Monday 3 October 2022

The SHIELD is a New Hope to Protect Our Brain – Part 1 - Alzheimer's 10

The NBC TODAY released a short video about a new hope to against Alzheimer's disease.

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A background of the message in the video is the sadness of a longtime journalist.

He has to write down everything because of the impairment of his short memory. Everything can be gone in 30 seconds. He can't remember them.

He was diagnosed Alzheimer's since 9 years ago. His mother dead from this disease, and now, his son fear of it.

This video reminds me to a friend of mine, she is also a bit worry about her dad since her dad was diagnosed probably has Alzheimer's.

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She said her dad is still okay, his forgetfulness is still in “normal”. She said her dad taking dexa (dexamethasone).

Dexa is for inflammation.

Inflammation, that is what Dr in video TODAY mention about. He compares the images between the brain severe with Alzheimer's and the healthy brain.

In the brain with Alzheimer's disease, there is inflammation that cause tangles and plaques. No current medicines can cure Alzheimer’s. They only help lessen symptoms for a limited time. Inflammation is a new target.

# To be continued to Part 2

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  1. Rapid forgetting is a terrible thing to experience

  2. Alzheimer's disease is diabetics type 3...

  3. There are diseases that are truly devastating, what we would all like is after a more or less long life with everything that it holds for us, a dignified death without suffering.
    Best regards

  4. I agree with José Antonio Sánchez Rumí. It really is horrible to live with a long lingering disease that robs you off all dignity.

  5. El no saber quien eres ni llegar a conocer a tu familia es lo peor qe nos puede pasar. Un abrazo .

  6. É uma doença que começa lentamente e não se nota!

    Beijos e uma excelente tarde!

  7. Siempre que publicas sobre este tema te digo lo mismo... pero es que me aterroriza.

  8. Interesting! I enjoyed reading.

  9. A healthy lifestyle is essential, keep a right time routine with food that is very fresh and prepared at the right time; physical exercise (walking, walking...) ; good social interaction and good humor (in a club or association, for example); regular mental exercise, such as keeping a blog or commenting on interesting blogs...
    Happy Halloween days, Rainbow. 👻


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