Wednesday 9 December 2020

The Gloomy in the Beginning of the Year of Rat – Part 1

This opening of the first year of the Chinese zodiac cycle seems will be a historical year in Medical Microbiology.

Image 1- The cartoon of the Year of Rat.

We welcome to symbol of this year, Rat, but we have never ever welcome to the beautiful and powerful name, which is “Corona” virus.

It was not long ago, 2002, we were shocked about the corona virus that attack human upper respiratory, and this virus so easily roamed in the air to find the nice niche to grow, human respiratory tracts.

The severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak began in South China's Guangdong Province in November 2002.

Image 2- Neighborhood in the morning, illustration

Image 3- A mouse, Illustration only

There was 8000 people got infection and at least 750 people death. This disease spread through respiratory droplets and also:

- sweat
- urine
- and feces.

Coronavirus is enveloped virions with the longest positive RNA genome. The surface of the envelope are glycoproteins.

Those glycoproteins have club-shaped and cling around the surface so that it looks like a “corona” or halo under the electron microscope.

The glycoprotein functions are:

- to bind to the host
- and fusion activity.

# To be continued to Part 2

* December 09, 2020


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