Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Do You Know Cashew Milk? – Part 3 - Food 27

We talked about cashew trees which grow in tropical areas and some benefits of cashew trees products at previous posts.

Image 1- Cashew fruit

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The cashew tree does not grow in our neighborhood (around here at my house).

Luckily, we can enjoy the seeds, either, raw, roast, or any kind of cooked cashew seeds.

We are still able to get the benefits of seeds from the cashew tree.

Image 2- Just for illustration

Image 3- Cashew peanuts

Beside seeds, the cashew milk is also available here. I got cashew milk from Silk. I was looking for Soy milk, but I had met Cashew milk. This milk is new for me, so I took it for a try.

This cashew milk has luxurious creaminess. From the box I learn that this milk has no cholesterol and no saturated fat. The cashew milk has 50% more Calcium than dairy milk.

This milk is a quite thicker than dairy whole milk and soy milk. The richer creamy looks good for my smoothies. Now, I have a plan to make smoothies this weekend.

Do you like smoothies, and what milk do you prefer?

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Tuesday, 15 November 2022

May Tomato Increase Our Brainpower? - Science 27

I always eat tomatoes, not daily, but at least one a week. I love its taste, and know that tomato is good for health.

Image 1- Tomatoes, one of healthy foods

By reading articles, one of them is written by Jerajani, D (2022: 5 Everyday Foods That Are Good for Brain Health!). it is said that tomatoes could improve our brainpower.

Other excellent foods for brain health are:

- spinach
- dark chocolate
- whole grain
- avocado

Image 2- Slices of tomato on Omelet

Just to let you know, we have talked about Avocado as “super food” at previous posts:

Image 3- Tomatoes in the bowl

Then, I myself wonder that: What is brainpower? And why is tomato good for brain health?

Brainpower could be mean as brain ability and capacity in respect to mental, learning, intelligence, comprehend and understand.

Tomato is good for brain health because tomatoes contain two important antioxidants that are beta-carotene and lycopene.

These two antioxidants are needed to prevent brain damage and protect brain cells.

Finally, do you like tomatoes?

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Monday, 14 November 2022

Wild Bees are Visiting My Backyard – Part 2 - Nature 43

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- Wild Bees are Visiting Our Backyard – Part 1 - Nature 43

Image 1- Pure raw honey from our neighborhood.

Naturally, the word “honeycomb” has multiple purposes:

- housing for brood, included capped larvae, larvae and eggs
- storing pollen, nectar and honey.

Moreover, I familiar with the word's honeybees, bumble bees and wild bees, but honestly, I do not know differences of these critters. I just saw many bees come to my backyard.

They were abundance in the spring, then the number reduced in the summer. But bees still appear in the early fall.

Image 2- The bee on the wildflower, it may pollinate or take pollen

Image 3- Artificial beehives at our neighborhood.

They seem visit our backyard to pollinate my flowers and fruit plants, some of them are:

- orange quash,
- tangerine orange
- figs.
- blackberry and strawberry

The bees also collect pollen and nectar from plant flowers and wild flowers.

It is said that honeybees are outnumber the other bees, hence they are most important of pollinators in nature.

Do you know differences of honeybees, bumble bees and other wild bees?

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Saturday, 12 November 2022

Have You Planned to Exit Twitter Account?

As you might know that after Elon Musk take over, Twitter seems “chaos” with several reasons.

Image 1- Image of Mastodon and Twitter (credit to Google).

At least, in my thought there are 3 (three) crucial reasons lead to “chaos” in Twitter social media:

1- First, Elon Musk “fired” thousands of Twitter’s employees include who monitors hates, bully and other nonsense speeches which spreading through out Twitter

2- Idea of “absolute freedom of speech” makes many people disagree, include big and important advertisers.

Image 2- Giant sun-gold sunflower

3- US$ 8 monthly fee for subscribers. As far as I know, no social medias have subscribed fee. Yes, there are some social medias have provided “pay” accounts, but not compulsory, just optional.

Image 3- Azalea, illustration

These 3 main reasons drive out not only million Twitter users, but also great number of advisers.

Twitter annual revenue is US$ 5.08 billion, about 90% is coming from advertising. Many big advertisers such as General Motors, Ford, Mondelez, General Mills and many more.

Do you Twitter users? If yes, do you plan exit Twitter?

What is your main reason to stay or exit Twitter?

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Friday, 11 November 2022

Mediterranean Diet and Alzheimer's Prevention – Part 1 - Alzheimer's 11

From the acronym SHIELD, a new hope to prevent dementia in last week's entry, the letter D in the last word is stand for diet.

Image 1- Menu for Alzheimer's diseases.

You may read the previous posts about SHIELD:

The doctors mention that gut health tied to brain health, and have suggested Mediterranean as one of the best diets.

It will help the risk of Alzheimer's in “a half.”

Image 2- Pine’s fruit, illustration

Image 3- Wild pink lily, illustration

What is the Mediterranean diet? Is it a kind of awesome food from Mediterranean restaurants such as a plate of lamb shank or a piece of Italian pizza?

Mediterranean diet that Doctors recommend is based on the traditional fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good fats.

The diet from the countries which border with the Mediterranean Sea. The food is rich with legumes and seeds.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Thursday, 10 November 2022

The Winter Hummingbird at Our Community – Science 26

Generally, hummingbirds have visited our state by late February to early March and gone by late Summer.

Image 1- Immature Rufous

In case of winter hummingbirds, sure, they will arrive and stay in our areas during winter seasons. Southern states winter is a little bit friendly than frozen winter in northern states.

There are many species of winter hummingbirds, but three the most seen in our neighborhoods:

- Rufous hummingbird
- Calliope hummingbird
- and Allen's hummingbird

Image 2- Flowers which attract hummingbirds

What make us wonder that why does Rufous hummingbird show up early in our neighborhood?

What are factors trigger them to do migration early?

Image 3- A hummingbird sitting on the branch

First, I read it is due to daylight changes. I don’t know whether this reason is true or false. Quite strange for me.

Second, shortage of food resources such as insects, nectar and flower in areas where winter hummingbirds come from.

Finally, severe temperature in northern part of America. Frozen temperature may trigger winter hummingbirds to arrive early in our areas.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Commercial Firewood in Our City, Baton Rouge

There is no record the number of households use firewood for heating in our city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Image 1- Commercial firewood

Our state does not include in top 14 states using firewood for any purposes. The most of 6 states using firewood are:

- Vermont
- Maine
- Montana
- Idaho
- Oregon
- New Mexico

Image 2- Small business cutting firewood

However, we may find the places easily which sale firewood, especially during hurricane seasons and winter season.

Image 3- Selling of firewood

The blackout is common if our city hit by natural disasters, in this case is hurricane or storms.

Image 4 – Firewood in the room

More than 5 storms arrive in our state per year. In addition to generators, some people pile up firewood for preparation.

Several people I know said that heating by firewood is cheaper compared to electric bill during cold temperature.

The cost for 1 cord is range between US$ 175 to US$ 300, depend very much to wood quality and size of wood.

One cord consists of 600 to 700 pieces woods with size of 16 x 4 inches. One home may use 1 cord for two to three months.

Electric bill is about US$ 245 per month in Louisiana. So, using of firewood for heating is reasonable cheaper compared to electric bill.

Honestly, we never used firewood for heating. How about you?

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