Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Cold Morning at My Workplace, Baton Rouge, USA

Fig 01- Parking lot for guests

We are living in Louisiana, Southern state of USA, hardly experience with freezing where temperature reach down to F 28 degree or minus 2 degree Celsius (-2 C) several days ago.

Just to let you know, the lowest temperature ever in our city:

- 2020, F 14 (C – 10) degree.

- 1989, F 18 (C – 8) degree

- 1977, F 18 (C – 8) degree

However, the common temperature are between F 43 (C 6) degree to F 91 (C 33) degree year round.

This morning, couple weeks to Christmas eve, the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana so cloudy or foggy.

Difficult to view far distance. Making driving quite dangerous for me, especially in the early morning when I go to work.

Fig 02- Cactus pear, good source of vitamin C in cold season

Fruit is good to consume during winter, because as you know that fruit are Vitamin C rich.

Fig 03- Waiting room

In my workplace, no crowd yet in parking lot, just staff and administration employee parked their own cars in parking area.

The waiting room has empty chairs, no guests are coming yet. I guess, they will come later in the afternoon.

The temperature is so un-predictable: one day freezing, another day raining, and other days cloudy and snowy.

I wish the spring is coming soon!!


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