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The Gloomy in the Beginning of the Year of Rat – Part 2

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Image 1- The cartoon of coronavirus (Credit: Murray et al)

Normally, corona virus infects the epithelial cells of respiratory tract of human. The reason is this place has the optimum temperature for the corona virus to grow in optimal condition.

This virus is believed to well develop in the temperature range of 33 – 35 degree Celsius.

China had been ready for the biggest festival to celebrate their New Year, called as Spring Festival.

Image 2- Just for illustration

Image 3- Cute cat, illustration only

In their faith, to welcome the new year, they decorate their to against demons and evil, put calligraphy to welcome the fortune, and prepare the red envelopes to health of their children.

Those things seem do not help for this year. The new coronavirus from Wuhan have come over the China and now spread to other countries.

On January 27, the Day of Rat, which is the day that rats marry, the virus had killed at least 80 people in China and infected about 3000 people around the world and the most is in China.

The Rat looks mourn.

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