Thursday, 16 December 2021

The signs of late stage of Alzheimer's Disease – Part 1 - Alzheimer's 1

It was late Winter when I went to Claire's house.

Chilled outside but in the house was warm enough.

I saw an electric fireplace was on. Claire's uncle was sitting on his wheelchair in front of the fireplace. He was a big guy, and turned around.

Fig 01- A house, just for illustration

When he saw me, he unlocked his chair and get couples of little steps toward me and he moved his right hand toward me.

I thought he want to greet me by hand shaking, but he pulled my hand and kissed it.

He always did the same things to every woman. Women only. He can recognize between man and woman.

Not always! Because he ask about me to his nurse aid, “Who's the man?” I guessed he didn't see my ponytail.

Fig 02- White flowers

Fig 03- An electric fireplace (Photo: Overstock)

He went back to his spot, in front of fireplace. He tried unbutton his top pajama, and took it off.

He wanted to put top pajama on through his feet. Claire came to him and fixed it.

He counted his pajama buttons, “One, two, three, four!” And he said, “Four!”

His nurse aid said, “Yes, you have four buttons.” He recount again and tell her, recount again and tell her, again, and again.

I ask Claire that is he easy get upset, angry, mad, or fight?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Tuesday, 14 December 2021

The Best Tacos which I Love to Consume in Louisiana – Part 2 – Food 10

Fish taco is style of taco from Baja, Mexico. This kind of taco is famous in California as well as in Louisiana. Since our state is hub of seafood industries.

Fig 01- Baja fish taco

The taco is blended of:

- fried fish, usually grouper, sea bass and other marine fish
- cabbages
- creamy sauces

I love fish, especially marine fish, hence this type of taco is comfortable for my tastes.

Fig 02- Taco and other foods

Fig 03- Just for illustration

Fig 04- Barbacoa taco

The fourth type of taco which I love is Barbacoa taco. It is said as an authentic dish from Mexico.

My favorite is goat or lam instead of beef. It is because a goat or lam has specific taste for me.

Like other taco, it can be combined with several kinds of vegetables. The goat or lam is seasoned with spicy stuffs.

What type of tacos do you like?

Do your city, state or country have specific or own taco taste?

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Sunday, 12 December 2021

A Novel of Arian - Then The Fish Swallowed Him - Part 1 – Reading 6

It is just a light novel

Hang on!

Please, take a little attention to see the picture above. Is there something that remind you to your childhood book?

Fig 01- A novel “Then the fish swallowed him.”

Or any imagination in your childhood about the story from the biblical scripture?


It is a story about Jonah, a rebellious prophet. Jonah was swallowed by a giant fish, then he stayed in belly fish for three days.

Many versions about what was going with Jonah in the belly fish.

The story in this book is also about Jonah, Jonah of Iran in the nowadays (I think 😊)!

Fig 02- Illustration only

Fig 03- Peppers, just for illustration

Fig 04- Two fish, made from metal.

The author of this book is Amir Ahmadi Arian, an Iranian journalist and novelist.

He is a lecturer at City College and Baruch College and settling in New York City.

This book is his first novel in English.

Talking about Iran, Iran is one of a few theocracy countries globally which is Islamic Republic.

Iranian call Jonah as Yunus, like other Islamic countries call Yunus as Jonah in western world.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Saturday, 11 December 2021

Could Botulinum Toxin be Turned to Beneficial Substance? - Part 4 – Science 10

You may read the previous postinga (Part 1, 2 and 3):
- Could Botulinum Toxin be Turned to Beneficial Substance? - Part 1 – Science 10

Fig 01- Rice, a dish in many countries.

Why does the toxin lethal and deadly?

The toxin can cause the paralysis of peripheral neuromuscular junction, which is the junction between our nerve to the muscle.

The muscle or striated muscle will excited whenever the nerve release chemical substance acetylcholine.

Botulinum then inactive the protein that regulate release of acetylcholine. Because acetylcholine releasing is prevented by toxin, the muscle cannot excite anymore and becomes paralyze.

