Monday 10 October 2022

Simple Homemade Coconut Oil glazed Beef Jerky – Part 2 - Food 24

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- Simple Homemade Coconut Oil glazed Beef Jerky – Part 1- Food 24

Image 1- Homemade beef jerky

Then I pounded and cut the slices of beef, glazed the slices with the virgin coconut oil.

Next step, quick dehydrating. I heat them on the skillet until the side look brown then turned to another side.

Do it again and again, until both sides of beef slices look brown.

In a bigger bowl, I mixed sliced red onions, sliced jalapenos, and sliced green tomatoes, then I stirred them with virgin coconut oil.

Image 2- Tomatoes, illustration only

Image 3- Virgin coconut oil in the jar.

Afterwards, I added the sliced meat from the skillet into the bowl, mixed all together.

The final step, I took a photo (photo above, please see Imge 1) of my cooking before they're gone :)

What do you think about my quick and simple beef jerky?

I would like to say this is a special beef jerky because I like the taste of this virgin coconut oil.

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Sunday 9 October 2022

Sweet Tangerine at Backyard – Food 26

We have grown two Tangerine trees in our backyard. Luckily one grow well, and provides us with fresh fruit every year.

Image 1- Tangerine fruit on the branches

Another tree died at very young age, about 3 years old when it starts to produce “little” fruit. It died due to diseases; we guessed caused by fungi diseases several years ago.

Many of our neighbors have Tangerine, they grow the fruit either in front yards or backyards

Tangerine is seasonal fruit, start to ripe from October to early January in our neighborhood, and even in our state, Louisiana. 

Image 2- Some fruit on branches

In case of our Tangerine, we may pick the fruit about this time or second week of October.

Image 3- A fruit, ready to be picked.

Then, the fruit starts to fall down one by one in late November or early December when temperature dropping.

Image 4- Raccoon is one of critters consumes our fruit

Fruit may not reach January of next year. We are lucky enough if we found one or two fruit on branches in the cold month.

Unfortunately, we have at least two critters as competitors to consume our fruit, they are:

- raccoon
- and squirrels

Finally, have you tasted Tangerine?

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Saturday 8 October 2022

Canadian Geese Live Permanently in Neighborhood – Part 1- Science 23

Yes, a Canadian goose is one of migratory birds, they visit our city when freezing temperature happen in the North of America, include Canada.

Fig 01- A Lonely Canadian geese

However, at least, since 10 years ago, I saw several of them stay all seasons, hence, it could be mean that these geese live “permanently.”

We find this critter in the lakes, especially urban lakes of our state or cities, and even at our neighborhood.

I just wonder that why some geese have chosen to live in the southern states such as Louisiana, Alabama Texas or Florida?

Image 2- Canadian geese hang out at our neighborhood

Image 3- Ducklings feel comfort

Temporary answer that they might be able to adjust to warmer temperature or other reasons.

As reported by “digbr” (2016), some reasonable reasons are:

- availability of food
- decent habitats
- many lakes and ponds are available for nesting during breeding seasons.
- less predators
- migration makes geese stress.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Thursday 6 October 2022

Fruits with flavored chia in cups – Part 1 – Food 25

Del Monte and Dole are very familiar brands for either fresh or packaged fruits or vegetables.

Image 1 - Fruits and chia seeds in easy-to-carry cups

For tidbits fruits on the go, I prefer Dole. The most I like is tidbit tropical fruits in small plastic cups.

What I do?

I empty the cup into the glass and add some ice. This is my way keep hydrate in the cool weather

When I picked what I need to fill the Food Bank, I also bought fruits, either in the cans or in the cups.

Image 2- Grape, just for illustration

I saw the bigger package of chunk fruits in the dark black packages with contrast color of fruits.

Image 3- Two cups of fruit and Chia

There is a series of Del Monte Fruits and Chia. The size available is 2 - 7 oz.cups.

The price depends on cup sizes and number of cups in the wraps or in the boxes (big number of cups):

+ US$ 2.78 for two cups of 7 OZ size.
+ Sure, we will have a good deal if we buy 1 box with more than 24 cups.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Note: We consume packages or can foods during emergency times such as during storm, hurricane seasons

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Watching the Bluebird Broods Playing Around – Nature 40

As you might know that bluebirds are common bird, we may spot easily in our backyard.

Image 1- Little broods playing at yard.

I have at least two posted about bluebird in respect to birdhouse and incubation periods:

After hatching, about 3 weeks (17 to 20 days), little chicks may be able to fly out from their nesting box.

Ability to fly, off course depends on many factors.

Image 2- Eggs of bluebird in the nest

Image 3- Baby bluebirds getting start to flight

One important factor is foods. The quality and availability of food for broods will make their stronger and then quick to fly.

Based on own observation, the developments of bluebird chicks from just hatching to 5 weeks old are following:

- about 10 days old, one or two chicks able to sway out
- about 12 to 14 days, chicks are able to do unstable flight
- after 20 days, they are able to fly to nearby branches
- after 5 weeks, they are to be independent young bluebirds

I love to watch when the chicks learn the first fly. Amazing!

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Monday 3 October 2022

The SHIELD is a New Hope to Protect Our Brain – Part 1 - Alzheimer's 10

The NBC TODAY released a short video about a new hope to against Alzheimer's disease.

Image 1- Hummus, one of Mediterranean cuisine

A background of the message in the video is the sadness of a longtime journalist.

He has to write down everything because of the impairment of his short memory. Everything can be gone in 30 seconds. He can't remember them.

He was diagnosed Alzheimer's since 9 years ago. His mother dead from this disease, and now, his son fear of it.

This video reminds me to a friend of mine, she is also a bit worry about her dad since her dad was diagnosed probably has Alzheimer's.

Image 2- Just at neighborhood

Image 3- Wreath for Christmas

She said her dad is still okay, his forgetfulness is still in “normal”. She said her dad taking dexa (dexamethasone).

Dexa is for inflammation.

Inflammation, that is what Dr in video TODAY mention about. He compares the images between the brain severe with Alzheimer's and the healthy brain.

In the brain with Alzheimer's disease, there is inflammation that cause tangles and plaques. No current medicines can cure Alzheimer’s. They only help lessen symptoms for a limited time. Inflammation is a new target.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Saturday 1 October 2022

Blue Crab Turns Red Crab – Science 22

Fish, shrimp and crawfish are our favorite items when we buy seafood in the market. They mainly harvest from our state waters.

Image 1- Raw and fresh blue crab

At least two kinds of crabs are sold in our areas, blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) and Dungeness (Metacarcinus sp). The Dungeness crab has been posted previously:

I believe you know that all crab and lobster will turn red when cooked by boiling or steaming it.

The question then: Why?

Image 2- Dungeness crabs sold in the market

Image 3- Crab turns red when we cook it.

As you might know, the process of crab, prawn, lobster or crustaceans turns red when cooked:

- first, heat due to grilling or boiling will destroy protein called crustacyanin.
- second, releasing of astaxanthin
- finally, shell turns red (bright red).

Many people love to consume crustaceans, but few people don’t like them because of many reasons.

Some of my friends have allergic if they eat crustaceans.

How about you? Do you like to eat lobster, crab or shrimp?

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