Wednesday, 3 February 2021

A chocolate as a Gift for Valentine’s Day

Homemade chocolates covered strawberries

Plenty of gifts for valentine’s day is available in the market, from cheap to expensive ones.

Many people to choose chocolate as a gift for this special day with several reasons:

- tradition since old days

- symbol of love

- emotional reasons

- stimulate love

- to make connections with others

- promote spiritual wisdom

- reasonable price.

As we know, heart shape is the most popular for gift in valentine’s day, may be every where in this planet.

However, trending gift in our neighborhood is chocolates covered strawberries. Homemade chocolate by seasonal small business.

Colorful chocolate in the box

The price is a quite reasonable with almost a half price compared to market price with similar quality product.

We may wonder why are chocolates covered strawberries favorite for valentine’s day gift in my neighborhood recently?

The reasons are quite simple:

- perfect combination of chocolate and strawberry

- chocolate is a symbol of love, wisdom and relationship

- strawberry is refer to love of goddess, Venus.

Do you like chocolate and strawberry? Do you have specific gift for valentine’s day?

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