Friday 25 August 2023

Brain Plasticity and Care Offspring – Part 2 - Brain Plasticity 4

Image 1 - A bunny on the grass, a crochet

In mother side, lactation means increasing of Glucocorticoid levels. Glucocorticoid is a type of steroid hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands, which has function to manage carbohydrates, fats and proteins level in the body. 

One of important functions of oxytocin is to make process of birth to be smooth by stimulation of urine muscle contraction. In social aspects, oxytocin is key hormone, since this hormone play role in social contact between parents and child.   

The ability of the brain to adapt to a new condition is an important factor to success in the parenting.

Image 2 - A bunny girl, just illustration

It is well known that parenthood caused major changes in parents in terms of identity, responsibility and roles. This period is called a stressful time with uncertainty at some points. Other factors such as characteristics of both parents and child should be considered as part of fundamental factors to be successful in parenting. 

Image 3- Three bunnies, ready to play

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Wednesday 23 August 2023

A goat entered the lawn - Nature 87

We have morning walk as usual, and we saw surprising an animal, a goat entered the lawn of our neighborhood. 

Image 1- A goat entered a lawn at a neighborhood.

Never before have seen a goat around our areas. One of our neighbors said that the goat comes from nearby areas.

The male goat has been caught by two men from city animal control, then the goat owner is identified and going to be notified where to pick it up.

Owner said the goat escaped into the canal when he transported several goats from his farm to nearby markets few days ago.

Actually, we just have two goat farms, few miles from our city, Baton Rouge, they are Clark Farms and Goat Lady Farm.

Image 2- Peony, just for illustration

We love goat cheese, yes, we can buy it in the Walmart groceries, but if we want the fresh goat cheese, we go to farmer market, every Saturday. The market also sells meat and milk with reasonable prices,

Image 3- Crochet, illustration only.

Do you like goat meat, milk, or cheese?

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Monday 21 August 2023

Strange that Purple Magnolia Blooming in the Summer - Nature 86

We know, our neighborhood Magnolia, both white and purple Magnolias were blooming in the cold weather, about January to February in our areas.

Fig 01- Buds of purple Magnolia

Surprisingly, we have observed that our neighborhood Magnolias are covered with buds. It is weird, Magnolia blooming in the very hot summer.

Some neighbors said, the Magnolia did bloom last summer, then blooming again in the spring, January or February.

However. too hot temperature caused leaves turn brown. We just watering it more, trying to save the flowers.

As you might know, in the hot weather, the trees go through transpiration process in which they lose too much water, then the leaves start to turn brown. 

Fig 02- The white Magnolia flower

The process of brown color begins from the tips, then progress to the middle of the leaves. Finally, the leaves fall down. 

Image 3- Purple Magnolias at the corner.

Have you experienced with this kind of strange things? 

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Saturday 19 August 2023

A Little Young Squirrel in her Nest - Nature 85

 We have experienced with babies' squirrel as we post previously:

-  The Rainbow Before Evening : The Four Weeks Old Baby Squirrel – Science 17

Image 1- Less than 10 weeks old squirrel

Just recently, we saw a little squirrel in her nest. She looks shy, and hiding in her nest when we approach her.
As we mentioned that in our state, Louisiana, squirrels have two breeding seasons that are around mid-December to February, and mid-June to August.

Hence, this little baby could be less than 10 weeks old, because after 10 weeks old, she would leave the nest.

At the age of 10 weeks or more, squirrels will be able to climb down and up the tress, so they be able to forage for foods in nature.

Image 2- The old tree, an artificial box

Interestingly, squirrels have their mate for life, however, in case their mate died, then they will find a new one.  A squirrel has average litters about 3 to 4 young.

Friday 11 August 2023

“Let's go” and “Let's play” - Part 3 - Alzheimer's 13

Image 1- The simple crochets, illustration only

Mrs Brown lose almost all her words. When one walk closer to Mrs Brown, she will say, “Let's play!”. She said the same words every times.

Sometimes she said two sentences. “Le's play! Catch me up!”

Those words could be a chant or mantra, and some research found out that mantra can reduce the worse risk of Alzheimer's disease.

The mantra is done by repeating the words or sentences. This practice could reduce stress and help to placid the mind. Both agitate mind and stress are known as risk factors of Alzheimer's disease.

Image 2- A girl, a crochet for illustration

I hope Mrs Anderson and Mrs Brown feel much easier with their chant or mantra from the severity of this disease.

I also hope our chant or mantra in the morning will work :)

Image 3- Cute three dolls, illustration only. 

How about you, do you have any mantra or chant or good words to spell every morning?

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Wednesday 9 August 2023

Dropping Price of Cherries in the Summer

 Last year, almost all kind foods have rising in price due to inflation:
The Rainbow Before Evening : Is Rising Price due to Greedflation?

Image 1- Discount rate more than 50%

Cherry is one of the items that dropping in price, and even discount rate about 50%. It might be due to oversupply, especially during summer seasons.

Another reason is due to competition from imported cherries. As we know the countries such as Turkey, Chile and China are important cherries producers in the world.

However, low price means good news for cherry's fans like me. It is because the fruit are a sweet (a delicious) and nutritious.

Cherries are sources for minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, this sweet fruit has a lot of health benefits.

Image 2- Cherries in the plastic bags

The health benefits include boosting heart health, reducing inflammation, improving sleep condition and speeding recovery after exercise.

Image 3- Fresh cherries from market

From internet sources, we recommended to consume cherries about 10 to 25 cherries per day.

Image 4- Cherries in the bowl, ready to be consumed.

Do you like cherries?

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Saturday 5 August 2023

A Dragonfly and Flowers in the Corner - Nature 84

Dragonflies are commonly seen fly over plants in our little garden at the corner from Spring to Fall. In our city, Baton Rouge, their peak seasons from July to September.

Image 1- A dragonfly in the corner

There are about 3,000 species of dragonflies in the world. Our state, Louisiana has about 118 species which are non-native and native species.

Some of dragonflies in our state are: Eastern pondhawks, Blue dashers, Common green darners, Red-veined darters, Great blue skimmers, Ebony jewelwings, Bluets, Forktail damselflies, and Meadowhawks.

Based on GoogleID, the above dragonfly (Image 1) was identified as the great blue skimmer (Libellula vibrans). This dragonfly is common seen to fly over rivers, lakes and ponds.

Image 2- The Alstroemeria psittacina flower, illustration

Interestingly the dragonfly can fly forward and backward with speed 35 miles per hour, and able to hover or making very sharp turns.

In the ecosystem, this critter is important to control mosquitoes which carry malaria.  You might surprise that a dragonfly may eat about 100 mosquitoes in a single day.

Image 3- The Virginia spiderwort flower, illustration

Do you know the number of dragonflies species in your areas?

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The Black Soldier Flies (Hermetia illucens) - Nature 136

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