Tuesday 17 May 2022

Rose breasted grosbeak Comes to Our Neighborhood – Nature 23

This migration bird visit our neighborhood rarely, even some neighbors never seen it for long time.

Luckily, we have seen Rose breasted grosbeak in late spring of this year. The birds visited some neighbor’s feeders.

Image 1- Rose breasted grosbeak sitting on the feeder

The birds live and breed during spring and summer seasons in many American states and even in Canada.

In the fall and winter, then, Rose breasted grosbeak return to the south in the countries or regions such as:

- Mexico
- Central America
- South America
- and the Caribbean

Image 2- Bougainvillea flowers, illustration

Image 3- Wild yellow flowers

Image 4- Sweet bird, Rose breasted grosbeak

We believe, Rose breasted grosbeaks migrate from Mexico, then go up to the North America and Canada.

Some of them stop by in our state then breeding. This bird love to breed in areas such as:

- woodlands
- forest edges
- and in the parks

Our neighborhoods have less trees in recent years, hence its might be reason why this bird not seen quite a while.

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Sunday 15 May 2022

Summer is a Perfect Time to Ride a Motorbike

This month temperature is around 86* F (30* C) in our city, Baton Rouge, LA. The hottest day around July to August could reach 104* F (40* C), but quite rare in the middle of day.

Image 1 – Motorbike ready to run.

For some people, especially in my neighborhood in respect to motorbikes, it is a good time to:

- ride a motorbike
- buy a new motorbike
- sell a secondhand motorbike
- etc

There are 5 famous motorbike brands in my city, and neighborhood. What are they?

Image 2- Motorbike stand on the front house

Image 3- Honda motorbike from left side

Image 4- Honda shadow motorbike

Image 5- Ready to ride

Top 5 brands in my areas (neighborhood) are: Harley-Davidson, BMW, Ducati, Honda and Kawasaki

These brands come from 4 well known countries in term of automotive relate industries: USA (Harley-Davidson), Germany (BMW), Italy (Ducati) and Japan (Honda and Kawasaki)

The above 5 photos (Image 1 to Image 5) show Honda Shadow with specifications: colors of black and chrome, 750cc engine, and year 2001.

Finally, do you love to ride motorbike?

What brand you favor?

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Saturday 14 May 2022

Differences of Shale Oil, Crude Oil and Fracking – Science 12

I wonder when listening about “fracking” during US presidential campaigns in 2020.

Then, I tried to find out what fracking is.

Image 1- Location of Shale Oil and Crude Oil
(credit to Petroleum Management)

Fracking is the method to drill oil and gas by using high pressure to make fracture in the shale formations.

Shale formation is below surface, could be near to more than one thousand feet (300 meter more).

Layer thickness may from few meters to hundred meters, then, from here the shale oil is extracted.

Image 2 – Wild flowers under tree

Two effect of fracking technique, bad and good sides.

1) Bad sides if lack of safety rules:

- poison groundwater and surface water
- disturb wildlife

Image 3- Mold on the leaves

2) Good effects:

- could replace coal for energy sources, hence decrease air pollution.
- increase energy security

Moreover, as you might know that conventional or crude oil is closer to surface (please see image 1).

In term of cost production, crude oil is cheaper than shale oil. As mentioned by Investopedia (2022), the cost comparison is following:

1) crude oil cost between US$ 20 to US$ 31, and even lower US$ 10 per barrel in Saudi Arabia.

2) Shale oil cost between US$ 46 to US$ 58 per barrel.

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Thursday 12 May 2022

In what chromosomes are the gene mutation related to Alzheimer's Disease? - Part 2 - Alzheimer's 5

You may read previous posting (Part 2):

Image 1. Chromosome 19 
 (Image from US National Library of Medicine)

Despite of the late onset Alzheimer's dementia causes are still unknown, but the scientists tend to say that it could be by a combination of:

- lifestyle
- environmental
- and genetic.

