Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Nobody Can Replace a Mama's Love – Cardiovascular - Part 2

Red flower beside my office.

She and I love the things related to the fishes, we spent sometimes either fishing or visiting any fisheries in our county.

So we have the same idea that the Underwater World Singapore was the best and closest place to introduce many species, sizes, hues, and behaviors of fishes to our kids.

Each of us was so busy at work and taking care kids, but we kept in touch via social media where we used to support each other. Suddenly, bad news hit my nerves.

It was un-acceptable...she was so young, agile, and always excited about her kids and her life. She passed away in doing her duty as a civil servant.

It was so sad and so sudden. I was very much down to think about the kids, three of them (3, 5, and 7) always stick to her, they need her. Nobody can replace a mama's love for them.

A wonderful red flower

It was a heartbreaking to imagine how her kids' feeling about losing their mama. Can they understand that their mama had never ever among them again...Oh nooo!!!!! The cause her death was very brutal.

Two years later a boy that sit among us in the class also suddenly passed away, and the other one was last year he also passed away suddenly in his duty visitation.

I stared at my paper work in my hand, I opened, there is in the first page:

Cardiovascular disease is any disease that involves the heart and blood vessels and the most causing of death and disability effects in the US.

This disease kills about 630,000 people every year in only the United State, and there are 28.4 million of adults are identified having heart disease (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018).

Many action plans and strategies based on etiology and risk factors to prevent these diseases. The researchers are also going on to reveal the ways that could protect and prevent the heart from any injuries and damages that lead to cardiovascular diseases.

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  1. Nobody Can Replace a Mama's Love – Cardiovascular - Part 2


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