Sunday 15 August 2021

Do You Know that Some Musical Instruments Made from Bamboo? - Art 2

Ya Li could not find the flute, but she got an umbrella

 It's said that music is a good therapy for better quality of life.

Sometimes people prefer to the tone and rhythm from a specific musical instrument, and it's happening to one of my friend, Zhao Ya Li.

She was so excited about this therapy and texted me about it.

Ya Li is a person with peculiar favorite things. She only enjoy the music whenever the flute is dominant.

The matter is the flute that she needs is a bamboo flute. She got some of bamboo flute musics in her gadgets.

But that isn't enough. She's missed to play the flute. She ask me join her looking for the flute in Asian Markets.

We could not find one but we got out with an umbrella from the Market.

This umbrella looks gorgeous, with ribs, stretchers, caps, springs, and runners made from bamboo.

Bamboo trees in the right side of LA Interstate 10.

Ya Li loves every single thing made out of bamboo.

In her kitchen, she has kitchen and table wares from bamboo, and many beautiful bamboo chopsticks.

She was grown in Panda's country. Whenever she introduce herself, proudly she said, “I am from the Kingdom of Bamboo”.

I understand how her love to bamboo.

Especially her lucky bamboo in her antique hand-painted porcelain flower pot that she put among of the bamboo lanterns.

Now, she just need to release her anxiety by playing bamboo flute. She believes that playing music can relax her mind and energize her body.

She just texted me that she just placed a classical bamboo flute order by online.

Saturday 14 August 2021

Measles Outbreak in a Recent year – Part 1 – Healthy Life 11

measles infection (Image from

It was surprising that within four months, January to April, there were about 704 individual cases of measles in the America. There are about 22 states affected by diseases.

This is a big number since the US declared that measles was eliminated in 2000 (CDC, 2019).

What is Measles?

Measles is a disease that caused by virus (family Paramyxoviruses). Measles virus causes the potentially serious infection.

This disease is characterized by fever and maculopopular rash or rubeola, and it's more severe than rubella.

The disease is super contagious and highly transmissible disease.

The transmission of measles is by inhalation of large droplets aerosols from the infected person.

What are the symptoms of the measles?

Wild flowers, just for illustration.

The initial symptoms.

During the early phase, between one and four days, the symptoms develop an upper respiratory, such as runny nose and hacking cough, and also pink eye (conjunctiva).

Sometimes, the symptoms will not shown until one or two week, so that the person does not know that she/he already get contagious.

# To be continued to part 2

Friday 13 August 2021

The Best Steakhouse in my City, Louisiana – Food 5

Raw meat, just illustration

We have dozen of good steakhouses in our city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Some of them close to my neighborhood. Around 100 meter from my house.

What do they sell? Here are some of them:

- filet mignon
- cowboy ribeye
- t-bone cooked medium
- filet cooked medium rare
- the bone in ribeye.

Very fresh for my own standard, and the beef quality is approved by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

So, we feel safe to consume it.

The steakhouses usually provide other products as well, such as Louisiana cuisines (jambalaya, oxtail soup), shrimp, Louisiana oysters, tamales and fried asparagus.

Steak and shrimp, credit to Louisiana Steakhouse

Few steakhouses are vegetarian friendly and have gluten free menus.

Some favorite menus are mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, crab cakes and cheese cakes.

However, it is said that the best steakhouse in Louisiana is in New Orleans, not in my city. Distance between New Orleans and my city (Baton Rouge) is around 81 miles (130 km).

Dickie Brennan Steakhouse locates in the French Quarter, 716 Iberville St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130 provides the highest quality of prime beef.

This best steakhouse provides local tastes include jumbo Gulf shrimp, fried oysters and New Orleans Abita beer.

What is the best steakhouse in your state or country?

Wednesday 11 August 2021

A Bouquet from Combinations of Flowers and Vegetables

Fig 01- Roses and vegetable

I am quite surprising that a kind of vegetable is combine with roses to make a bouquet. In term of colors, we may see:

- Green
- pink
- white
- and many others.

The color combinations look so pretty for me.

As far as I know that people mixed the flowers only, rarely from vegetable for bouquet. They choose variety of flowers, include:

- calla lilies
- dahlia
- gardenias
- peonies
- and roses.

Fig 02- Yellow rose with others

I love very red, yellow and white roses. I like white because the color could blend with other. 

Fig 03- Vegetable and roses

Red and yellow refer to warm feeling. Other colors are:

- pink
- burgundy
- peach
- purple
- green
- orange
- and blue.

I just know that green flowers in bouquet mean resilience, health and good fortune. Also, could mean renewal and optimism.

