Saturday 5 November 2022

A House for “Quarantined for Life” - Part 2 – Healthy Life 25

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Image 1- Hansen diseases museum (credit to Atlas Obscura)

The Museum is located at 5445 Point Clair Rd. Carville. LA 70721. To reach this site from my city, Baton Rouge, there are some routes:

Interstate 10 (I-10 E)
US-61 South
E Hwy 30E

Interestingly, especially for me that there are verdant plantations, fields of sugar cane, and towering chemical plants along the way to the Point Clair.

Image 2- Decoration from pumpkin

This place is also called the Native (American) Indian Camp. In the past, Indian Houmas people used this area for hunting of wild animals and fishing.

Image 3- American flag fly over the roof

Beside Indian Camp, this site has different names along its history. At least three different well-known names, they are:

- Louisiana Leper Home

- The Louisiana Hansen's Disease Center
- National Hansen Disease Museum.

The museum is opened in 1999, after closing of hospital in 1998. The main purposes of museum to display live of Hansen disease patients and staff members.

Recent days, the museum provides education to who interests on Hansen’s diseases, include its prevention and treatment knowledge.

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  1. Y estéticamente muy hermoso.


  2. Una buena vista nos dejas , feliz finde abrazos.

  3. Fazer uma quarentena numa casa assim é maravilhoso!! :))
    Bom fim de semana.

  4. Leprosy is nasty. It can masquerade in all sorts of manifestations. The centre is well established for this purpose

  5. I had to investigate because I didn't know what Hanseníase was...
    I think it's an eradicated disease, don't is?
    A comfortable rainy Sunday. 🌈

  6. Que interesante este artículo. Feliz domingo. Un abrazo.


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