Wednesday 22 February 2023

Bonsai Show in Our City – Part 1 - Nature 51

Bonsai society has regular shows in our city, Baton Rouge in a year. Members and whoever interest are encouraged to come and participate in the show.

Image 1- A sign of bonsai show

When we visited one of the show, no more than 100 trees are displayed, and the visitors are less than 2 dozen. However, we think that quite reasonable numbers for a small room.

About 15 people were gathering. I guessed they both a member of society and just a common people like us.

I knew from society and other several sources about favorite trees as bonsais trees in our areas.

Image 2- A bonsai of Bougain villae tree

The names of top bonsai trees in our state, Louisiana are following:

- Bald cypress
- Trident maple
- Japanese Lace Leaf Red Maple
- Chinese Elm
- Brazilian Rain Tree

Image 3- Two most beautiful bonsai

Several beautiful bonsai trees are displayed in entrance and center room of show.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Monday 20 February 2023

Joker, PBA, and Alzheimer's Disease – Part 2 - Alzheimer's 12

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- The Rainbow Before Evening : Joker, PBA, and Alzheimer's Disease – Part 1 - Alzheimer's 12

Image 1- Uncontrollable and inappropriate laughing 
(credit to Closer Magazine)

Absolutely, Joker is associated to laugh. Out of control, improper and strange laughing.

It was a nice talk with Connie about the character in the movie. The laugh of Joker, uncontrollable laugh, is a sign of his mental disorder, actually.

Wondering about his uncontrollable laugh, we just googled it. We found that suddenly and involuntary outburst of laughing and /or crying in an exaggerated manner or inappropriately is one of signs of Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA).

Image 2- Garden entrance, illustration

The episodes of PBA can last for several minutes and often occur many times in a day.

Image 3- A cat, just for illustration

Uncontrollable laughing and/or crying often occur with unrelated to mood state or social context, so this episodes can be troublesome in everyday life.

# To be continued to Part 3

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Saturday 18 February 2023

The Crazy Chicken Pollo Loco at Neighborhood – Food 38

As you know that Pollo Loco is a Spanish word for crazy chicken in English. We have the franchise restaurant called as “El Pollo Loco.”

Image 1- Food truck of Crazy chicken.

The “El Pollo Loco” has headquarter in California with about 500 branches all over the USA.

A food truck called as “My PolloLoco” always visit our neighborhood from afternoon (around 5 PM) until night (before 10 PM).

We believe that “My PolloLoco” is not part of “El Pollo Loco” franchises. It is a local owner, a kind of small business to sell Mexican foods with Louisiana or American flavors.

Sure, the price is quite reasonable.

Image 2- Grilled chicken, one of menus

Food trucks like restaurants must pass inspections from relevant agencies for their cleanliness, food qualities and even locations or hours of business.

We have been eating from variety of local food trucks for over 15 years; never had cleanliness and food quality issues.

In addition to grilled chicken, I love several menus such as Taco, Quesadilla and many other Mexican cuisines.

Image 3- Quesadilla, other menus.

Have you this kind of food truck in your areas?

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Thursday 16 February 2023

Flowers as Objects of Paintings – Part 2 - Art 11

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Image 1- Colorful Flowers, painted by a local artists

At least there are two reasons: flowers as a symbol and as represents of people emotions.

Flowers are believed to be symbols of natural world, aesthetic and religious. In term of emotions, they may represent of:

- love
- death
- innocence
- and passion.

Image 2- Water Lilies, painted by Claude Monet.

Moreover, flowers depicted by many famous artists could be cost million of dollars. Just few examples:

- Lilies, painted by Van Gogh, US$ 128.6 millions
- Sunflowers, Van Gogh, US$ 94.6 millions.
- Water lilies, price US$ 91.4 millions, painted by Claude Monet

Image 3- Irises, painted by Van Gogh

Finally, what objects of paintings do you love most? and painted who?

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Tuesday 14 February 2023

The United States Produces and Exports Dates Fruit – Food 37

I know the Middle East countries are the main producers and exporters of dates fruit in the world. In fact top 5 producers come from this region.

Image 1- Dates sold in the American grocery.

Here the top 5 dates producers in the world, data from FAO (2019):

- Egypt, 1.60 million tons
- Saudi Arabia, 1.54 million tons
- Iran, 1.31 million tons
- Algeria, 1.14 million tons
- Iraq, 0.64 million tons

What surprising me that USA not only produces dates, but also exports the fruit to some other countries.

Image 2- Dates in the boxes

America is ranked 15th as world date producer. Total production was 56,000 ton in 2019.

The production is quite higher compared to other middle east countries such as Israel, Qatar and Jordan.

In term of export, USA sent dates fruit to Canada, Australia and Mexico in 2021 to 2022.

Image 3- Dates, ready to be consumed

Have you tasted dates?

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Sunday 12 February 2023

Brain Changes during Reproduction Process – Part 3 – Brain Plasticity 2

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Image 1- Decoupage eggs, just illustration

Previous belief that decreases maternal brain size will reduce learning capacity and the memory, but the understanding is reverse based on the recently observations.

In fact, hippocampus gets boosting, thus increase mother thinking ability during pregnancy.

In case of rats, not only increasing of neuronal activities, but also physical capabilities. Surprisingly, pregnant rats (carrying offspring) are faster to catch their prey than virginal rodents. Even 4 to 5 times faster.

Image 2- The Peony, illustration only

This is in parts of better visual, better motivation (courage) and can handle difficult conditions.

Image 3- The Native American pottery, illustration

In conclusion, maternity brings changes to neuro, physio and physical of animal in order for survival of both mothers and their offspring. Mother “well-being” will have positive impacts on their children development.

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Friday 10 February 2023

Are Bald Eagles not Endangered Species Anymore? - Nature 50

We found Bald Eagles just sometimes in our areas. Sure, they are not common species compared to other birds.

Image 1- One shot, then she flew away

The bird with scientific name Haliaeetus leucocephalus is beautiful, for me It’s truly rare to see one in its natural environment.

One of neighbors just saw a nesting pair in our close by areas. They have been nesting there for years, but not sure if they are back this year.

Unfortunately, the Bald Eagles are not included as endangered species list anymore.

The main reason that since 2007, Bald Eagles populations are sufficient enough in nature.

Image 2- Plants, Just for illustration

Luckily, as reported by US Fish & Wildlife Service (2023: Bald Eagle) the bird is protected under two acts.

Image 3- The bird doing something

The two acts are “the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.”

Have you seen Bald Eagles in Nature?

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