Wednesday 9 November 2022

Commercial Firewood in Our City, Baton Rouge

There is no record the number of households use firewood for heating in our city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Image 1- Commercial firewood

Our state does not include in top 14 states using firewood for any purposes. The most of 6 states using firewood are:

- Vermont
- Maine
- Montana
- Idaho
- Oregon
- New Mexico

Image 2- Small business cutting firewood

However, we may find the places easily which sale firewood, especially during hurricane seasons and winter season.

Image 3- Selling of firewood

The blackout is common if our city hit by natural disasters, in this case is hurricane or storms.

Image 4 – Firewood in the room

More than 5 storms arrive in our state per year. In addition to generators, some people pile up firewood for preparation.

Several people I know said that heating by firewood is cheaper compared to electric bill during cold temperature.

The cost for 1 cord is range between US$ 175 to US$ 300, depend very much to wood quality and size of wood.

One cord consists of 600 to 700 pieces woods with size of 16 x 4 inches. One home may use 1 cord for two to three months.

Electric bill is about US$ 245 per month in Louisiana. So, using of firewood for heating is reasonable cheaper compared to electric bill.

Honestly, we never used firewood for heating. How about you?


  1. Aquí, en Colombia usan la leña, mayormente en el campo para cocinar, pues no tenemos estaciones, sino temporadas de lluvia y secas. Un abrazo. Carlos

  2. Moro em um país tropical, o meu estado tem o clima muito quente, não precisamos de aquecimento na época do inverno.

    Saúde e paz

  3. More and more people use firewood to for heating...I could smell it when I took a walk in our neighbourhood.

  4. Yo tampoco.
    Además aquí en Barcelona, no hace mucho frío en invierno ni hay grandes fenómenos meteorológicos.


  5. Yo tampoco... Aunque según como siga esta crisis... a saber.
    Siempre interesantes tus entradas. 👏🏼👏🏼

  6. Firewood smell is very pleasant for me.

  7. No, no uso leña, pero el el mejor calor. Un abrazo.


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