Tuesday 19 January 2021

Wreaths for Mardi Gras in Louisiana

Fig 01- Mardi Gras wreath with words of Happy Mardi Gras

We have February carnival called as Mardi Gras party, usually 47 days before Easter every year in Louisiana.

Interesting part of Mardi Gras celebration for me is its decorations. Some important items to be decorated are:

- parade float

- team colors in parade float

- Beads

- Mask

Wreaths are hung on doors to greet party friends, guests and family members during Mardi Gras season.

The combination colors of wreaths are:

- metallic purple

- gold

- green

- purple polka

Fig 02- Mask as part of wreath

Mask is one of important items in Mardi Gras celebration. Women and men use mask for at least three purposes:

- hiding their identity

- fuel their imagination

- excitement   

Fig 03- Simple wreath on a white door.

Using mask in celebration, actually come from Italian tradition since centuries ago, hence called as “carnevale.” It is just called as “Mardi Gras face mask” now days.

People also decorate their wreath with mask with include:

- feathers

- streamers

- ribbon trimmings

Have you known Mardi Gras celebration?


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