Thursday, 7 July 2022

A Chemist who Loves to Cook – Part 2 - Reading 11

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Image 1- Salad, just for illustration

Then they engage in nice conversations.

There are some amusing things in this book that make the readers will not put this book down.

Such as the first chapter, how she makes a conclusion to a skinny daughter when she was sleeping.

She always cooks dan packs good, tasty, and nutritious meals in her daughter’s lunchbox.

Image 2- Lesson in chemistry, one of the most popular books of 2022

She is happy because her daughter always empties them. But, why her daughter’s weight less than supposed to, and she can not image her daughter has cancer.

Blood cancer? Anemia?

Somebody must be eating her daughter meals!

Image 3- Purple flowers, myrtle

When she looks at her daughter, the story back to 1961. Then, another funny thing is after she gave birth to her daughter, every time the nurse come to her and ask about her pain and feeling, her answer is always “mad”.

Yes, she said that she is mad. Mad. Mad. She also mad when people asked about her daughter.

Image 4- Bonnie Garmus, the author of Lessons of Chemistry 

Then, her daughter is called Mad. Could be her legal name is Mad?

She tried to find many girl names, and nothing match with the last name Zott. She is still mad, Mad Zott. Yes, Mad Zott. Madeline Zott.

I was wondering what folks think about this book, then I went to

The site states this is one of the most Popular Book (2022) with 4.43/5 stars from 43,916 ratings.

What do you think about this book and the rating? I believe this book is a fun book for the summer reading.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Cooked Snail is a Favorite Dish in Many Asian Countries – Food 18

It is common to eat cooked snails in Southeast Asia region, even as one of favorite cuisines.

Image 1- Cooked Sea snails, one of favorite cuisines

We might find snail as a menu from luxury hotels to street vendors with reasonable price.

Cheap, fresh and tasty.

Both freshwater and marine snails are popular as source of foods. We could find snails in many forms of dishes.

There, if we wish, we may try to cook by ourselves. Plenty of fresh snails is sold in the markets or seafood markets as well as recipes to cook snails in bookstores.

Image 2- Books, just for illustration

Image 3- Flowers in the garden, blooming

Image 4- Sea snail’s cuisine sold by street vendors

I mean in this posting that the South East Asian countries where cooked snails are favorite:

- Vietnam
- Thailand
- Malaysia
- and Indonesia.

Snails are popular cuisines in China and in Japan as well. Japanese eats abalone, turbo snails and whelks as sashimi. They eat raw soft meat of snail with special seasoning.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Factors Causing the Late Onset Alzheimer's Diseases – Part 1 - Alzheimer’s 7

In previous posts, several signs of the early onset Alzheimer's dementia had been covered.

Image 1- The cartoon above is an illustration about a relationship of Brain and Heart that I pulled from the awkwardyetidotcom.

Now, it is about the late onset, the symptoms appear when a person in the mid 60s and later of age.

The exact causes of late onset are remaining unknown. The scientists believe the cause could be a combination of three factors:

- life style
- environment
- genetic.

Image 2- Wild fruits in the park

Image 3- Crowd people in the park

Genetic markers related to the late onset form of Alzheimer's disease is associated with chromosome 19.

The mutation genes that cause increase Apoliprotein E (APOE). A person who inherit one copy of the APOE e4 has a big chance for developing this disease.

APOE primarily produced by liver and macrophages, and APOE4 is associated with:

- hyperlipidaemia
- and hypercholesterolemia.

Generally, the APOE is associated with various conditions of disease progression, not only Alzheimer's Disease.

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Monday, 4 July 2022

Buy One Get One Free of Frappuccino – Part 2

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Image 1- Frappuccino in the bottles, sold in Walmart

A Frappuccino is one of starbucks products. It is a drink of an ice blended coffee.

In addition, there is combination of:

- whipped cream
- sauces
- milk
- natural and artificial flavors
- sugar
- carrageenan, potassium sorbate and various special ingredients.

Image 2- A summer flower, Myrtle

Image 3- Just for illustration

Image 4- Love to eat while drinking coffee

We found whipped cream and sauces on the top of paper cup, when we drink Frappuccino.