Fig 02- Chocolate, an illustration

Fig 03- Pickled eggs

Fig 04- Meat products and an egg

Fig 05- Seafood products at the market

Good news that engineers turned this lethal toxin to beneficial substance for many purposes.

The purified protein of botulinum toxin when administered by injection into the muscle, it can cause local paralyze.

Based on the concepts, this toxin is used in pharmacology for:

- certain disorders
- and also for specifically anti-wrinkle.

Now, I understand that botulinum toxin can be used:

- to cure and heal some diseases
- for cosmetic such as face rejuvenation.

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Thursday, 9 December 2021

The Best Tacos which I Love to Consume in Louisiana – Part 1 – Food 10

Taco Bell is well known franchise to sell taco across America and some parts of the world.

But, we have restaurants which sell special menus of tacos.

Yes, here in Louisiana, actually, we have plenty restaurants sell the best tacos

Fig 01- A Tinga taco is one of my favorites

The restaurants sell many kinds of tacos, and in addition to taco that some restaurants provide hundred of different type of menus.

In respect to taco, I love these four types:

- Tinga taco
- Veggie taco
- Baja fish taco
- Barbacoa taco

Chicken is one of my favorites, then match with sauces (tomatoes, chili), onion sliced, tostadas and beans.

This menu called as tinga taco.

Fig 02- A Taco wrap sold in Walmart

Fig 03- Cloudy weather, illustration only

Fig 04- Veggie taco

Veggie taco contains certain favorite stuff such as:

- cabbages
- spicy or hot stuff (peppers, chili, jalapenos)
- onions
- zucchini
- tomatoes
- cheese
- cilantro and black bean

Some time, veggie taco also includes with meat. Yes, thus, not really 100% veggie.

# To be Continued to Part 2

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Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Changes of Parents Behaviors When Caring a Baby – Part 2 - Science 11

You may read the previous post (Part 1):

Interestingly, female as well as male have the same changes when they take care the infants.

Fig 01- Decoration, just for fun

The changes in respects to:

- brain regions
- and hormonal activities

Their behavior’s changes to deal with new reality that is development of newborns in term of:

- crying
- hearing
- breathing
- sleeping
- reflexes
- and vision.

Fig 02- A cute rabbit, illustration

Fig 03- Painting by Ruth Stuart, local artist

Fig 04- A horse and baby, painted by Ruth Stuart

Fig 05- A little girl and a baby, painted by Ruth Stuart

However, as suggested by Johnston-Ataata and Kokanovic (2014) that most parents have wrong perceptions about having a new baby:

1) Parents misled by social romantic that are both parents and babies will have strong or perfect bonding instantly.

2) Parenthood is wonderful and joyful life event. The perceptions are totally different with reality sometimes.

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Johnston-Ataata, K and Kokanovic, R. (2014, October 2). “Most new parents are totally unprepared for their new babies.” Retrieved from Washington Post.

Monday, 6 December 2021

Could Botulinum Toxin be Turned to Beneficial Substance? - Part 3 – Science 10

You may read previous postings (Part 1 and Part 2):

Fig 01- Fish balls, illustration.

As we know botulinum toxic have been identified as Foodborne botulism, Wound botulism, Infant botulism and Inhalation botulism.

1) Food borne botulism.

- It occurs by consuming food that contaminate with this kind of bacteria or their spore.
- The spore can germinate and produce toxin too.

2) Wound botulism

- It could be caused by the wound infection
- The open wound infected by the spores or bacteria.

Fig 02- Canned mackerel

Fig 03- Wild flower, just for illustration

Fig 04- Quesadilla, ready to consume

Fig 05- Processing food

3) Infant botulism.

- The baby ingests the spore and then in the baby's gut bacteria grow and release toxin.
- It infects the baby under 6 months.

4) Inhalation botulism

- when the person inhaled the botulinum concentrate (aerosolized), It intents to biology weapon or bioterrorism.

# To be continued to Part 4

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