Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Recreational Fishing in the Louisiana – Part 2 – Nature 13

Fig 01- Fishing recreation boats in lake Pontchartrain basin.

Please read the part 1: TheRecreational Fishing in the Louisiana – Part 1 – Nature 13

When I travel from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, I pass through the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain Basin.

I saw many fishing boats both belong to real fishermen and fake fishermen (just for fun).

Fake fishermen refer to recreational and game fishing, include some of my neighbors and friends.

Lake is quite big in size, about 24 mile width, and 40 mile length. It is the largest lake in the Louisiana.

Its contains many aquatic animals, and important to ecosystem. They are including many species of:

- Fish and Crustaceans
- Mussels and Reptiles

Fig 02- Dark cloud in the city

Fish species includes:

- Anchoa mitchilli
- Bull shark
- Gulf Sturgeon
- Paddle fishermen
- Flagfin
- Broadstripe

Fig 03- Turtle, for illustration only.

Some crustaceans:

- Ribbon Crawfish
- Plain Brown Craw fish

Mussels live in the lake are:

- Rayed Creekshell
- Elephant-Ear
- Southern Pocketbook
- Southern Hickorynut

We may see reptiles too:

- Alligator
- Snapping Turtle

Off course, we never fishing alligators. We collect crustaceans and mussel with specific gears.

Have you ever fishing by a machine boat in the coastal areas or lakes? 

Monday, 20 September 2021

Growing Tabasco Peppers in My Yard – Part 1

Fig – Four Tabasco peppers from my garden

I plant a couple of Tabasco peppers in my backyard, just for fun. I bought “baby” plants from Walmart nursery with reasonable price per plant.

Tabasco is a kind of chili variety with scientific name Capsicum frutescens. People said the chili come from Mexico.

It is said that Tabasco is good for:

- sauce
- pepper vinegar
- chili powder
- cayenne peppered

Tabasco is categorized as medium hot chili in term of Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Natural Tabasco chili is about 3,750 SHU (Sriracha2Go, 2021)

However, Tobasco brand pepper sold in the commercial market has scale range is from 30,000 to 50,0000 SHU. Quite high.

Moreover, I think that it is quite easy to take care the plants. Just put the plants in a suitable soil (moisture soil) with a little bit organic fertilizer.

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Saturday, 18 September 2021

Recreational Fishing in the Louisiana – Part 1 – Nature 13

Ready for fishing

May be, I just once went fishing in the last 15 years, but never using boats to catch fish in the ocean.

I just sit on the bridge or sea port, waiting for fish to bite my baits of fishing gear (fishing line).

Some of my neighbors and friends have a boat, just very small boat for recreational fishing.

A boat at above belong to my neighbor, they are ready for fishing at one of coastal areas of Louisiana.

They might go a bit far, hundred miles from home to find the best coastal fishing places.

Some well known coastal fishing areas include:

- New Orleans, Louisiana
- Mississippi coastal places
- Florida beach areas

Fish sold in the Walmart, illustration purpose.

Louisiana has several lakes as well that good for recreational fishing, namely:

- Lake Pontchartrain Basin
- Calcasieu Lake
- Lake D’Arbonne
- Toledo Bend Reservoir
- Red River

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

New Parents often Faced Depression – Part 2 - Healthy Life 15

Bonsai tree with beautiful flowers, illustration only.

Kids respond to their depressed parents by non interactive face. This kind of action also happen when kids meet with unrelated caregivers.

Later, youngsters could develop emotional problems which lead to less social interactions.

Children from depressed parent has no vocabularies advantages, then cause difficulty in communications and reading ability.

Low level of parental care and separation from parents are believed to influence on children development.

Kids tend to exhibit anxiety behaviors and disruption in cognitive capabilities.

However, these abnormalities could be repaired through environmental enrichment and experience process during adulthood.

For children with abnormalities due to depressed parents during their childhood, it is important to pay attention for formal and informal education as one of ways to cure abnormalities.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2021

The Prodigy Kid - Marla Olmstead’s Paintings – Part 2- Art 3

Wild flowers, Painting of Marla Olmstead

You may read the previous part (part 1):

Prodigy children had their own specific capability since they were born.

Each kid is different each other.

Even after sharpened by guidance, their artworks have their own unique identities.

However, Marla’s paintings are not the case. Marla art creations are consistent, and even static.

She does not have her own identity and tend to copy artworks of one of great artists such as Jackson Pollock.

We may observe the similarities between Marla Olmstead and Jackson Pollock’s paintings in term of:

- visual elements
- colors
- and shapes

One of Jackson Pollock’s paintings.

Marla Olmstead painted on the selected high-quality canvass that is proposed for commercial market.

Hence, I agree with Dr. Ellen Winner, a professor of psychology at Boston College, who said, “I saw no evidence that Marla Olmstead was a child prodigy in painting. But she did see a coach who kept her going.”

Comparative of Marla’s painting and Pollock’s that both have similarities could be seen at figures (part 1 and part of this article).

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Sunday, 12 September 2021

New Parents often Faced Depression – Part 1 - Healthy Life 15

Space in the hospital, just for Illustration

Both mom and dad experienced some degree of depression immediately after childbirth.

Around 12% of mother get depression called as a postpartum depression. This kind of depression is due to combination of factors such as:

- tired and exhausted
- psychological adaptation
- and hormonal changes.

Depressions faced by parents not only influence their own behavior, but also trickle-down effect to their newborn child, and even beyond.

It is fact that depression parents affect on their kids either direct or indirectly. The effects may include their children:

- cognitive ability
- emotional function
- anxiety development
- and even depression of children.

Jasmine flowers, illustration only.

Many researchers found that depressed parents associates with children difficulties in respect to:

- insecurity
- agressiveness
- emotionalism
- happiness
- cognitive vulnerabilities
- and bad interpersonal functioning.

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Friday, 10 September 2021

Will Wild Horses Able to Ride Out Hurricane? - Part 2 – Nature 12

Herds of wild horses

This posting is part 2, the first part was:

Feeding the horses is illegal conduct, it is because wild horses can’t consume human diets such as:

- fruit
- vegetable
- and off course burgers.

These diets have bad effect, and lead to:

- serious health issues
- or even may cause to death to horses.

What stunning me that horses are not evacuated during Dorian hurricane currently. Will Wild Horses Able to Ride Out Hurricane in North Carolina?

Yes, the horses able to ride out the storms.

This skill is inherited from their ancestors since 500 years ago.

Decorative horse head, illustration only

The horses skillful to sense the bad weather such as hurricanes and heavy rains, then they respond by:

- grouping together
- going to higher ground
- finding sturdy trees for protection

Hope, the hurricane is over soon, and everything goes well and safe.

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Recreational Fishing in the Louisiana – Part 2 – Nature 13

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