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Important of Microorganisms in Food Industry – Healthy Life 1


Lactobacillus casei, Shirota is used for enumeration of 
Bifidobacterial in fermented milks

Our life might not exist without microorganisms, since these “tiny” unseen creatures help human being in many ways.

They are digesting our food, fixing gases, decomposing waste and involving in may cycles like to break down dead organisms then to be used as fertilizer by living organism as part of food chain.

In industry, microorganisms are widely used in many industries, from small to large scale ones, and from traditional to cutting edge technology industries.

Bacteria, yeast, molds, combination of several microorganisms and even virus are commonly used in many types of industries.

The types of industry include food industry (industrial products), pharmaceutical industry, biotech industry, agriculture industry and waste treatment (reduce toxic pollutants).

In food processing, our ancestors routinely used microorganisms for production of beverages, sausages and dairy products.

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Currently, we could use microorganisms of naturally occurring and genetically modified microorganism to increase food production.

These products (beverages, sausages and dairy products) could be improved their health benefit to public by attaching probiotic microorganisms.

The health benefits include to improve digestion, to protect body from pathogens, increase peristaltic activity in intestine and stimulate immune system.  

Above figure (top of this article) shown an example of probiotic microbes from lactic acid bacteria group.

The bacteria called Lactobacillus casei, Shirota is used in dairy product to improve nutritional and health benefit.

The Japan company, Honsha used this bacterium to produce Yakult. The Yakult is believed nutrient rich drink and could improve immune system.

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  1. Important of Microorganisms in Food Industry – Healthy Life 1


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