Saturday, 19 November 2022

Pickle Eggs in the Neighborhood Market – Food 30

I am familiar with salted egg and used to love it. I didn’t aware of pickle eggs until I saw them in the farmer market at our neighborhoods.

Image 1- Pickle eggs in the jar

In general speaking, based on my own knowledge that the differences of pickle and salted eggs:

- salted eggs made from duck eggs
- chicken eggs are used for pickle eggs.

Off course, some people make pickle or salted eggs from other eggs their like such as geese, birds and even alligator’s eggs.

Image 2- One brand of Pickled eggs in the market

Image 3- Quail eggs sold in Walmart

My neighbors told me that in Louisiana, there was a special dish called as “a Cajun pickle egg” that was alligator pickle eggs. But, this kind of practice is not common, and might not exist anymore as far as I know.

I saw quail pickle eggs in the market, and it seems start to favor in recent days. From internet sources, the quail eggs are good but not “superior” compared to chicken eggs.

Have you ever consumed pickle eggs?

What do you think?


  1. I love quail eggs!! Don't think I have ever tried the pickled eggs.

  2. Carjun pickle eggs sound very interesting that I never tried before

  3. No.
    Los he comido fritos o pasados por agua.


  4. Nunca los he comido y ni sabia que existieran, hay que ver lo que se aprende jaja . Gracias , un besote grande.

  5. No, desconocía que existían o que pudieran cocinarse así. Una cosa interesante que he aprendido hoy. Gracias


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