front of the fireplace. He was a big guy, and turned around.

Fig 01- A house, just for illustration

When he saw me, he unlocked his chair and get couples of little steps toward me and he moved his right hand toward me.

I thought he want to greet me by hand shaking, but he pulled my hand and kissed it.

He always did the same things to every woman. Women only. He can recognize between man and woman.

Not always! Because he ask about me to his nurse aid, “Who's the man?” I guessed he didn't see my ponytail.

Fig 02- White flowers

Fig 03- An electric fireplace (Photo: Overstock)

He went back to his spot, in front of fireplace. He tried unbutton his top pajama, and took it off.

He wanted to put top pajama on through his feet. Claire came to him and fixed it.

He counted his pajama buttons, “One, two, three, four!” And he said, “Four!”

His nurse aid said, “Yes, you have four buttons.” He recount again and tell her, recount again and tell her, again, and again.

I ask Claire that is he easy get upset, angry, mad, or fight?

# To be continued to Part 2

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