Friday 10 February 2023

Are Bald Eagles not Endangered Species Anymore? - Nature 50

We found Bald Eagles just sometimes in our areas. Sure, they are not common species compared to other birds.

Image 1- One shot, then she flew away

The bird with scientific name Haliaeetus leucocephalus is beautiful, for me It’s truly rare to see one in its natural environment.

One of neighbors just saw a nesting pair in our close by areas. They have been nesting there for years, but not sure if they are back this year.

Unfortunately, the Bald Eagles are not included as endangered species list anymore.

The main reason that since 2007, Bald Eagles populations are sufficient enough in nature.

Image 2- Plants, Just for illustration

Luckily, as reported by US Fish & Wildlife Service (2023: Bald Eagle) the bird is protected under two acts.

Image 3- The bird doing something

The two acts are “the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.”

Have you seen Bald Eagles in Nature?

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Tuesday 7 February 2023

How often Should we Consume Blueberries? - Part 2 – Food 35

You may read the previous post about blueberries and berries:

Image 1- Blueberries, ready to be consumed

It is because they are healthiest berries. I have mentioned 3 kinds (excluded blackberry) of berries. Then, other 5 kinds of berries are:

- Goji berries
- Bilberries
- Acai berries
- Cranberries
- Grapes

Image 2- Magnolia, Illustration only

In case of blueberry, there are a lot of health benefits, just some (Megan Ware, written in MedicalNewsToday, 2017):

- Lowering blood pressure
- Managing diabetes
- Protecting against heart disease
- Preventing cancer
- Healthy digestion, weight loss, and feeling full

Image 3- Butterfly, just for illustration

The question then: How often Should we Consume Blueberries?

As recommended by Harvard Health Publishing (June 17, 2020): “Eat blueberries three times per week.”

Image 4- Blueberries sold in Walmart, US$6.97

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Sunday 5 February 2023

Could Parasite Control Human Mind? - Science 33

There are many reports about infection of a parasite to animals and humans in some parts of the world recently.

Image 1- The cat, host of parasite

The parasite is a single cell protozoan with scientific name Toxoplasma gondii. Actually, the parasite is common worldwide, and causes disease called as toxoplasmosis.

What interesting, especially for me that this parasite could alter behaviors of infected living things.

In fact, as reported by (2023: A mind- controlling parasite that affects hyenas - and humans too) that 33% of human population is infected by this parasite.

Image 2- Just for illustration

Then, we wonder: Could parasite, Toxoplasma gondii controls human’s mind?

The plain answer is not really. Highly possible that the infected animals and humans might eager to take risk than the normal ones.

Image 3- Community activities, illustration

As suggested by (2023) that risk takers tend to success as entrepreneurs.

Do you believe it? What do you think?

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Friday 3 February 2023

Is Mockingbird a Smart Bird? - Science 32

We have talked at previous post about mockingbirds as permanent residents of our state: Mockingbirds are Permanent Residents of Our State – Nature 47

Image 1- A mockingbird on the branches

Actually, the pictures were taken after several days approaching the bird.

At the first, I saw a bird sitting on the branch of a tree at my office. When approaching, the bird flew away.

Second days, I move closer, but have no chance to take a picture. Then, obscure pictures are taken after third days.

I believe that the mockingbird “learning” day by day to recognize me. Then, Is Mockingbird a Smart Bird?

Image 2- Freezing temperature, illustration only

Yes, mockingbird is a smart bird as suggested by David Mizejewski (2023: Brainy Birds: America’s Smartest Bird Species).

It is true in my case, the mockingbird let me to take its picture with my cellphone in “safe distance” after several days.

Image 3- A mockingbird, the smart bird

Finally, It is said that mockingbirds able to mimic other bird songs such as hawks, jays and blackbirds

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Wednesday 1 February 2023

The Pulmonary Hypertension Type – Part 2 - Cardiovascular 4

You may read the previous post (Part 1):

- The Rainbow Before Evening : The Pulmonary Hypertension Type – Part 1 - Cardiovascular 4

Image 1- Just for illustration

The signs could be normally enlargement of veins on the side of the neck, irregular heart sounds and swelling in the some areas of body such as abdomen, legs, or feet.

Both asthma and COPD are serious health problems, and asthma is the problem for more than 300 million people worldwide.

The COPD could further cause morbidity and mortality. Both are different diseases but have similarities in term of pathophysiologic characteristics.

Image 2- Blooming of Magnolia

The World Health Organization (WHO) categorized five groups of pulmonary hypertension (please see image 1 at Part 1: The Pulmonary Hypertension Type – Part 1 - Cardiovascular 4).

Image 3- Azalea flowers

The 5 groups are:

1) Pulmonary arterial hypertension
2) Pulmonary hypertension of heart diseases
3) Pulmonary hypertension of lung diseases
4) Pulmonary hypertension of chronic thromboembolism
5) and pulmonary hypertension of unclear multifactorial mechanism.

 Image 4- A little tree, illustration

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Monday 30 January 2023

Sugarcane Sticks Sold in the Mexican Grocery – Food 36

I used to chew sugarcane sticks, off course after removing its outer layers, when I was a kid long time ago.

Image 1- Sugarcane sticks sold in the grocery.

Fun memory to select a good tree, cut tree with proper sizes, peel off the outer layers, and chewing its. Tastes so sweet.

I loved to drink sugarcane juice as well. As suggested by Raw Pressery (2021: 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice) that sugarcane juice has plenty of health benefits.

Just for few examples, sugarcane juice contains highly minerals, high source of vitamin C, low fats and low Glycemic index.

Image 2- Pine fruits, illustration only

By the way, when we visited an ethnic, Mexican grocery recently, we found sticks of sugarcane on the shelves.

Image 3- Sugarcane juice, sold in Walmart

Yes, USA has sugarcane farmings which produce millions ton of sugars, but first time saw sugarcane sticks on the market.

Have you chewed sugarcane sticks?

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Saturday 28 January 2023

Impacts of Winter Storms – Nature 49

We talked about “Winter Storms during Cold Season” at previous post:

- Rainbow Before Evening : Winter Storms during Cold Season – Nature 48

Image 1- Snow, several years ago.

Impact not only to an individual, but also to communities, and even to animals (pets or farming).

High speed and chilly winds may cause personal injuries, and sometimes deaths.

It is often that the storm has strong effect on many activities:

- travels
- business
- and school activities.

Image 02- Frozen, two years ago

Hundreds of flights may be canceled.

House maintenance is expensive during cold season. Snow and ice could cause on water pressure, sump pump and water temperature, then lead to plumbing problems.

Image 3- Frozen Ice at the backyard

Please avoiding hypothermia where our body may become freeze due to lack of blood circulation, thus body has extra worked when exposure to extreme cold by pushing more blood to keep lungs and heartwarming and working properly.

Finally, take care yourself during extreme temperature of cold storm.

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