Wednesday 18 January 2023

Learning Process Based on My Own Experienced – Part 3– Science 28

Image 1- The painting by a local artist

Moreover, I able to analyze and distinguish for every shock such as etiology, process, signs and symptoms, and prognosis.

The causes of shock is not merely heart disease but also caused by infection (Septic shock), dehydration and burns also cause shock (Hypovolemic Shock).

I able to explain how pain and fear can lead shock (Vasogenic or Neurogenic Shock), and how do the foods, medications, venom, and latex lead shock (anaphylatic shock) (analyzing level).

Image 2- A cat on the street, illustration

Finally, based on this experience, I have reached the analyzing level in Bloom's Taxonomy levels.

Image 3- The banquet of flowers

I have prepared for the diagnosis of the complexity of human diseases, and the investigation of sign and symptoms.

Those are to prepared for future education and training in areas of human medicine.

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  6. When there is no perfusion pressure, it means death

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  10. I recently had an anaphylactic shock caused by an antibiotic...
    I felt at the end, luckily I vomited the medicine...
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