Tuesday 10 May 2022

What kinds of foods are Consumed by Crowned Night Heron? - Nature 22

You may read previous posting (Part 1), talking about crown heron (yellow crown night heron) at our neighborhood:

- Crowned Heron Crawfishing Near Our Neighborhood – Part 1 – Nature 20

Image 1- A crown heron is walking

We tried to find the answer of previous question: “What kinds of foods are consumed by Yellow Crowned Night Heron?”

Online searching found that there are 3 (three) categories (types) of this bird menus, they are:

- fish
- crustaceans
- other small critters.

Image 2- Beautiful flowers

The crowned night herons consume any kind of little fish which they are able to catch in the shallow waters.

Image 3- Little dog playing in the yard

Crawfish and crabs are the main crustaceans eaten by night herons. Crawfish looks like little crab.

Image 4- Crown night heron on the grass

These crustaceans are found easily in the areas such as:

- ditches
- canals
- swamps
- wetlands
- rivers
- lakes

In respect to other small critters, crowned night heron's diets may include frogs, rodents, mollusks (clams and mussels), insects and even snakes.

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Monday 9 May 2022

CATS Transport System in Our City Baton Rouge, LA

Our city has transport system called as CATS stand for Capital Area Transit System.

Image 1- CATS wait for passenger

CATS has 29 bus routes to cover the capital areas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana with operation hours from 5.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

This is not government institution, but an independent agency. Its funding from multiple sources include:

- state government
- federal administration
- city of Baton Rouge government
- East Baton Rouge parish
- and local property tax (a local millage).

Image 2- Our neighborhood, just illustration

Off course no free rides for common people, we must buy ticket to commute around town.

Image 3- CATS on the road

There are four types of ticket available:

- pass for 31 days with price US$ 56
- US$ 24.5 for 15 days ride pass
- pass for 7 days with price US$19
- and all-day pass with price US$ 4.

Free for students during weekdays, and free for certain communities on Saturday and Sunday with designed routes such as from specific stops to shopping areas (supermarket complexes)

The CATS sell special ticket for football seasons. The games start from September and end in November each year. Ticket price was US$ 60.

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Saturday 7 May 2022

GUTSY WOMEN of Hillary and Chelsea – Part 1 – Reading 10

Temperature so high in this late spring in our state, so just staying at home with a cup of sweet tea and some books.

Image 1- The book of Gutsy Women

One of the books is “The book of Gutsy Women, Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.”

The authors are Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea.

In the launched of this book, Hillary said that this idea rose because since Chelsea was a little girl, she talked about the inspirational courage resilient woman and role models.

Then mother and daughter came up with the book about women “For everyone looking for inspiration to live their own gutsy life.”

Image 2- Dogwood flowers at a corner

Image 3- A calm street in our city

Image 4- Flowers at neighborhood

This book is about the stories of the woman that they deeply admire them because those women have redefined its possible not only for themselves but also for us.

I am really wondering what types of people that can inspire their life. Hillary is very tough lady!

Hillary Clinton was US Secretary of State, New York State Senator, and she also practicing as a lawyer, First Lady of US (1993-2001) and First Lady of Arkansas (1983-1992).

# To be continued to Part 2

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Friday 6 May 2022

Weekly Farmer Market at Our Neighborhood

We have at least two daily farmer markets close to our neighborhood. The market open from Monday to Sunday.

Image 1- Few tents of farmer market.

Weekly farmer market on Tuesday only. Very small markets. Open hours very short, about 3 to 5 hours:

- from 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM during late winter to spring.
- from 3.30 PM to 6.30 PM during late spring to summer.

Actually, the hours could be little bit shorter or longer, depend on number of factors such as:

- customers
- sell items
- and weather conditions.

Image 2- Fresh corn

Market in the parking areas of our city, Baton Rouge main library. Sellers come from the groups of:

- real farmers
- food artisans

Image 3- Corn on the cob, ready to grill

Uniquely, we can’t find bananas and mangoes, because they are import produces.

Image 4- One of favorite fruits

All produces are grown by local farmers. The farmers are member of association called as Red Stick Farmers.

Image 5- Vegetables on the table

Off course, the weekly farmer market is not big market, just very few farmers participate. I guess no more than 6 tents (farmers) every week.

Local produces sold in the market may include:

- fresh fruits and vegetables
- meats
- homemade foods (pies and bread)
- honey, milk and cheese
- native plants and herbs
- specialty food items.

Do you have weekly farmer markets in your neighborhood?

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Wednesday 4 May 2022

In what chromosomes are the gene mutation related to Alzheimer's Disease? - Part 1 - Alzheimer's 5

In the postings (part 1 and 2), I have two images about chromosomes that related to Alzheimer's disease.

Image 1- Human chromosome with a combination of fluorescence dyes.

The image 1 above is an artificial line up of chromosome.

There are always in a pair to indicate one chromosome is from mother and another one is from father.

Every pair of chromosome is arranged based on their number and become a full set of 46 chromosome.

This arrangement is called karyotype. 

Image 2- Walking path, just illustration

Image 3- A bottle, just for illustration

Image 04- A little library at the corner

Karyotype arrangement to help to identify if there is variation in the specific chromosome (pair of chromosome)

Then, relevant scientists will try to find out whether variation refer to disorder or just normal.

The chromosomes are packages of long string of genes. A gene is a segment of DNA that contain the code for making a particular protein.

To identify for human chromosomes, we can see from the unique banding pattern. Some abnormalities or diseases can be learned from the bands.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Tuesday 3 May 2022

Parks for Dogs in My City Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Part 2

You may read previous post (Part 1):

- The Rainbow Before Evening : Parks for Dogs in My City Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Part 1

Fig 01- Dogs play in the park

I visited City Brooks community park several times. Not specific for dogs, but for families or every body:

- old
- young
- and kids.

The park is administrated by an agency called Recreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge (BREC).

Fig 02- Dogs in neighborhood

Fig 03- Street, just for illustration

Fig 04- A dog in the park

The main purpose of the park is to provide recreational opportunities for families from nearby areas.

Size of park is more than 150,000 acres, in addition to green areas, it covers many facilities such as:

- tennis courts and ball fields
- a swimming pool and a fishing lake

The area for dogs is quite big, hence we can find separate areas for small and big dogs. The pups playing area is available as well.

How many dog parks in your city?

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Monday 2 May 2022

Colorful Flowers in the Spring – Nature 21

We found many types and colors of flower when walking or jogging in our neighborhood area.

I believe the following flowers are daylily (corrected by Yvonne that are Iris instead of daylily).

Fig 01- Purple flower

By Googling, it said there are plenty of day-lily flowers. About six colors are very common:

- purple
- white
- pink
- red
- orange
- yellow

Fig 02- Is it red or pink color?

Fig 03- Several flower with light purple color

Fig 04- Yellow color

Fig 05- Dark purple

Since our state, Louisiana is a southern state, the blooming of day-lily flowers could be from March to April or early May.

In the Northern states, blooming time from May to June. Blooming just in short period, about 1 to 5 weeks.

Then, we might wonder: how long does day-lily lifespan?

Depend on varieties. Rae Oliver (2022) In Posting “Growing Daylilies: When, Where & How To Plant Daylily Flowers,” said that Daylilies could reach several years.

However, the flowers blooming less after reaching six years.

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