Thursday, 3 November 2022

Some Facts about Pomegranate – Healthy Life 26

I thought Pomegranates grow in tropical countries only, and then exported to the USA markets.

Image 1- Pomegranate is source of antioxidant

In fact, this fruit grow well not only in dry states such as California and Arizona, but also in other certain states.

We may see Pomegranate as one of local fruit at local markets in several states include:

- North Carolina
- Utah
- Alabama and Florida
- and Texas

Image 2- Sweet seeds of Pomegranate

In our state, Louisiana, the fruit abundant during summer until early autumn seasons.

Almost all farmer markets sell Pomegranate with reasonable, and even lower prices on those times.

Image 3- Pomegranates sold in the local farmer market.

The special about the fruit that they contain a lot of (high in):

- dietary fiber and folic acid
- vitamin (C and K)
- antioxidant compounds and punicalagins (anti inflammatory compound)

In case of antioxidant properties, as you might know, it is believed that Pomegranate may reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol, then to improve hearth, prostate, digestive and brain conditions.

However, Pomegranate is higher sugar content, 14 gram sugar of 100 gram fruit, hence, it is not recommended to consume more than 100 gram fruit for diabetes patients.

Have you eaten Pomegranate?

If yes, do you like it?


  1. My husband loves fresh pomegranates!

  2. I love the fresh taste in summer

  3. Desconhecia de todo em que clima nascia este fruto. Pelos vistos pode nascer em vários climas.
    Excelente partilha, minha amiga!
    Votos de um excelente fim de semana.

    Mário Margaride

  4. Me encanta esta fruta, y si le pones vino tinto y azúcar ya ni te cuento ajaj. Un abrazo feliz fin de semana.

  5. It abounds here, in the south of Portugal... It's a shame to take so much trouble to eat, because it's fantastic in antioxidants!...

  6. Sí que he comido.
    Y me gusta mucho.

  7. Hola, es una fruta que suelo comer en temporada, es muy bonita, rica y vistosa. Greacias.

  8. Me ha gustado tu blog, enhorabuena!!! Saludos desde el norte de España.

  9. Em Portugal também temos muitas romãzeiras :)
    Tentarei guiar o coração irrequieto
    Bom fim de semana.


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