What are Your favorite flowers?

Tuesday 10 August 2021

Mental Awareness and Vaccination – Healthy Life 10

Fig 01- A tree with purple flowers

Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts related to my post about Mental Illness.

I appreciate it.

We are still in May, the awareness of mental illness month, so it is a good moment to be aware about our daily living activities and behaviors that affect our mental health

Prolonged isolation and prolonged restricted activities can lead to discomfort and depression.

Over a year we feel like live in the box, and now we can take a little “fresh air” since more people have been vaccinated.

Louisiana is less number of percentage of vaccination. In Louisiana, the number of people fully vaccinated is 1,438,154, and the percentage of population fully vaccinated is 30.94%.

Fig 02- The clusters of flowers

The rank of Louisiana from 51 states is 48/51. The highest percentage of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is Vermont, 54%.

On May 15, Governor Bell Edward mentioned, “Following the new CDC guidance and in consultation with the LDH, I have revised the current proclamation to give anyone who is fully vaccinated the option to no longer wear a mask while indoors in most places.”

Fig 03- Flowers in the end of branches

But the restrictions are still the same in some places, such in government buildings and hospitals, wearing mask mandatory and distance.

Most Baton Rouge residents still wear mask even though in the places that mask is not mandatory anymore and the outdoors.

Governor Bell Edward brought up, “A growing number of studies on the COVID vaccines have shown the following:

-More than 90% effective in real-world settings at preventing mild and severe disease, hospitalization, and death.
-Effective against the variants currently circulating in the country and state.
-Those who are vaccinated are less likely to spread the virus.”

At the last, if prolonged isolation and prolonged restricted activities can lead to discomfort and depression, better get COVID vaccination. It might prevent our depression; vaccinated persons have more options for their life.

Monday 9 August 2021

Green Bean and Papaya Delight – Food 4

Fig 01- Green Bean and Papaya Delight.

I went to the store and so happy to find the green papaya. This green papaya could be good to make Thai papaya salads, but the green papaya in coconut milk seemed a great choice.

I got a medium size green papaya and a can of leche de coco (coconut milk).

I kept the green papaya in the fridge.

Two days later, I was ready to cook the papaya. The green papaya was still green, and the skin had not changed color.

I peeled the skin; the papaya was still hard. I cut it into half. Oops, the flesh inside was turning to yellow-orangish

I was thinking this papaya looked better for mixed papaya, cucumber, and jicama salads with crushed peanut sauce.

Unfortunately, I have no cucumber, jicama, or other vegetables to make that salad.

Fig 02- Cut green beans.

Okay, just kept it as a plan, the green papaya in coconut milk.

I sliced the flesh papaya thinly, put them in a pan.

Fig 03- Leche de coco

Fig 04- Slices of green papaya.

Then I added:

-crushed ginger, onion, and garlics,
-chili peppers (optional),
-and laurel leaves.

Bringing them to boil.

The color looked like more dessert than vegetable to me, so I added some frozen cut green beans and mixed all of them.

Looked better then!

I added leche de coco (coconut milk), a pinch of salt, and simmer for a while. Lastly, garnish with mint leaves! Looks great and tasty 😊

Have you ever tried this kind of food? What do you call it?

In Philippine, this recipe is called Ginataang Papaya, but the flesh of green papaya must be white color.

I showed this photo to the best chef in this town, Chef James, he called it, Green Bean and Papaya Delight.

Sunday 8 August 2021

Grass in Our Yard during Hot Summer

Fig 01- Lawn mower is starting to work

Type of grass that grew on our lawn seems tolerate to:

- heat
- drought

The grass also need low maintenance only.

We cut grass down almost routinely:

- every three weeks during spring
- two weeks during summer.

You may know that higher temperature together with length day light causes grass grow so fast.

Thus, we need to increase frequency to mow our lawn from every 3 weeks to every two weeks or even every 10 days in the middle of hot temperature.

Because of too heat, F 106 or C 41 degree, we delayed to cut our grass at front and back yards for a while.

41 Celsius degree is not only too hot, but also might dangerous for our health.

Fig 02- Thick and tall grass, but covered by wild weed.

Then, storm and hurricane came. We faced windy and rainy for more than a week.

Fig 03- Our front lawn after grass cut.

Branches fell down everywhere.

Blackout made live inconvenient.

Grass grew uncontrollable.

Grass looks thick and tall than usual.

We observed our grass covered by wild weed. Ugly looking. After finding a proper time, then we clean our lawn.

By the way, how many times a month that your grass cut during summer?

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