The specific genes that directly cause the late onset Alzheimer's disease is from Chromosome 19 (Please see Image 1).

Image 2- Walking Iris

Image 3- Red flower, just illustration

The genetic marker of Alzheimer's disease on chromosome 19 is APOE. The mutation in this chromosome cause increases Apolipoprotein E (APOE) that plays a big role in memory ability in aging.

For the early onset Alzheimer's disease comes about a person between thirties and mid-sixties is caused by genetic mutation.

The mutation was in the any one of number of different of single gene in any chromosome with number 1, 14, and 21.

In my opinion, this is one of interesting parts to understand Alzheimer's disease.

Isn’t it?

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Wednesday 11 May 2022

What are Health Benefit of Eating Mango? - Part 2 – Health Life 19

You may read previous posting (Part 2):

- The Rainbow Before Evening : What are Health Benefit of Eating Mango? - Part 1 – Health Life 19

Image 1- Mango sold in Walmart grocery.

As fruits, mango rich in vitamin. Sure, it also contains carbohydrate and minerals. Let’s see the contents:

- Vitamin (C, A, B6 and E)
- Iron
- Calcium
- Zinc
- Gallotannins
- Mangiferin
- Antioxidants
- Protein
- Low calories and fats

Image 2- Walking or jogging path at neighborhood

Image 3- Little sago palm trees for sale

Image 4- Mango trees in Florida, USA

Result of internet searching that mango has some health benefits:

- Improve immune system
- Help heart health
- Stimulate digestive health
- Lower cholesterol level and Improve skin health

My own reasons to eat mango:

- It could improve my health (improve immunity) during winter
- Make me feel fresh, especially mango juice during hot summer

Do you like to eat mango? What is your reason?

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Tuesday 10 May 2022

What kinds of foods are Consumed by Crowned Night Heron? - Nature 22

You may read previous posting (Part 1), talking about crown heron (yellow crown night heron) at our neighborhood:

- Crowned Heron Crawfishing Near Our Neighborhood – Part 1 – Nature 20

Image 1- A crown heron is walking

We tried to find the answer of previous question: “What kinds of foods are consumed by Yellow Crowned Night Heron?”

Online searching found that there are 3 (three) categories (types) of this bird menus, they are:

- fish
- crustaceans
- other small critters.

Image 2- Beautiful flowers

The crowned night herons consume any kind of little fish which they are able to catch in the shallow waters.

Image 3- Little dog playing in the yard

Crawfish and crabs are the main crustaceans eaten by night herons. Crawfish looks like little crab.

Image 4- Crown night heron on the grass

These crustaceans are found easily in the areas such as:

- ditches
- canals
- swamps
- wetlands
- rivers
- lakes

In respect to other small critters, crowned night heron's diets may include frogs, rodents, mollusks (clams and mussels), insects and even snakes.

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Monday 9 May 2022

CATS Transport System in Our City Baton Rouge, LA

Our city has transport system called as CATS stand for Capital Area Transit System.

Image 1- CATS wait for passenger

CATS has 29 bus routes to cover the capital areas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana with operation hours from 5.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

This is not government institution, but an independent agency. Its funding from multiple sources include:

- state government
- federal administration
- city of Baton Rouge government
- East Baton Rouge parish
- and local property tax (a local millage).

Image 2- Our neighborhood, just illustration

Off course no free rides for common people, we must buy ticket to commute around town.

Image 3- CATS on the road

There are four types of ticket available:

- pass for 31 days with price US$ 56
- US$ 24.5 for 15 days ride pass
- pass for 7 days with price US$19
- and all-day pass with price US$ 4.

Free for students during weekdays, and free for certain communities on Saturday and Sunday with designed routes such as from specific stops to shopping areas (supermarket complexes)

The CATS sell special ticket for football seasons. The games start from September and end in November each year. Ticket price was US$ 60.

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