Thursday 10 December 2020

Local Event Called as “Mardi Gras” In Louisiana, USA


Fig 01- A unique designed “vehicle” with many people on it

Mardi Gras” is French for “Fat Tuesday” in English. Mardi Gras also called as Shrove Tuesday, which means confess on Tuesday.

In Louisiana, Mardi Gras is occurring on any Tuesday from February third to March ninth. We celebrate Mardi Gras on February 3rd in the year (2018). We scheduled March 5th for Mardi Gras in the year of 2019.

Unfortunately, no Mardi Gra in the 2021 due to Covid 19 pandemic. However, discussion to change the date is still gong.

Actually, other countries celebrate Mardi Gras too, few of them are:

- Binche, Belgium

- Quebec City, Canada. ...

- Nice, France

- Venice, Italy

- Trinidad and Tobago

- Goa, India

Fig 02- A strange “creature” in the carnival

It is related to religious obligation, where people in Louisiana “shrove” before fasting. The schedule of Mardi Gras is 47 days before each year.

Fig 03- Two adorned vehicles in carnival.

Mardi Gras is happy day for me and many friends in Louisiana. We are happy to catch and collect beads throw down from vehicles during carnival.

There are many colors of beads. What I know are:

- Purple means justice

- Green represents faith.

- Gold symbolizes power.

Have you involved in Mardi Gras celebration or watch carnivals? Where and when? 


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      Local Event Called as “Mardi Gras” In Louisiana, USA


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