Later, other days, I found Frappuccino is sold in bottles in grocery stores such as Walmart.

Bottles with small size about 9.5 ounces, while upsize bottle is 13.7-ounce. Price of 15 bottles of 9.5 ounces is US$ 26.22.

Some vending machines also provided Frappuccino bottles. We may find vending machines in some public areas.

Have you tried Frappuccino? What do you thinks?

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Sunday, 3 July 2022

Do You Know the words of Crwth and Cwtch?

May we find words without vowel in English?

The answer might surprise you!

Image 1- Crwth, an ancient Celtic instrument (credit to internet).

Yes, we could use Merriam-Webster, Urban Dictionary, Thesaurus and Collin English Dictionary to search its.

Nowadays, you just search through internet. Simple, easy

It is believed that at least two words with 5 letters have no vowels. You can see that the two words look like similar:

- Crwth
- Cwtch

Image 2- Succulent plants, illustration

Crwth is spelled “crouth,” in which “w” is changed or pronounced to vowels of “ou.” It was stringed music instrument resembles to “violin.”

Image 3- Cloudy sky, illustration only

The instrument was invented about 11th century, then modified in 13th century. It was played through 1800’s.

Image 4- A green at yard

However, in modern time, some parts of England still use “crwth” word to refer to “violin.”

Image 5- A squirrel, seen from window screen

Then, the word “cwtch” is pronounced “kutch.” In this case, “c” read as “k” and “w” as “u.”

Image 6- Myrtle with pinks flowers

The word associates with some meaning:

- cuddle
- huge
- a shed
- cubbyhole
- cupboard
- tiny space for safety

Do you know some other words without vowels? Or, do you have words without vowels in your own languages?

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Saturday, 2 July 2022

Homemade of Illegal Burrito – Food 17

What? Illegal Burrito?

You might wonder with words of “illegal burrito.” Actually, it is a burrito, a Mexican – American cuisine.

Image 1- Rolls of illegal burrito

The fact that illegal burrito or izzo illegal burrito is a brand name for a restaurant franchise which sell burrito.

The restaurant was open in our city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2021. Yes, about 21 years ago.

A quite long for survival times of a small restaurant in the campus area of just a state university.

The restaurant was designed to serve for students and faculty members at the beginning. Now, it has been developed into many branches.

Image 2- Filling of burrito

Based on our understanding that Izzo’s Illegal Burrito restaurants have been expanded throughout southern states of USA.

Image 3- Ingredients of burrito

We can find the Illegal Burrito restaurants in 14 locations, and at least in the following three states:

- Alabama
- Louisiana
- Mississippi

Image 4- Tomatoes in the bowl, ready to be used

I believe that illegal burrito is like other “normal” burritos with two main important parts: a wrapped of flour tortilla and ingredients.

We should grill or heat a wrapped of flour tortilla to make its softer before consuming its.

Image 5- Cutting of rolled burrito

Burrito ingredients are based our own tastes, since this is homemade, our ingredients are consists of:

- cooked dices chicken meat
- refried beans
- dice tomatoes
- shredded lettuce
- and sour cream

Have you tasted burrito?

What do you think?

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Friday, 1 July 2022

Little Libraries in our Neighborhood

We, our neighborhood have “creative” way to swap the books, by creating a kind of little libraries.

Image 1- A little library attached to the wall

People in our neighborhood also call this little library as:

- books swap box
- books donation bin

Uniquely, this library opens 24 hours a week, no holiday, no closing hours and sure, no librarians.


Image 2- A street, just for illustration

Image 3- Another little library

Image 4- We can open library by ourselves

It is because there is no lock, hence, everyone can “open and close” the library anytime they wish. Then, what the meaning of books swap?

A neighbor can take one book, but he or she leaves one in its place. So, a neighbor has a book to put in there when taking one.

She or he can do it again and again in other days. In addition to swap, a neighbor may donate books as many as she or he wish.

I read from internet that this tradition was start in Europe. Many European countries practicing this kind of books swap.

How about with your country? Are there books swap tradition?

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