Tuesday 6 July 2021

Which One Has Vitamin C more - Red Bell Pepper or Orange? - Healthy Life 4

Fig 01- Red bell pepper

Few people consume red bell pepper sometimes, but many people love to consume it often with their own reasons.

Actually, we familiar with this vegetable. I always see red bell pepper whenever I went to groceries.

The price is reasonable, depend on groceries, generally about US$ 1 each or less.

They are fresh and attractive.

However, if there is a comparative question: Which one has vitamin C more - Red Bell Peppers or Oranges?

You might answer suddenly: an orange!

Is it right?


Off course not!


Fig 02- Sliced papaya, rich in vitamin C

Fig 03- several colors of bell peppers

Vitamin C in the medium size orange is 69.7 mg

Vitamin C in the cup of chopped red bell pepper is 190 mg, about three times of vitamin C in the orange.

Other fruit and vegetable contain more vitamin C than an orange as reported by Christine Matthels (Health, January 27, 2020) are:

- Chili
- Kale
- Broccoli
- Papaya
- Strawberry
- Cauliflower
- Brussels sprouts
- Pineapple
- Kiwi
- Mango

Now, we understand that a lot of alternatives as sources of vitamin C in addition to oranges.

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