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Tuesday 25 October 2022

Paintings Show in Mini Maker Faire – Art 5

Maker Faire was held first time in San Mateo, California in 2006. More than 15 years ago.

Image 1- Painting in Maker Faire

Then, the festival spread all over cities across America. The first time Mini Maker Faire in our city was in 2014.

I just know this kind of festival recently. This annual event attracts many interests such as:

- computers
- robotics
- 3D printing
- arts, crafts and many more.

Image 2- One of corners in Mini Maker Faire

# Important postings:

Image 3- Paintings show

It seems that the faire was attended by all ages, from little kids to grandmothers and grandfathers.

I noticed there is painting section. Unfortunately, I saw just several paintings there. No artists seen in the section, paintings only.

In addition to American cities, the Maker Faire also held in Asia and European cities. Some cities are Shenzhen, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo (Asia), then Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Rome (Europe).

Have you known Maker Faire?

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Monday 29 November 2021

Can a Poet be a Millionaire? - Art 4

All of us might know that the list of richest men in the world come from background of businessmen, entrepreneurs and even inventors

We possibly hear or be asked the simple question from common people around the corners.

Fig 01- Magnolia blooming, illustration

Can a Poet be a Millionaire?

The surprising answer is YES!

Then how?

By selling a poem or poems through:

- auction at Christie
- online such as an Amazon eBook platform
- magazines and literally journals

Arch Hades, 29, British poet, sold her poem at Christie in the USA recently with fantastic price.

US$ 525,000 for a single poem with tittle Arcadia.

This is the highest cost of poet at all time.

Fig 02- Louise penny, a Canadian author, illustration

Fig 03- Pepper jelly, illustration

Fig 04- Arch Hades, one of richest poets
(credit to Austin Macauley Publishers)

Moreover, Arch Hades poems based on her own experience from her boarding school times to her married to her career.

All joyful, sadness and heartache are mixed together.

Arcadia, the most expensive poem contains 102 lines with 1,000 words describe about:

- reflection of life
- pain and sorrow in loneliness
- anxiety through days

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Tuesday 14 September 2021

The Prodigy Kid - Marla Olmstead’s Paintings – Part 2- Art 3

Wild flowers, Painting of Marla Olmstead

You may read the previous part (part 1):

Prodigy children had their own specific capability since they were born.

Each kid is different each other.

Even after sharpened by guidance, their artworks have their own unique identities.

However, Marla’s paintings are not the case. Marla art creations are consistent, and even static.

She does not have her own identity and tend to copy artworks of one of great artists such as Jackson Pollock.

We may observe the similarities between Marla Olmstead and Jackson Pollock’s paintings in term of:

- visual elements
- colors
- and shapes

One of Jackson Pollock’s paintings.

Marla Olmstead painted on the selected high-quality canvass that is proposed for commercial market.

Hence, I agree with Dr. Ellen Winner, a professor of psychology at Boston College, who said, “I saw no evidence that Marla Olmstead was a child prodigy in painting. But she did see a coach who kept her going.”

Comparative of Marla’s painting and Pollock’s that both have similarities could be seen at figures (part 1 and part of this article).

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Thursday 9 September 2021

The Prodigy Kid - Marla Olmstead’s Paintings – Part 1 - Art 3


Painting of Marla Olmstead.

Marla’s paintings had its own concept compared to her peers, kids.

She was able to brush the canvas with almost the same concept or form consistently.

Her art was abstracts mostly with expressive characteristic of:

- delicate lines
- and enthusiasm dots.

It is indicated that Marla was different and so bold in term to draw lines and dots, then to blend the objects (lines and dots) with a beautiful color composition.

Kids as old as Marla Olmstead, 13 years ago was an 8 year old kid, even with a lot of talent, usually painted or sketched of un-intend objects in which they could be:

- anything
- and any mood at any times.

One of Jackson Pollock’s paintings, well known American artist.

Moreover, their objects are what they observe from surrounding areas, not what in their mind or what they thought.

Hence, these kids tend to paint the real objects than the abstract ones.

Since these kids had physical and psychological development, their painting quality would develop as well.

# To be continued to part 2

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Sunday 15 August 2021

Do You Know that Some Musical Instruments Made from Bamboo? - Art 2

Ya Li could not find the flute, but she got an umbrella

 It's said that music is a good therapy for better quality of life.

Sometimes people prefer to the tone and rhythm from a specific musical instrument, and it's happening to one of my friend, Zhao Ya Li.

She was so excited about this therapy and texted me about it.

Ya Li is a person with peculiar favorite things. She only enjoy the music whenever the flute is dominant.

The matter is the flute that she needs is a bamboo flute. She got some of bamboo flute musics in her gadgets.

But that isn't enough. She's missed to play the flute. She ask me join her looking for the flute in Asian Markets.

We could not find one but we got out with an umbrella from the Market.

This umbrella looks gorgeous, with ribs, stretchers, caps, springs, and runners made from bamboo.

Bamboo trees in the right side of LA Interstate 10.

Ya Li loves every single thing made out of bamboo.

In her kitchen, she has kitchen and table wares from bamboo, and many beautiful bamboo chopsticks.

She was grown in Panda's country. Whenever she introduce herself, proudly she said, “I am from the Kingdom of Bamboo”.

I understand how her love to bamboo.

Especially her lucky bamboo in her antique hand-painted porcelain flower pot that she put among of the bamboo lanterns.

Now, she just need to release her anxiety by playing bamboo flute. She believes that playing music can relax her mind and energize her body.

She just texted me that she just placed a classical bamboo flute order by online.

Saturday 6 March 2021

Paris in the Eyes of Vincent Van Gogh - Art 1

Street in Montmartre, Paris, Painted by Van Gogh (1887)

We might know that Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch painter lived in several places in France:

- Auvers-sur-Oise
- Saint- Remy- de- Provence
- Arles
- Paris

Living in Paris was crucial for Van Gogh in respect to paintings, both number and quality of paintings.

Van Gogh produced about 224 painting during his two years, from March 1886 to February 1888, lived in Paris. Some of his paintings:

- Street in Montmartre, 1887
- Outskirt of Paris, 1886
- Vase with flowers, 1886
- View of Paris from near Montmartre, 1886
- View of the roof of Paris, 1886.

Outskirt of Paris, Painted by Van Gogh (1886).

One of his painting, Street in Montmartre, not shown for public since 1920, about 100 years.

This painting, then exhibited recently in cities of:

- London
- Amsterdam
- Paris

Some of us might wonder why Van Gogh has no paintings of Eiffel Tower? These following facts lead to answer:

- Van Gogh lived in Paris from March 1886 to February 1888
- Eiffel tower was built in 1887, and completed in 1889

Do you love Van Gogh’s paintings?


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