Thursday 16 February 2023

Flowers as Objects of Paintings – Part 2 - Art 11

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- The Rainbow Before Evening : Flowers as Objects of Paintings - Part 1 - Art 11

Image 1- Colorful Flowers, painted by a local artists

At least there are two reasons: flowers as a symbol and as represents of people emotions.

Flowers are believed to be symbols of natural world, aesthetic and religious. In term of emotions, they may represent of:

- love
- death
- innocence
- and passion.

Image 2- Water Lilies, painted by Claude Monet.

Moreover, flowers depicted by many famous artists could be cost million of dollars. Just few examples:

- Lilies, painted by Van Gogh, US$ 128.6 millions
- Sunflowers, Van Gogh, US$ 94.6 millions.
- Water lilies, price US$ 91.4 millions, painted by Claude Monet

Image 3- Irises, painted by Van Gogh

Finally, what objects of paintings do you love most? and painted who?

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  1. Floral fortune telling is a thing too

  2. Preciosos los cuadros, un bes de fin de semana.

  3. The first painting is my favourite..really beautiful!

  4. Qué bonitas.
    No tengo ninguna predilección por el arte.
    O me gusta o no me gusta.
    Me da igual lo que pinten.

  5. Nadie escapa al gusto por las flores, menos si hacen parte de un bodegón. Lo relevante es darle tono artístico, para que no sólo gusten, sino hablen del encanto que encierran y las emociones que despiertan. Un abrazo. Carlos

  6. Fantástica publicação :)
    Uma flor causa emoções ...
    Beijo, e excelente fim de semana, de carnaval.

  7. Preciosos cuadros. Me encantan
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un abrazo.

  8. I especially love Van Gogh's Irises.
    Have a great weekend!


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