Thursday, 28 January 2021

A Tropical Plant Called Pineapple – Food 1


A pineapple fruit, ready to consume.

I called a “nanas” or pineaple in English when I was a kid. Pineapple is a plant, actually, and plant has a fruit.

But, we just call fruit as a pineaple for simplicity. There are many pineapple fruit in American groceries.

Price is less than US$2 each, quite reasonable, since its may come from far away, from tropical countries.

Pineapple is believed native to South America with scientific name Ananas comosus, then distributed and cultivated worldwide, especially to other tropical regions.

World produced about 28 million tons per year. Top 5 producer countries are:

- Costa Rica

- Philippines

- Brazil

- Thailand

- India

The pineapples in the grocery store

I like a pineapple because of its sweetness, and the taste might be combination of apple and orange citrus.

The ripe pineapple seems less bitter, the same with zesty and orange fruit.

From internet sources, here some benefit of pineapple by eating a slice pineapple per day:

- helping digesting

- increasing energy intake

- boosting metabolism

- nourishing skin, hair, teeth and nails

- keeping health in general.

Have you tasted pineapple? What do you think?


  1. I do love pineapple. Its really handy to even have those little cans of juice. I like putting the chunks in smoothies. It can help your diet and especially if you have inflamatory issues. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks-
      A Tropical Plant Called Pineapple – Food 1


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