Monday 4 October 2021

The Surprising Fact - Cooked Shrimps are Cheaper than Raw Ones – Part 1 - Food 8

Cooked shrimps and boiled corns

We went to Tony’s seafood market and deli, the biggest seafood market in my city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this morning.

We planned to buy one or two pounds of shrimps to cook with a recipe which I found in a blog.

The recipe is quite simple, but I think attractive to try it.

Just to let you know that Louisiana has several kinds of shrimps. Four commercial values are:

- white shrimp (Litopenaeus setiferus)
- brown shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus)
- seabob shrimp (Penaeus sp)
- pink shrimp (Farfantepenaeus duorarum)

Louisiana produces around 100 million pounds of all kind shrimps per year, mainly from the Gulf of Mexico.

The gulf, actually belongs to both Mexico and USA.

Another kind of cooked shrimp

The shrimp industries provided 15 thousand jobs and greatly impact on Louisiana economic.

Yes, fishing and agriculture industries are important to Louisiana, and many southern states of USA.

They bring about US$ 1.3 billion annually to Louisiana state.

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Friday 1 October 2021

Traditional Books versus Electronic Books for Children – Part 2 – Reading 3

Books for children sold out

Better to read previous post (part 1):

It is because reading book able to support their healthy brain development, and important for development of:

- vocabulary
- literacy
- language skill
- then lead to better academic.

Many “busy” parents give tablet or any screen for their children with many books in it, depending to kind of tablets.

Some of interactive e-books can help parents to read the books when busy parents do not have time to read them for their children.

Few other parents give time limit for their kids to access electronic devices, and facilitate them with traditional books.

Wild fruit for birds, just for illustration.

Ms Lynnell is one of them, she always has time for reading the traditional books for Cassie. Cassie' parents also have some times for her bed time reading.

Cassie loves to show all of hers. She like to show her baby dolls, puzzles, and books.

She prefers traditional books because she can show, carry, and pretend to read her books for every body.

She has favorite pages in every single book. Oh-oh she drawn happy faces and little dolls on those pages too.

Finally, what do you think about traditional and e-books?

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Wednesday 29 September 2021

Why the Moon Has Thousands of Small Aliens? - Part 2 – Science 7

Voodoo, New Orleans Kettle Style, just illustration

Previous post: Why the Moon Has Thousands of Small Aliens? - Part 1 – Science 7

In case of hypothetical condition where all human being and living things destroyed in the world, because of:

- flood or natural disasters like story of prophet Noah in holy books
- wars (nuclear wars) and whatever caused

Hopefully, other highly intelligence creatures from other planets might find the lunar library, let’s say in the next hundred or thousand years.

They could learn something from man civilization on the earth.

What attract attention is less than 1 mm microorganism, Tardigrades or water bear or piglet like animals.

This microorganism is toughest living microorganism on the earth:

- may survive in the freezing north pole
- found in the deepest ocean
- grow well on the highest mountain
- survived in the space.

Tardigrades (credit to NewsBeezer)

It is assumed that the outer space intelligent also able to regenerate:

- human being from human blood sample
- plants and animals from living DNA
- microorganism from dormant “water bear”

We, human being and other living things could re-emerge on the earth. Exactly, like holy books’s story of prophet Noah in futuristic version.

Do you believe it?

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Monday 27 September 2021

Traditional Books versus Electronic Books for Children – Part 1 – Reading 3

A children book

Last weekend, I stopped by for a cup of hot drinks in Barnes and Nobel Cafe, a book store cafe.

There plenty of hot drinks, I usually choose one of these favorite drinks:

- hot latte
- coffee mixed with milk
- or cappuccino

While enjoying a cup of drinks, I reading articles from some magazines, just for fun.

The book’s cart in front of the bookstore building was still standing between two pillars in entrance door.

I saw the books in the cart were getting lower price and there were only few novels and children books left.

One of the books in the cart took my attention, The Noah Ark! The story from holy books, as you know. 

A truck of lineman to fix electrical wires.

That is one of my favorite stories.

I bought the book and would give it to Cassie, a three year old granddaughter of Ms Lynnell, a member of group in our community.

This traditional book brought some thoughts about different between traditional book and e-book: which one is better reading media for children's cognitive development.

Lately many suggest to use e-book and interactive e-book for children, especially children in 0 to 5 year-old.

This age is critical for book reading.


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Saturday 25 September 2021

Why the Moon Has Thousands of Small Aliens? - Part 1 – Science 7

Water bear (credit to CNN)

It was surprising me to know that our lunar surface is believed to occupy by thousands of tardigrade, also called as water bear or piglet like creatures.

These small aliens are part of mission “Noah Ark Mark II” to provide a library in the space craft, then landed on the moon.

In addition to tardigrades, the repository includes:

- human blood
- living DNA
- information about human civilization (30 million pages)
- almost all of English Wikipedia
- classic books

The library was belong to a non profit organization (Arch Mission Foundation), and sent to the moon by Beresheet, Israeli spacecraft.

Yes, spacecraft crashed on the moon, and might broken into small pieces, but tardigrade is believed to survive.

Then, what?

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Thursday 23 September 2021

Growing Tabasco Peppers in My Yard – Part 2

Fig 01- Flowers and buds are growing

Before reading this part, please read the previous post (part 1):

Then, watering every day, but avoid too much watering such as not let water standing on the surface of soil.

Since I start with plant (baby plant), it is just take around 20 to 30 days or less than one month to harvest the first pepper.

I am quite happy with this result. Unbelievable for me.

If we start from seed, it would take little longer, around 80 to 90 days to get first harvesting.

My plant no more than 40 cm (1.3 feet) tall, but it can reach to 1.5 m (5 feet) tall.

We could see the pepper colors changed: start from green, then turn to:

- yellow
- orange
- and bright red.

Fig 02- Peppers are ready to be harvested

The red means the fully ripen stage of Tabasco peppers.

Have You Tried to Grow Tabasco Peppers in Your Yard?

What the results?

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Tuesday 21 September 2021

Recreational Fishing in the Louisiana – Part 2 – Nature 13

Fig 01- Fishing recreation boats in lake Pontchartrain basin.

Please read the part 1: TheRecreational Fishing in the Louisiana – Part 1 – Nature 13

When I travel from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, I pass through the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain Basin.

I saw many fishing boats both belong to real fishermen and fake fishermen (just for fun).

Fake fishermen refer to recreational and game fishing, include some of my neighbors and friends.

Lake is quite big in size, about 24 mile width, and 40 mile length. It is the largest lake in the Louisiana.

Its contains many aquatic animals, and important to ecosystem. They are including many species of:

- Fish and Crustaceans
- Mussels and Reptiles

Fig 02- Dark cloud in the city

Fish species includes:

- Anchoa mitchilli
- Bull shark
- Gulf Sturgeon
- Paddle fishermen
- Flagfin
- Broadstripe

Fig 03- Turtle, for illustration only.

Some crustaceans:

- Ribbon Crawfish
- Plain Brown Craw fish

Mussels live in the lake are:

- Rayed Creekshell
- Elephant-Ear
- Southern Pocketbook
- Southern Hickorynut

We may see reptiles too:

- Alligator
- Snapping Turtle

Off course, we never fishing alligators. We collect crustaceans and mussel with specific gears.

Have you ever fishing by a machine boat in the coastal areas or lakes? 

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