Sunday 13 December 2020

Nobody Can Replace a Mama's Love – Cardiovascular - Part 1

An autumn color's tree

Summer is over, and I need to reorganize my “study room” before Fall Semester get started. An orange storage bin in the corner of room attracted my sight.

It was a pumpkin color bin for all my papers, notes, and text books of Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology and my research paper about Cardio-myocyte.

I was holding my research report. It brought me to the time when I was high school, once a month I and whole my classmates run circling stadium for physical Science class.

Now I lost three of them. They were my classmates, and one of them was a special person for me.

I know her since we were fifteen-year-old at the first day freshman in the high school. We did our school assignments and projects together.

We grow together. We spent the most our time in the school and after school activities, and the friendship get along till we got a job and married.

Creation of a Christmas tree.

Then, I had moved out from our town for some reasons.

The last time I met her was in her office lobby, I saw her get out from her room walked toward me with her beautiful smile, gave me her warmest hug, and asked me about my new place.

I still remember her happy face, happy life, and happy marriage with her adorable kids, and she was so excited to let me know that she, her husband, and kids were going spend a week vacation in Singapore.

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